Mainly for Vrischikans – Nope, this is not a Rahu Ketu Transit report

Most of you who are into Vedic Astrology, must be aware of the Rahu/Ketu transit which is due to take place on the 6th of March 2019 when Rahu moves into Gemini while Ketu transits into Sagittarius.

For Vrischikans, it would mean that Rahu and Ketu transit into the 8th and the 2nd houses from their natal moon, respectively.

As there are hundreds of websites that carry information about the ‘effects of the Rahu/Ketu transit’ on different Rashis or moon signs, which people can go to and read as many times they want, I am not going to say anything about it as I might only be repeating what others say and end up wasting time.

This post is in response to the mails that I have been receiving from many visitors of this site, particularly Vrischikans, who are currently the ‘senior most’ among the three signs under Sadé Sati. People born under the two other signs Dhanu (Sagittarius) and Makar (Capricorn), and all others may also read and absorb the main message in this post.

Dear Vrischikans who are worried about the Rahu/Ketu transit,

Haven’t you learned in the last seven years that worrying, crying, sobbing, fussing, writing sad stories, self pity, looking for sympathy, reading general astrological predictions, getting your charts analysed by ‘astrological geniuses’ on Vrischika Rashi blogs, lighting ghee lamps at Saturn temples, ‘offering a black ‘chadar’ to a beggar on Tuesdays’, ‘feeding sesame seeds to raven on Saturdays’, calling the beautiful ringed planet names, and incessantly complaining about life and the challenging fate you were born with, have not been useful to you but have only brought you more pain and frustration?

Even if we were to take a moment to multiply our imagination skills and assume that planets do meet up once in a while and discuss how to affect lives of human beings, you are too small and insignificant for a planet like Saturn that is 700 times the size the earth to ‘waste its time’ conspiring to ruin your life. I don’t wish to speak about brainwashed people who belong to organised religions, but I am appalled to see the number of Sanatana Dharmis (Hindus) who fall for such ridiculous ideas when the Sanatana Dharma based on Advaita Vedanta, is the only ancient, true, rational, scientific, sensible and logical way of life for true seekers, that even asks questions about the origin or creation of everything, for example in the Nasadiya Sukta of the Rig Veda. It is unfortunately the influence of foreign cults and organised religions on the people of Bharat, that has greatly contributed towards damaging and distorting the mind of the common Sanatani (Hindu) and removing from it the Dharmic concept of a Universal, Omnipresent, Omnipotent and Impersonal Supreme Brahman also worshipped in the form of Bhagavan Krishna. This ignorance is the prime weakness of such people which is well exploited by fake astrologers, fraudulent societies, ashrams and religious organisations.

Just like people who find it easier to believe in the existence of a spirit in an allegedly haunted house than perceiving the omnipresence of Divinity, when a person who is undergoing challenges in life is told that it is their own past Karma that caused the troubles, they adamantly continue to be in denial. But when they are told by an astrologer that it is their Saturn Dasha, Bhukti or any other planetary position on their chart that is causing it and that things would get better for them once the planet transits to the next house on their natal chart, they readily accept it and also praise the astrologer for being a good one! What the astrologer actually did was nothing more than offering counselling and moral support that the poor ‘victim of bad planetary positions’ paid for and altered the way he or she thought! Some people who come to this site are redirected from other blogs. They write their woeful tales on other blogs but when they come here, they silently read my posts, go through comments on the discussion forum, and go back to their crying corners because I don’t approve sob stories on this site since I am strictly against allowing even an iota of negativity around me thanks to the fact I am an incorrigible optimist.

The distorted and disturbed mind of a Sanatani (Hindu) is unable to understand and accept the principle of Cause and Effect, which in fact, is so simple that even a birdbrained person should be able to comprehend it with ease. Your present is the result of your past Karma and your future is being written right now by you through your present Karma! You might ask if this meant that Vedic Astrology is nonsense? No, not at all! The fact is that Vedic Astrology is an unbelievably wonderful Karmic diagnostic system created by our great ancestors. Those amazing wise people, studied patterns in the lives of people and probably found a correlation between events in a person’s life, their Karma and planetary movements; and brought into existence the great gift to mankind called Vedic Astrology. I personally consider a person’s natal chart to be their ‘Karmic diagnostic report’ from which, we could take hints and plan necessary course corrections instead of wasting time digging deeper and deeper into it.

