The Power of Apology

Compatibility problems and disagreements happen to people from all walks of life. Trouble in a relationship usually starts when there are misplaced expectations. It is a natural quality of humans to expect others to be like them and want them to agree with them in everything. This intrinsic quality in humans can sometimes cause even a simple disagreement over something trivial and inconsequential, to turn into a sharp cleaving axe that drives a deep wedge between two people who were deeply in love with each other. To exacerbate the issue, the ego and pride in people ensure that they don’t apologise to one another or take steps to talk out their differences.

Being considerate and kind is the prime requisite for building a true relationship that lasts a life time (and beyond). The easiest way to demonstrate to a person whom one may have hurt or wronged, either consciously or inadvertently, and to assure the person that they truly care for them, is to apologise sincerely.

There have been many instances of great and powerful people whose friendship with someone had turned into feud, but was restored when at least one of the estranged persons buried the hatchet and sent a friendly note. Nevertheless, when a person sends someone a note of apology, it would be necessary to prepare oneself for either no response or for an unfriendly and rude one. This is because it is not always the case that a person who feels wronged, agrees to restoring a relationship only because of an olive branch in the form of a word of apology. But the nice thing of apologising to someone is the light feeling it gives to the one who is apologising and this feeling is certainly worth it.

The greatest benefit of apologising and of forgiving, however, is that they break the negative Karmic cycle of the ‘You hurt me so I hurt you and you hurt me because I hurt you’ concept, which when left unchecked, can continue through hundreds of Janmas or lifetimes of those concerned.

Saying “Sorry”, is definitely not a sign of weakness but it is one of mental and spiritual strength. It is also a proof of having overcome one’s own ego which sadly, is nothing but a mere mental illusion that invariably succeeds in destroying the one whose intelligence it has veiled.




Life is a gift - Let's live it!

3 thoughts on “The Power of Apology

  1. Dear Sir,

    I like the simplicity in explaining the very important aspect of apologizing and forgiving in our daily life. Feeling guilty makes me angry with myself. I will follow this method from now on. Your son’s voice over is too good!

    Thanks and pranam sir,
    Jai shri Krishna



  2. Very nicely explained.
    The power of forgiveness of not just the other person ,but forgiving ourselves will go a long way in nurturing relationships .


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