Dara Singh Thali. Courtesy : Exploring Corners

Bitter First, Sweet Later

[Dara Singh Thali. Image courtesy of Exploring Corners]

What would you normally tend to first do when a sumptuous Indian ceremonial full meal is laid out for you? Let us say that the meal spread consists of a variety of dishes made from different vegetables; assorted rice dishes; lentils; a creamy spinach dish; unleavened bread such as nan, roti or chapatis; papadums; a couple of sweet dishes; dessert; and one or two bitter dishes made of bitter gourd and neem leaves. Most Indians remember from their childhood, that due to the instructions they had from their elders to not waste food on the plate, they could not avoid the bitter dishes , which, they were told were good for health, and therefore they had to consume them. In order to comply with the parental instruction, they would first pick the bitter dishes out and quickly swallow them, so that they could take all the time they needed to relish the other delicious dishes.

There are things in life which can never be avoided – past Karma is one great example. It is a bitter truth that a lot of people fail to comprehend. When people face trouble, they resort to praying to their favourite deity to be freed from their troubles and to be blessed with a comfortable and trouble free life. But on the other hand, those who have thoroughly understood the Cause and Effect principle, would never do such a senseless thing of asking to be relieved from trouble simply because escaping the effects of past Karma is just not possible.

Kanchi-mahaperiyavaaHis Holiness the great Shankaracharya Shri Chandrashekharendra Saraswati, who is fondly and reverentially known as Kanchi Mahaswamy, Mahaperiyava or Walking God, would advise devotees to literally ask for problems, troubles and challenges in life! No, it is not as bizarre or ludicrous as it may sound but it is the most sensible thing one could do when it comes to balancing one’s Karma by meekly submitting to the natural law that cannot be circumvented. It is something similar to what happened to you in your childhood when you wanted to first finish eating the bitter dishes from the lavish Indian meal spread, before you could go for the luscious ones, only because it was an unbreakable condition laid down by your mother! When you know that you can’t dodge your past Karma, you had rather aim at undergoing and completing tough stages before you graduate to a better Karmic level of your life, in which, you can start enjoying better things.

Rather than asking for relief from challenging experiences in life, it would be wiser, Karmically speaking, to ask to be blessed with the possibility of ‘quickly’ undergoing challenges, learning from them and being done with them at the earliest. That would be the way to get rid of past Karma because it happens to be the only ‘Karma balancing procedure’ at all! There is absolutely no point trying to run away or escape from your past Karma because sooner or later, it will anyhow hunt you down, just as your positive past Karma with its bountiful Karmic rewards, will come looking for you wherever you are. Never forget that none of your gurus, babas, swamies or astrologers can ever contribute towards having your negative past Karma waived. That is impossible.

So what if new problems crop up in your life? Face them, handle them, clear them and keep moving ahead! You can’t have everything in life. No one can. What you have worked for in the past is what you will get. Such an attitude can turn your troubles into elements of excitement that enrich your life with events, colour, learning and more ‘pages for your book’.

It needs to be repeated that if you are someone who is currently in trouble, whether you are in Sadé Sati, Shani dasha or whatever, it was you who created such a situation through your past Karma! We, the followers of the rational, scientific, logical and natural Sanatana Dharmic, don’t believe in wacky stories such as that of a bearded pervert God in the clouds, who punishes people for not believing in him, for lying, for stealing or for committing adultery! The all powerful natural law of Karma, which has the longest arm, is simply based on Cause or Effect or Sow and Reap!

It’s perfectly alright to be faced by challenges in life, to fall, to suffer insults, to lose, to be rejected, to be cheated, or to be let down by near and dear ones. That is what almost all great successful people did before they arrived at the top! Read about people like Shivaji Maharaj, Maharana Pratap, the Rani of Jhansi, Napoleon Bonaparte and most importantly about Shri Narendra Damodardas Modi!

Trying to see reason through lateral thinking instead of blaming planets, greatly helps in settling the uncontrolled and confused mind which is the source of all problems. A confused mind does not stop with being confused but it confuses all others around you. It is truly a pity to come across intelligent and well read people including engineers, doctors, scientists, mathematicians and other such knowledgeable people, who find it difficult to understand the natural law of Cause and Effect andthink so illogically when it comes to accepting challenges, facing them and deftly handling each one of them in a manner a sane person governed by reason would do.

Never allow self-doubt to take control of your mind because it can create a timorous and wimpish attitude in you. Let troubles come into your life, so that you can vapourise your past Karma soon by balancing it.

Work on building new positive Karma, rise from the past, stand tall and above all, march ahead like a true battle hero.

(Read Shlokas 2:02 and 2:03 from the Srimad Bhagavad Gita. A meticulous read of the entire second chapter followed by that of the entire Gita, would be of great benefit to people facing difficult or adverse situations)

Jai Shri Krishna

2 thoughts on “Bitter First, Sweet Later

  1. Jai shree Krishna !

    Sharing a good article which I converted into text from a Motivational video
    Find alternatives to survive, remain positive , Create possibilities to and become successful , if not we will be finished !
    There was this King and in front of him were two Criminals to be given punishment . King learns about the offence and then gives punishment of Hanging until death . The moment this was announced one of the Criminal started crying and showing tantrums . However the second criminal started behaving as if he is “ Newton “ and started showing expression on his face as if he is thinking something grave.. The first criminal was bewildered .. Both have been given death sentence why this second one is not affected by the verdict . He asked his jail mate … are you crazy .. you have been ordered death sentence and you are feeling nothing out of this . The second criminal said loudly so that King and Kingsmen can hear , I am actually not worrying about Hanging … I am actually worrying that since last 1 year I have been trying to built a Horse which can fly .. If I go to death then who will develop this further ? My worries are these .
    The King and Kingsmen heard this and wondered … .. The King became inquisitive .. he asked the second criminal about this .. The second criminal said .. yes I have been trying to built this Horse which can actually fly from last one year . I am very confident that the Horse will fly , but now I am worried now that you have given me death sentence how can I build this further. The King questioned criminal … Are you Mad .. how can a Horse fly …. To this the second criminal replied to King … His Highness a person deemed to be Hanged and seeing death next instance will never lie.. No one will … he convinced King that forget his own horse , if he get chance of one year he can even make Kings Horse to fly .. just one year .. King questioned what if you don’t do so … the criminal replied.. Sir you have already given me Death to Hang which remains valid then too ..
    King agreed to his Logic , thought if he doesn’t make Horse fly , he is dead otherwise also . But if he is successful then I would be the only King in this world to possess a Horse which would be flying . Lets take this risk. King agreed for this and gave him 1 year
    Back to barracks , now the first Criminal questioned the second one that what you are suggesting to King is impossible situation and that cannot happen . Why are you behaving as insane . or it will just trying to postpone todays death situation to tomorrow . This is form of cheating with King .
    To this the second criminal replied …. I am creating possibilities for Living second life . Why accept death today when I can try and get permission to postpone my hanging by one year . With this I can think and create possibilities to remain alive … The first Criminal questioned but how ?
    The second criminal said any thing can happen in one year , The King May die OR If the King doesn’t die then the Kings Horse can die OR I can die of natural death , OR then then the Horse can actually fly !! Any thing can happen in a year … !!!

    Hats off to optimism …
    Moral : Future can create any possibility which we cannot imagine today .. All that is not good can suddenly become good .


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