Veg Pulao

When you want to prepare some vegetable pulao, you would start by collecting the necessary ingredients such as rice, vegetables, spices, cashew nuts and some oil, etc. and follow the recipe to make the vegetable pulao. If you wished to prepare mushroom pasta, you would need mushrooms, pasta and a recipe to prepare the dish. The end product always depends on what you use as ingredients and on how you use them. Take a few other analogies – If you want a mango tree to grow in your garden, you would plant a mango seed. A person who cheats another, gets cheated by someone. You dump someone unfairly, you will be dropped like a hot brick by somebody when you least expect. Hurt others and you can be sure of being hurt by others. Similarly, if you want good, do something that will get you good. Help others, and providence will bless you with the necessary help when you are in need of it. Share with others what you know and have, and the others too will do the same with you. That’s what the saying ‘reap what you sow’ means. That’s also called Cause and Effect! Reading astrological predictions for hours together or being upset about a supposedly unfavourable planetary transit can have no positive effects on your life but they can most certainly have negative ones! When your thoughts are negative, things that happen around you are bound to be negative. To recap, when you plant a papaya seed, you get a papaya tree, don’t you?

In order to study what actually happens during a tough astrological period like Sadé Sati in a person’s life, we could take a look at the different stages that the affected person goes through during the period.  Such a period usually begins with a shocking event and as time passes, it leads them into feeling forced to make certain changes in their habits and attitude towards life. This helps them grow wiser because they develop patience, become more kind and compassionate, get rid of bad habits, shed certain negative traits in them that used to block their growth and improvement in life, become more modest and also begin to altruistically help others who need help. This means that the person has benefitted from the trying time and has successfully balanced their Karma. However, unfortunately, there are also people who do nothing during such periods and don’t care to introspect in order make positive changes in themselves, but visit astrology sites everyday and eagerly wait for a new Rahu/Ketu or Guru transit to take place so that their life could all of a sudden turn into a bed of sweet roses! Nope, things don’t work that way. Let me quote Thomas Carlyle – “No pressure, no diamonds”! When you know that everything that happens is based on your past Karma, how can you expect your future to suddenly become wonderful when no new positive Karma from your side is being created and collected? In my opinion, people who do not ‘take advantage’ of a period of Saturn, or let us call it, any challenging period in their life, to correct and improve themselves, are simply wasting a golden Karma balancing period in their Janma.

Let us try to understand what really happens when a person is upset, depressed, sad or simply angry with their own destiny. They usually begin by finding faults with themselves and with others around them, and end up getting into the habit of actually visualising bad things happening to them. It is said that things usually happen twice – once in the mind and once for real. When you visualise bad things, you can be almost sure that all the bad things you thought of, can also happen for real. Do you want unpleasant or bad things to happen in your life? Thinking negative things is usually a result of self pity that stems from low self respect and poor self confidence. People who respect themselves never pity themselves! It is mostly people who are weak minded and lazy to improve their own spiritual knowledge, that are gullible victims of fake astrologers, astrology sites, swamies, babas as well as good, bad and ‘sad gurus’.

I started this site five years ago and ever since its beginning, I have been advising people to visit my Bhagavad Gita site, take a couple of hours of their time and complete reading my simple translations of the 700 Divine Verses of the Srimad Bhagavd Gita. Thousands of people did take my advice, read the SBG and straightaway enter a better state of mind which had a positive influence on their lives. However, there have also been many others who visited this site and for some reason or the other, were not particularly impressed with this simple suggestion of mine and sadly continued to suffer due to their own ignorance and faulty thinking. For Krishna’s sake – when I say that I suggest people or advice people, it definitely does not mean that I am some guru or religious expert! As my name suggests, I am TAVAMITHRAM – YOUR FRIEND and nothing beyond that. This is my site and so I share my views on it just as others write their views on their sites or you can publish your views on your own site. I share with others what I have learned in my life which certainly has not been a regular and stable one but has been rather adventurous and highly eventful. Let us be honest – how many of you have looked death in the eye not just once but many times and wished to stay awake and conscious when the impending event was to happen? I did. But I guess it is due to some Karmic reason that my moment of departure from this Janma of mine, hasn’t arrived as yet. Taking or not taking whatever I write here is totally left to the visitors of this site. There is no hurry. Never mind, everyone is bound to learn about the principle of Cause and Effect some day – at least in the next few hundred Janmas.

Those who find what I have said above to be acceptable,  and would like to take action in order to change the course of their life, might want to set aside a day or two and go through the following steps:

1. Study and define your position and status in life.
2. Re-evaluate your concept of a good life and a bright future. Define the situation you are in not just as a good or bad situation but write down a list of everything that you don’t like in your life and all the things that you want in your life. Being clear and precise can add great value to this exercise of yours.
3. Come to terms with the situation you are in. This means, understand thoroughly where you stand so that you can plan your next stride and calculate how long the stride needs to be. Even if they are bitter, accept inevitable truths such as losing a job, someone leaving your life, loss of wealth and property, having to work under an awful boss or even a change of place that you did not wish for.
4. Make a list of all the mistakes that you believe you have committed but wouldn’t repeat if you had a second chance.
5. UNDERSTAND that it is only your own POSITIVE THOUGHTS and ACTIONS that can produce POSITIVE RESULTS.

