The Sadé Sati Achievement Gauge for Scorpions

Now that the period, which has turned out to be quite an excruciating one for a lot of Scorpios or Vrischikans is nearing its grand finale, it is time for Vrischikans to ask themselves how useful or useless the unavoidable seven and a half year period in their life has been.

This post is about Scorpios and therefore let us begin by broadly classifying Scorpios into two groups. One group consists of people who have been affected by Sadé Sati and the other of people, who have not been affected by it. The group of people affected by Sadé Sati can again be broadly classified into two groups of people, namely, the ones who have been seriously affected in terms of losing their position, name, fame, loved ones, health, or wealth; and others who were affected but nothing very severe happened that could change their life in some way or the other.


The transit of Saturn from Sagittarius into Capricorn is due to take place on 24.01.2020. Two important questions that Vrischikans or Scorpios could ask themselves at this stage with only a few more weeks left before Saturn transits out of the second house from their natal moon into the third house thereby ending the Sadé Sati period, are,

    1. Am I THANKFUL for the last eight years?
    2. Am I upset, angry, dejected, sad, ruined and bitter about what happened to me in the last seven to eight years?

If your answer to the first question is an honest ‘Yes’, you can be absolutely confident that there is going to be a great positive change in your life in the next weeks to come. However, should your answer to the first question be either a ‘No’ or ‘I am not sure,’ and your answer to the second question be an emphatic ‘Yes’, please do not expect any miraculous changes to take place in your life after the end of your Sadé Sati. This is simply because when something that you expect does not happen, you will feel disappointed and sad and by not expecting anything, you can save yourself from the deeper sadness and misery that will be caused by your own attitude and is lurking around you waiting to take over you.

A powerful affirmative answer of yours to the above Sadé Sati question indicates that you have worked on yourself, have read the Srimad Bhagavad Gita or have at least heard my audiobook, have introspected and retrospected, have realised that you or rather your Gunas or attitude were directly responsible for whatever challenges you faced in your life, have evolved intellectually and spiritually enough to comprehend that your life is not controlled by some angry planet or God but it is your own Karma created by your own thoughts, words and deeds, that does it.

In my post ‘The Chequered Flag for Vrischikans‘ dated 14.09.2019, I had listed out some points which Vrischikans might want to take a look at and consider following. I would say that with about seven more weeks to go, there is still time to get into an autocorrection mode and straighten things up, which, when left uncorrected, could impede the process of your blossoming after the long, dull and dreary phase in your life.

Most of you must be aware that I started this blog/site as my ‘thinking aloud platform’ and have been using it to share with others whatever tiny bit of knowledge and experience that I have gathered so far in my life. Many people came here, learned what they wanted to learn, changed their lives for the better and either continued to be a part of the family or moved on with their lives. I wish everyone well and pray for the wellbeing of all.

I can say from experience that nothing apart from the Supreme Truth is real. People make promises and they do not keep them. Many of them swear to be with you until the end but find better things in life and leave. They use you and when their requirements are fulfilled, they cast you away and exit from your life. The easiest way to avoid feeling sad is to imagine yourself as the little baby you were when you arrived into this world. You had nothing apart from your physical body. You could tell yourself that considering the fact you started your life with nothing, whatever you have, makes you richer than what you were when you were born.

Those who have studied the Srimad Bhagavad Gita can easily understand that attachment leads to sadness and thinking about the results of one’s actions, paves one’s way towards situations that are filled with pain.

Bhagavan Krishna said:

SBG 9:27 Whatever you do, whatever you eat, whatever you offer in sacrifice, whatever you give, whatever you practise as austerity, O Arjuna, do it for Me and as an offering unto Me.

SBG 9:28
By doing so, you will be freed from the bonds of action that result in good and in bad. By being free and with your mind guided by the principle of the Yoga of renunciation, you will attain Me.

When there are expectations, there is bound to be pain, whereas when one develops ‘Prasadabuddhi‘ and accepts everything as Divine Gifts, the possibility of entering a situation which causes pain can be totally circumvented.

