Karma, Karmayoga, ‘Doership’, Gunas & Selfless Action

People who have studied the Srimad Bhagavad Gita understand that it is attachment that gives rise to negative feelings such as sadness, dejection, anger, jealousy, hatred, etc. Being attached to the results of one’s work, affects one’s concentration and efficiency. It also causes tremendous pain to people when they don’t succeed in achieving their goal.

One of the Margas or paths that one can take in order to attain the ultimate goal is the Karma Marga or the path of rightful action with no attachment to the results of one’s work. This is a sure way to maintain mental balance even in the most difficult of situations.

Bhagavan Krishna explained to Arjuna about the importance of being a Karmayogi and also taught him the way to become one.

Many people who don’t understand Karmayoga ask, “How can one do work without thinking of the end or aiming at the result?” Such a question is the result of not following carefully Krishna’s Teachings Who says that a ‘doer’ must certainly be fully focused on their target!
SBG 2:41
“In this path, O Arjuna, there is a single point of focus and determination. The thoughts of the undecided are branched and are infinite.”

However, being attached to the results of one’s work, leads a person to lose focus and start thinking of all the benefits one would get on attaining success. Instead of concentrating on the work in hand, they begin dreaming of things that they would gain if they succeeded, and worry about the troubles they would face if they lost, when both scenarios don’t even exist. This not only dilutes their focus, but it also ruins the quality of their work and pushes them towards mediocrity.

I have made this 17 minute video on Karmayoga and “Doership” which I hope will help people better understand one of the most important Dharmic principles of performing work to the best of one’s ability but with no attachments, whatsoever, to its results.

May everyone stay blessed.

Jai Shri Krishna


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7 thoughts on “Karma, Karmayoga, ‘Doership’, Gunas & Selfless Action

  1. I discovered this site on google a week ago when I was desperately looking for guidance from some learned person to help me come out of the crisis I was pushed into by a close relative of mine. After one week of reading all your invaluable articles I feel so much better and calmer. I believe my rashi is makar – capricorn which puts me in saturn’s period of seven and half years so I can well understand the recent events in my life. My question is when will everything get better and when will my life return to normalcy.

    I did not know anything about Gita, karma or gunas before. This site has helped me to learn so much including reading Gita two times fully within such a short time. My gratitude to you knows no bounds.

    Thanking you sincerely.


    P.S. Very soothing voice and way of explaining!


    1. Hi,
      Same thing happened to me too. When I came here I only knew the Gita is a great book which I will start reading in my 50s! With all due credit to Sir I have gained so much knowledge about hinduism in the last one year that I can easily take on anyone in a spiritual discussion.

      So you are makar Rashi meaning you are new to sadesathi. Believe me you will become a calm and very knowledgable person by the time you finish your sadesathi! My humble suggestion to you is to repeat reading the Gita whenever you have the time and follow the explanations which sir has given in the videos. I came to this site because at that time I was feeling very guilty and ashamed for I had done in the past. This particular video about Karma and feeling guilty is superb because it has made my mind fully clear.

      Take care

      Jai shri krishna


  2. Pranam sirji,

    I am not finding the comment box in the discussion forum so I am writing here.

    Today I can proudly say that I am released from some big problems by the grace of Shre Krishna.You have helped me that is why I am able to live freely today. Please tell me if I can do anything for you. I will offer to you my services.I am very happy now to see my full life change in three months.
    Prostrating before you please acept my humble regards.



    1. Hello Manishankar.

      Your faith, dedication, honesty and Sharanaagati before Krishna helped you handle and overcome the challenges you faced. Thank you for offering your services. If you wish to give something back for the divine Grace you have received, I would suggest that you continue to be modest however successful you get, follow the Five Pearls, share with others the knowledge you have gained and most importantly, make it a practice to read the Bhagavad Gita at least once every month. You already know that it takes about 3-4 hours to read the all the verses translated in English using our site http://www.bit.ly/tvmgita

      Stay blessed.

      Jai Shri Krishna


  3. Thank you very much dear for the lucid and comforting explanation.
    Feeling blessed.
    Jai shree krishna


  4. Jai shri krishna ,
    Since yesterday the time sir mentioned he is uploading video on karmayoga , I was eager to watch. The content and collections of shlokas clears one’s doubt on day to day rather minute to minute actions , thoughts , implications and combination of all i.e how to and what to think and do. With this learning doubts are cleared and can tread into life challenges and dilemma with clarity and no fear. Thank you sir. Appreciate and imagine how much research and efforts invested for making 20 min video.. jai shree krishna


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