Training your mind and bringing it under your control – action plan:
1. Read and understand The Five Pearls that I follow in my life. It is a concentrated extract of the Srimad Bhagavad Gita.
2.  Click here to open our Srimad Bhagavad Gita site and complete reading all the 18 chapters. Don’t bother if you don’t understand some verses because you will anyhow read the Srimad Bhagavad Gita many times in your life and will learn to interpret the Divine Teachings in your own way.
3. Click here to study the Ishavasya Upanishad
4. Click here to study the Chariot Analogy based on the Kat-hopanishad

Should you sincerely and diligently complete the above tasks, you can be certain that by the time you are through with the last step, you would have become a Vedantist, would have built a great spiritual relationship with Bhagavan Krishna, be in a beautiful mental plane that will be entirely different from the one you are in now, and feel extraordinarily and also astonishingly courageous, self confident and mentally powerful. It is also quite possible that you will completely stop visiting astrology sites thereafter, and not need others to tell you how to make course corrections in your life in order to improve it. However, you don’t need to worry much in case you don’t wish to put in efforts in order to make changes in your life because our Sanatana Dharma, unlike some organised religions,  does not menace people with hellfire and some evil guys in a fiery hot hell to pour burning oil on you forever. The only thing that can happen is that you might have to go through a few hundred more challenging Janmas before you get the general picture and realise that it is your own Karma that causes everything in your life and in your Karmic journey.

Dear Vrischikans, please don’t allow gloomy and cynical people to influence your thoughts and make you pessimists like them but please follow my advice and take the most awesome Karmayogi leader our honourable and beloved Shri Narendra Modiji as your role model. Remember, he too is a Vrischikan and is under Sadé Sati, but he attained the highest levels of his personal success in this Janma of his, right in the middle of his Sadé Sati that people are generally so terribly scared of.

Stay blessed.

Best wishes.

Jai Shri Krishna


Life is a gift - Let's live it!

7 thoughts on “Mainly for Vrischikans – Nope, this is not a Rahu Ketu Transit report

  1. 4 hours nonstop I completed all the steps given. I am feeling dazed and experiencing a featherlite feeling as though somebody took off a big load from my head. Immensely grateful to you. sending you email.

    Thanks and regards ji



  2. Me having spent last 6 years as a completely battered and pulped scorpio and aimlessly going around looking for solutions I find this to be the best and most satisfying explanation so far! Thank you! I read thrice. Reading it has calmed me and given me a new interest to take up the challenge.

    What is said in point no. 3 if they are bitter accept inevitable truths is the highlight for me. Only now I understand how important this is. I wasted so many years thinking of what all my cruel fate took away from me.

    I will do all the steps given and revert.

    Thanks and regrds ji

    Ramesh Kumar


  3. Good morning Krishna. The way you have explained things so logically is like how a mathematician or scientist would do but you have left no room for disagreements or arguments. Reading it felt like you were talking directly to me and it reminded me of my first call to you which I will never forget in my life. I have already read it two times and would like to say that I couldn’t agree more with all that you have said. You are a fearless and very brave person whom I have been striving to emulate. Being a surgeon, I have seen a lot of patients counting the last few moments of their lives but in all these years I must have come across only three or four people who spoke about death in such a matter-of-fact manner the way you do.


    1. Thanks doc for the appreciation.

      You said I was being logical in explaining things but do you know what surprises me the most when it comes to people who are so worried about the forthcoming Rahu/Ketu transit? It is the fact that many of them are IT engineers whose field of work is completely based on logic!

      Have a nice day.
      Jai Shri Krishna


  4. Namaskar dear Sir,

    Thank you thank you thank you for the the superb article! I stopped wasting my time on useless blogs long time back. My life can give proof to show what yoou say is getting results!

    Thanks and pranam,
    Hare Krishna!



  5. Dear all
    So while I agree with what is written here in rational frame of mind, but there are moments when I do panic and also fear what may be in store in future, forget just now but after sade sati too. I understand and realize that its my action or inaction which will determine the outcome from now onwards and so we all have to start working towards whatever we aspire in life.

    Lets be fearless and work sincerely towards what we aspire and results will follow.



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