Positive Karma Through CSR in the Bhagavad Gita


‘Corporate Social Responsibility’ or CSR, is the modern term for a company’s responsibility to people, society and the environment. Large conglomerates learned that in order to achieve sustainability in their businesses, they had to ensure that the welfare of all the participants in the entire business process was of utmost importance.

Many great kings and queens who ruled in the past, passed ordinances and carried out projects that ensured the upliftment of the people.

A lot of people carry noble intentions in their heart. Intentions such as being of use to the society by helping the needy in whichever way possible. However, the self-doubt that clouds the minds of most people, due to their feelings of inadequacy or ignorance of ways to perform such noble acts, prevents them from doing charitable works.

The fact of the matter is that the more one sincerely thinks of the welfare of the world, the higher will be the chances of their becoming instruments in the Divine Hands of Krishna (SBG 11:33). As many of you might have understood from the SBG, it is not us but it is our Gunas that are the ‘doers’ of actions. Unfortunately, many people erroneously think that they are doing things (SBG 3:27).

As a matter of fact, something as simple as merely thinking sincerely about the welfare of others and requesting the Supreme Being to be considered for the job of being an instrument in His Divine Hands, would mean that our Gunas are tuned to be more Sattvik and this, in turn, would mean that we are on the right path towards perfection. Many large charity organisations were started by people who were in the lowest ebbs of their lives. What they did during the times they struggled was that they empathised with all others like them who were going through challenges in life, and with the sincere wish to help them, took their first small step in that direction by sharing whatever they had with those who did not.

SBG 2:39 O Arjuna, I have declared to you the Truth according to the Sankhya or the path of knowledge. Now listen to the teaching of Yoga, which is the path of selfless action combined with devotion. By practising this, you will free yourself from the bondage of actions.

SBG 2:40 There is no loss in taking up such a task in this world. Even a little bit of progress in Dharma will free you from grave danger.

SBG 3:20 Even Janaka and other kings attained perfection through action. You should perform action with the view of being of benefit to the people of the world.

SBG 3:25 Just as ignorant people perform actions with attachment to the results, learned people perform work, but with no attachments. Their desire, if at all, is only the welfare of the world.

SBG 14:06 Of these, Sattva, which due to its purity is luminous and healthy, frees a person of all Karmic reactions. Those of this Guna are attached to knowledge and to happiness, O sinless one.

No one can know everything. Not even an expert in a particular field knows everything about it. All of us are continuously evolving. Therefore, the lack of experience or knowledge in something should never stop us from thinking in that direction. Once we enter an area with focus and dedication, all the knowledge that we gained in our previous Janmas, that is stored in our Karmic memory, will come back to the forefront and guide us on our journey (6:43-44).

When I started this site in February 2014, I too did not have much knowledge of blogging. In fact, I still don’t think I qualify to be included even under the category of mediocre bloggers. However, I gather from people that whatever small work I am doing through this site is helping them and this greatly humbles me apart from making me feel that I should be doing even more as service to others and to the Supreme Bhagavan Krishna.

SBG 9:27 Whatever you do, whatever you eat, whatever you offer in sacrifice, whatever you give, whatever you practise as austerity, O Arjuna, do it for Me and as an offering unto Me.

SBG 6:40 Bhagavan Shri Krishna said (to Arjuna):
O Arjuna, neither in this world nor in the next world, is there destruction for him; because the one who does good, O My dear friend, never comes to evil.

Think of the famous starfish story in which the young boy said to the elderly man with great joy, as he threw back one starfish into the sea, that although he could not save the lives all the thousands of starfish washed ashore, he could save that one creature. You do not have to be able to help the entire society. You could consider yourself highly lucky and blessed so much if, through your acts, you are able to be of use to a few people or even one single living being.

Jai Shri Krishna

One thought on “Positive Karma Through CSR in the Bhagavad Gita

  1. Jai Shri Krishna
    Wishing Tavamithram Sir and all a happy Krishna Janmashtami celebration. Birthday of our beloved Krishna .
    I acknowledge , upon motivation from sir from time to time I Have started devoting special hours on weekends trying to help abandoned patients in government hospital The results doing this activity is very satisfying to me and de stressing.

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