The Three Vital Truths in one’s Karmic Journey

The Three Vital Truths about one’s Karmic Journey


My inbox has been receiving too many mails from people with requests for detailed astro-analyses of their natal charts. It has been happening despite mentioning in many of my posts that this is not an astrological site but a place where one can learn about the Sanatana Dharma; Karma; important Dharmic Scriptures such as some of the Upanishads, The Srimad Bhagavad Gita and above all, about Krishna; which will teach them to manage their mind better and achieve great success in their material as well as in their spiritual journeys.

I must however state that when people contact me for guidance or for general counselling, I do take some help of my knowledge of Vedic Astrology by taking a quick look at the person’s natal chart but I do that with the sole objective of getting a general idea of the person’s past Karma. This is because it helps in planning a course correction in the current Janma of the person.

Most people, who until they do well in life, are totally convinced that they are very smart, intelligent and good at their work and that is why they are doing well. However, when things begin to fall apart and appear to go out of control, they realise that they can’t even get hold of the reins of their life, let alone knowing where to look for them, and they begin looking outward for answers. When they reach this stage, a distorted or weak ‘God concept’ leads them into fear, depression, bitterness, self-pity, anger, etc. An incorrect ‘God concept’ forces them to think that God is ‘testing them or punishing them’ for their sins. Such ideas stem from foreign cults that propound that God and creation are separate which is not the case in the Sanatana Dharma.
SBG 13:15 The Supreme Truth exists both inside and outside of all moving and non living beings. The Supreme Truth appears far to the ignorant and near to those of knowledge.
SBG 13:27 The person who truly sees is the one who sees the Supreme Bhagavan, existing equally, the unperishing within the perishing.

There are Three Vital Truths about one’s Karmic Journey that people need to remember when it comes to managing different kinds of crises in life:

1. Whatever happens in your life, whether pleasant things or challenging situations, are caused by you and non one else. The ‘you’ in this statement refers to the combination of the three Gunas in you which along with your mind, body and Self make the person who you are. The mind and the senses are carried by the Atman along with it from Janma to Janma (SBG 15:08).

2. A Vedic Astrological chart is merely a tool that helps in taking a peek into your Karmic pattern. The gigantic planets hurtling through space DON’T harm you or do good to you but their positions on your chart are used to decode the stage of Karmic evolution you are in.

3. The way to offset or outweigh past negative Karma is through new positive Karma. However, as per Shloka 18:66 of the Srimad Bhagavad Gita, Krishna (the personification of the ‘whole’, has promised that by total Sharanaagati to Him, all negative past Karma can be wiped out.

Bearing in mind the three truths given above and taking some time to study more about the Advaita Vedanta through the Srimad Bhagavad Gita, The Ishavasya Upanishad, etc. can greatly help you in coming out of the “I” mess that most people are stuck in and also help you avoid wasting time at the feet of babas and swamies who love basking under all the attention their followers give them apart from amassing the wealth that they are gifted with by them.

Material success and the wealth that comes along with such success, are certainly important but they are nothing but extremely tiny parts of the entire experience that a Jivatma undergoes through the numerous Janmas it takes as living beings. People who are selfish and think only about their own material wealth and comforts during a lifetime can certainly achieve all of that however, in the Janma that follows, it translates as negative past Karma which starts a new cycle of trials and tribulations that life throws towards them (SBG 9:24) All past thoughts, words and deeds of a person determine the present and those of the present determine the future. There might be people who are under the influence of pseudo-westernisation, of abrahamic cults or of so called ‘rational thinkers’ groups’ that do not agree with this but they too will learn in due course of time. The problem is that it could take them many more challenging Janmas or lifetimes.

Based on my personal experiences and findings (remember I am not a baba or a swamy), I give below my suggestions to people a. who are perturbed and unhappy due to difficulties in life, b. who are worried about impending challenges and also c. those who are brooding over unpleasant things of the past.

The suggestions given below should help you clear your mind and prepare yourself for positive inputs about the Sanatana Dharma which will propel you up on the ladder of your Karmic evolution:

1. Read and understand the Three Vital Truths about one’s Karmic Journey given above.

2. Read and understand ‘The Three Priceless Gifts’ Entry dated 31.5.2018



People write to me describing the problems faced by them, and quite a few of them invariably end their mail saying that God has been very unkind to them and therefore they are upset and angry with God.

I have three questions to people who complain about life not being as per their expectations:

Q 1. Are you alive?

Q2. Are you healthy?

Q3. Do you consider yourself to be of sound mental health?

If you have answered ‘Yes’ to the above questions, you should be considering yourself to be phenomenally rich. It might sound strange but it is the truth. Has it ever occurred to you that the three gifts you have are priceless and that even the richest person with all the wealth in the world cannot buy?

Let us sum it up –
1. A person who lacks the first gift, cannot exist at all.
2. One who suffers from poor health, would be willing to spend all the wealth he or she has, in order to get healthy, and
3. A person with unsound mental health would perceive things quite differently and would therefore not be able to fit into this discussion.

So what is the problem? Your troubles in personal life or at work? Did someone let you down or dump you? You worked hard to get a job but were not selected? You have been jobless for some time and are not able to find a good job?

Well, all situations change. Nothing is permanent. Even if you got a wonderful job or found an amazing partner, how sure can you be that they would last your whole lifetime? And even if they did last so long, how sure can you be that you would still want them? Troubles, challenges, happy moments, sad moments, etc. come and go. Life is a journey between your first and last breaths and as long as you have the three priceless gifts mentioned above, you have no reason to feel sad at all. However, it is quite natural that people go through moments of euphoria, anger, sadness, etc. But remember, whenever you feel down, just take a moment to imagine your life without one, two or all three of the priceless gifts and you will feel fine. Trust me.

Jai Shri Krishna

3. Personify Krishna in the form of your choice and make a detailed mental image of Him and visualise yourself either at His Feet or even seated next to Him having a conversation with Him. It is absolutely essential that you actually ‘see’ Him in your mind. Humans find it difficult to perceive something that does not have a clear physical form. (SBG 12:05)

Once this is done, your mind will be clear of unwanted clutter and mental chatter and you will have a direction to look in apart from having a single point to focus upon. The thoughts of a person with no single point of focus are branched and indefinite (SBG 2:41)
Attaining this state of mind indicates that you will be able to perceive things more clearly and will be ready to make the major course correction in your life you have been waiting to do.

Every day is the first day of the rest of your life. May you make the right choices today that will create a bright future for you and for your loved ones.

Jai Shri Krishna


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