Treat Insults and Setbacks as ‘ROCKET FUEL’

Gratitude is a noble virtue that carries along with it great physical as well as spiritual energy. All of us have received something or the other from people. To begin with, it was our births that our parents gave us, for which, most of us are deeply grateful and indebted to them.

I am extremely grateful to my incredibly wonderful parents for the greatest gifts that they blessed me with, such as, my genes, my great health, their unconditional love, the excellent upbringing and education they gave me, their superlative guidance and the total freedom that I always enjoyed. My sincere gratitude also goes to all my phenomenal teachers and terrific friends who graced my life and continue to do so until now.

However, I must add that I offer my special thanks to all those people, who existed in my life right since the time my memory can recall, who ridiculed me, let me down, insulted me, called me names, made personal remarks about me, planned conspiracies against me behind my back or even physically attacked me. That is because I very well know and realise that I gained extraordinary energy from their deeds which functioned as the energy that propelled me forward and brought me so far in life that sometimes it makes me wonder if I even deserve all that I have been blessed with.

Every downfall, insult, setback or incident of being abandoned by near and dear ones, are times when people need to sit down, think, introspect and assure themselves that a firm foundation is being laid for something great to come. Think of the kinetic energy that a simple rubber band amasses when pulled back by stretching it. Take the example of flying machines. How can an aircraft generate thrust that is needed by it to take off and fly and how can a rocket lift-off if they had no energy in the form of fuel stored in them? It is the same case with humans too. It goes without saying that in order to achieve things in life, one needs to be physically strong but what is more important is a healthy and strong mind with deep determination and great mental energy. And this energy or ‘rocket fuel’ can be easily drawn from all the setbacks, insults and discouragement that one receives from others.

The passion in oneself to prove a point or to prove someone wrong is nothing but highly volatile and tremendously powerful high octane fuel.

However, please do bear in mind this important teaching of Bhagavan Krishna to Arjuna:
SBG 2:48 You have to be established in Yoga, O Arjuna. You have to do your duty without any attachment to its success or to its failure. This kind of equanimity is known as Yoga.

Jai Shri Krishna


Life is a gift - Let's live it!

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