The Prisoner’s Dilemma – a note for Vrischikans

The prisoner’s dilemma, which is a paradox in decision analysis, is one in which two people acting in their own interests, do not lead to ideal results. It is typically a situation of two sides that protect each other at the expense of the other. Both participants end up in a worse situation than the one that they would have been in, had they worked together sensibly in the process of decision making.

President Franklin D. Roosevelt said, “Men are not prisoners of fate, but only prisoners of their own minds.” It is the case with a lot of people but since this post is about Vrischikans (people with natal moon in Scorpio), it would be better to limit it to discussing about people born under the Vrischika Rashi.

There are numerous websites and blogs in which astrologers and others claiming to be experts in astrology, write their ‘predictions’ about the fate of Vrischikans who are currently in the third phase of Sadé Sati. Vrischikans sharing their experiences is one thing, but giving each other ridiculous suggestions is another. Some Vrischikans publicly post their suggestions to fellow Vrischikans, saying things like they should feed crows on Saturdays or donate a black bed sheet to a beggar on Tuesdays! This situation of people is something similar to that of two prisoners embroiled in a typical prisoner’s dilemma. Whatever they do usually does not yield an optimal outcome. A Vrischikan who writes such strange posts, on one hand, does such things falsely believing that they are helping themself by being ‘good’ to others but on the other, they are subconsciously trying to take on a ‘wailing’ or ‘brooding companion’ in order to avoid feeling lonely in their act of complaining against ‘bad planets’, an unkind God or about any other force that causes bad luck! Both are sure to get them zero results if not negative results.

Another unfortunate fact is that a lot of Vrischikans believe that the moment their Sadé Sati comes to an end, their life would completely change and turn into a bed of roses. Others, break their heads trying to figure out the ‘remedies’ that they would need to perform in order to change their life for the better. However, the truth that can be gleaned from the teachings of Bhagavan Krishna, is that one’s life is determined by their own Karma and that the only way to change one’s life for the better, is through righteous thoughts, words and deeds.

It is interesting to note that three Indian politicians named below are all Vrischikans and despite their being under Sadé Sati, none of them seems to be suffering from penury, joblessness, sickness or any other such major problem that many Vrischikans face. Their respective destinies, thanks to their respective past Karma, have placed them in their respective positions, and all the three are currently on the electoral fray. The victor will be known soon. It is going to be a balance of past Karma and current acts of righteousness. Time will show us the real winner.

The three Vrischikans are:
Honourable Narendra Modiji
Rahul Gandhi
Priyanka Gandhi

Now, how about imagining a situation in which all the three Vrischikans mentioned above, visited the same website or blog in order to read their astrological predictions? Please do think about such a situation and try to understand how futile and silly it is to read and believe generalised predictions.

Most Vrischikans must be aware that President Trump of the most powerful nation in the world, is also Vrischikan.

Please stop blaming, punishing or belittling yourselves. You strong people have already been through the tough period of attaining self-realisation. Get out of situations that make you think pessimistically. It is high time now. Rise and ensure that whatever you do, is useful not only to you but also to others.
SBG 3:20 “Even Janaka and other kings attained perfection through action. Your actions should be for the benefit of the world.”
Doing as said in the above Shloka, is a sure way to ‘reap the harvest’ of the gruelling Sadé Sati period that you have been going through. Your greatest success would be to have mastered the art of controlling your own mind. Do not forget that the only ‘thing’ that a human being can ever completely control is his or her own mind and it is the mind where all troubles and also happiness stem from and exist in.

Start preparing yourself to embrace positive changes in your life by being positive, thinking positive and doing positive things. In case you have not done it yet, spend the next three to four hours and complete reading the English translation alone of the Srimad Bhagavad Gita. Read and understand The Five Pearls. With all humility, gratitude, faith, sincerity and positivity, start preparing your storyboard for the rest of your life. Remember to add the element of altruism in whatever you think or do. A great future awaits people with a clean Karmic evolution status.

Bhagavan Krishna said, (SBG 18:57) “Using the Yoga of your intellect, dedicate all your actions to Me, have Me as your highest goal, devote yourself intensely to Me and you will always be under My protection. Be fully conscious of Me all the time.”

Have a great and fulfilling life ahead.

Stay blessed.

Jai Shri Krishna


Life is a gift - Let's live it!

2 thoughts on “The Prisoner’s Dilemma – a note for Vrischikans

  1. Dear Krishna, thank you for the comforting words and the interesting comparison with the prisoner’s dilemma!
    Have a good day.


  2. Sir I thank you for this article as it gives me good understanding of facing my current problems. I too used to go to some blogs to read about the problems faced by others because I was feeling consoled that others are also facing problems like me.Sibnce the last 3 weeks after I started to read your articles which was followed by the memorable consultation given to me by you I am on the road to a more serene life.My appreciation for you will never cease and my gratitude for you will be there forever.

    Seeking your continued guidance in my life as a humble seeker –

    Humble regards


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