  • I am Divine energy now residing in an impermanent and biodegradable container called body. Read the Ishavasya Upanishad.
  • I don’t expect anything so I will never be disappointed.
  • Nothing or no one ever belonged to me so I have no fear of losing anything and all that I believe I possess, are temporary gifts to me that I may enjoy until the end of the current leg of my Karmic journey.
  • I am continuously evolving and therefore every experience, both good and bad, is only making me wiser.
  • I do not care about whatever happens in my life because I am well aware that life is uncertain and that it is normal for anything to happen at any time. However, I will make sure that I do not deliberately collect any new Karma, which I cannot escape paying back.
  • The most sensible thing I can do is to be a modest seeker and ask questions.
    SBG 4:34 Acquire knowledge through reverence to teachers who have known the Truth, serve them and ask them questions until all of them are answered. The wise who know the Truth will teach it to you.
  • Let me be a humble witness and be thankful for all the experience that I gain through every day of my stay on the planet.

I wish you all Vrischikans well and hope that you prepare yourselves with all modesty, gratitude, kindness and love, and get ready to usher in the post-Sadé Sati part of your life, which, when lived well, is bound to bless you with excellent health, unimaginable joy, peace, prosperity and fulfilment.

Jai Shri Krishna



Life is a gift - Let's live it!

14 thoughts on “The Sadé Sati Achievement Gauge for Scorpions

  1. Dear Friends,

    I hope all Vrischika friends are gearing up for the end of Sadesathi. I saw Amruta’s comment today and thought I would also step in….

    I’ll write more soon!

    Take care.
    Jai Sri Krishna!




  2. Namaste Dada,
    1. Am I THANKFUL for the last eight years?
    – A BIG YES
    2. Am I upset, angry, dejected, sad, ruined and bitter about what happened to me in the last seven to eight years?
    – I was upset, angry, dejected, sad, ruined and bitter till I first spoke to you.

    From January 2014 everything started changing, as I was trying to follow, understand and grasp whatever you told me through e-mails and Skype call.
    You taught me to accept what was happening in my life instead of blaming the whole word.
    You taught me to take this period as „course correction“, instead of crying in self pity.
    I am thankful to Lord Krishna. It is HIS blessing that I came in contact with you during this time.

    Thank-you Dada for everything and changing my life completely.



    1. Hi Amrutaji,

      I remember you because I also contacted our Sirji in 2014! My feelings are also ditto. When I contacted Sirji at that time, I was very young and confused about my career and future. Then I got a full coaching from our Sirji in which he gave me many steps which I followed sincerely. When I read your comment I was very happy for you and I started to think how I was feeling at that time. There used to be many people who used to write regularly. I don’t know where they are now.

      Since the last couple of years I am working and living in Australia. From Pune to Sydney! Wow! For me sadesathi has been overall very good but I am confident that it was because I got the right guidance at the right time. Might be because of my good Karma! 🙂

      I am also very very thankful to Lord Krishna for helping me to contact our Sirji and taking his blessings.

      Wishing you all the very best sister

      जय श्री कृष्ण from Sydney


      1. Dear Brother,
        Thanks for remembering me :-). We feel so connected with everyone who share their experience here.
        I am happy to hear about your success. You are absolutely right, all the success and peace that we experience now is only because we got the right guidance at the right time from Sirji.

        Best Wishes.
        Jai Shri Krishna


        1. Dear Amrutaji,

          Thanks a lot for your good wishes! Of course I remember you. Do you remember what tension we all used to have in 2014 and 2015? My success has come only because I could be rescued by dear Sirji at the right time. Some people like us were lukcy to get correct guidance at the right time. When I was standing in a crossing in life if I had took a wrong decision where I would have been only god knows.

          I don’t mean to say I have no problems. Many things happened like good and bad. Career graph went up got better standard of living but my engagement got cancelled and it affected me. Then again after getting correct and loving guidance I could face it and get ready for better future.

          I wish you a good future with your hubby and son.

          Adaraniya pranam to Sirji 🙂

          जय श्री कृष्ण


    2. Hello Amruta,

      Your post is much appreciated. I am glad to see your affirmative reply to the first question and to know that you are doing well. How is your little boy doing?

      Thank you for sharing your positive energy with others on his forum.

      Stay blessed.

      Jai Shri Krishna


      1. Namaste Dada,

        Thanks for your blessings. Advay is doing great. My husband and me are enjoying parenthood and also learning new things from Advay everyday :-).

