An ‘Emetic Agent’ for the mind

About verse 1:25 of the Srimad Bhagavad Gita

Many of us have surely had situations in life, when we felt that there was something deep in our mind that disturbed us but we did not know what it was. We would break our heads trying to figure out the cause of the uncomfortable feeling that was bothering us but we would rarely succeed in doing so on our own. When such situations became unbearable, we usually go to elders, friends or professionals for counsel so that they could help us feel better.

What about people who have consumed some toxic substance?  The common treatment for people who have either accidentally or deliberately ingested something poisonous and want to be saved from certain death is inducing vomiting in them. An emetic agent, usually in the form of a liquid, is administered to the patient and this causes them to throw up resulting in the removal of the poison from their body.

What happens when a person’s mind is ‘poisoned’ due to the influence of detrimental thoughts? How does one clear the mind and calm it?

Hrishikesha, which is one of Bhagavan Krishna’s names, means controller of the senses. Krishna very well knew the mind of Arjuna and could perceive Arjuna’s hidden mental delusions due to his ego and his attachment with his cousins and others. Those emotional feelings of Arjuna, were strong enough to veil his intelligence and render useless all his knowledge, his abilities, his capability to make right decisions and his enormous experience as a fearless warrior.

The short sentence uttered by Bhagavan Krishna – verse SBG 1:25
“पार्थ पश्यैतान्समवेतान्कुरूनिति”
“paartha pashyaitaan samavetaan kurunithi.” means, “O Partha (Arjuna), look at the Kurus gathered here.”

That was it. It was just one simple sentence. If Krishna had wished, He could have also said “Look at the Kauravas, the sons of Dritarashtra, O Arjuna”, which could have actually resulted in infuriating Arjuna. Why did Krishna choose to use the name “Kurus” which was the name of the entire dynasty that consisted of both the Kauravas, which included Duryodhana, Dushasana, their 98 brothers and one sister Dushala; as well as the Pandavas? Bhagavan Krishna most probably intended to solidify the feeling of attachment due to kinship which existed in the mind of Arjuna, that was his main weakness, so that it would be easier to be removed through His Divine Discourse that would follow.

That sentence of Bhagavan Krishna, was certainly an ’emetic agent’ that He used, in order to help Arjuna in ‘throwing up’ his weaknesses that had their roots in his ego, in his attachments and in his lack of clarity.

Never neglect something that is constantly disturbing your mental peace, but try to get to the bottom of your mind, find the thing that is disturbing you and throw it out of your system.

SBG 18:66 “Dump all your confusing ideas about righteousness and religion, and take complete refuge in Me. I will free you from your past Karma. Do not fear.”

PS: Attachment is a huge weakness and a great hindrance in spiritual advancement. 
Loving someone and being attached to them, are two entirely different things. Loving someone (truly) means wishing the loved one good. It has nothing to do with possessing them or having them with you in your presence all the time.

Stay blessed, healthy and happy.

Jai Shri Krishna‌

4 thoughts on “An ‘Emetic Agent’ for the mind

  1. Dear Sir,
    It now clarifies me completely the doubts that I had in my mind. I was thinking that this was a brief one from Lord Krishna with no apparent message to everyone but your article clarifies them all.

    Thank you,



  2. Dear sir,

    Thank you for the clear cut explanation. I didn’t know there was so much depth in the question you asked that day.This is helping us to have a clean mind.

    Affectionate regards from us in Delhi.

    Jai shree Krishna


  3. Jai shree krishna . Very nicely said. If like this we study important shlokas and get divine interpretation from sir it would help learn and internalise BG as well apply to our own situation and get right path further .


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