        Thank-you once again for your guidance. You changed the way I looked towards life. Now whenever I am in any situation, good or bad,
        first thing that comes in my mind is, what I can learn from this and improve myself. I always remember your sentence “Self-pity is our biggest enemy”.
        This automatically brings me to peace.


        Jai Shri Krishna.


  3. Dear Brother,

    The journey was as much bumpy as possible, with lots of grace from God inbetween. It gives me an immense strength and peace within to have conquered something beyond one could expect. Out of all the events happened in my life, I consider this seven and half years been toughest and best period of my life. Looking back to only get confidence that nothing in life can deter going forward. When one learns to celebrate the pain, only the grace of god flows.

    Thank you for all the guidance and also everyone in the forum sharing their experience which has been antidote to our thoughts during the tough period. I pray to God for good health and peace to prevail through this existence and ever after to all.

    Best Wishes

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  4. Jai shri krishna !
    I am not Vrishchikian , but Dhanu , I would be ending II phase in January when Vrischikians would complete there period of Sade Sati , one more lap i.e 2.5 years to go . I had been closely following the blogs related to Vrischikians by sir as that served as input to me . I am into midst of severest problem for survival , now that Sadesati is in medial period .. But yes the lessons learnt are extremely valuable . What will happen good after the period is over is too early to say , but the learning would not have happened if this period would not have come . This is not only important , getting connected to TVM Sir is Krishna mercy in this period . Another situation could have been we would have got lost in wrong track . Thanks to the support Sir is giving we are sure to be on right track . As in BG 18.78 its said “ Yatra Yogeshwar Krishna .. “ So I am sure will sail through remaining period of 2.5 years in safe hands . Last and latest learning from Sir was 18.66 ( Sarva Dharma parityajya .. ) This was the best .. last few years practicing this without fear with faith in Krishna and surrendering bhava .

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  5. Dear sir,

    You wrote:
    1. Am I THANKFUL for the last eight years?
    2. Am I upset, angry, dejected, sad, ruined and bitter about what happened to me in the last seven to eight years?

    When I read first line, my answer was – a loud “DEFINITELY YES”. Though I was angry, aghast vulnerable and miserable, I recovered myself with many ways. I spoke to you in 2014, I moved to Karma-Yoga: Read Geeta Rahasya written by Late Shri Bal Gangadhar Tilak, followed by SBG. I literally reinvented myself. I was thinking exactly same thing today morning: What all is changed and how much gratitude I have about what changed. Just to count broader blessings, here is the list:

    Lost my job which I loved so much.
    Lost all money – literally ALL money – in bad investment decisions, incorrect life priorities
    Got into a job – which lord had directed me to do. But I chose to ran away from it as it was difficult. I should have held it back but in haste, I took wrong decisions.
    Went through health and family related health issues. Been to bottom of the sea and had no way to grow my family
    Realized that this way of life is not taking me anywhere. I had no way to move forward. I was in worst job I could ever have, worst health one can have, a lot of family issues and miserable finances. Only string I had was in my hand is my spouse. I quit all bad habits. Literally ALL.
    Changed my way of life, slowly and steadily. It is still difficult for me to stay blessed. I still go back to old way of life sometimes. In last 7 years, I have taken rebirth.
    I found out what I loved most since my childhood and thats what I have chosen to do
    I found most of my bad karma in this life. I am much more conscious about my life decisions. I call spade a spade now, no shortcuts, no bad karma, no hurting any humans or animals. I weep for my bad karma, seek forgiveness as I cant correct it going back.
    Blessed with two kids when all doctors had mentioned that we will have none. Reworked hard on finances, literally tracked every single rupee we spent. Took tough calls on lot of things. Rebuilt the money, still work in progress.
    THE BIGGEST CHANGE: As my vision was getting clearer, one fine day, I received a voice inside me and directed me to take some steps. It was exactly 13 months ago. Voice was telling me to call someone and ask for appointment. I dont know what that energy was, but it asked me to call a businessman friend and asked to meet him. I was not hesitant. It was hot weather, one could have stayed home. I could have delayed it but I realized that this is the message I need to hold on to. I had found a business idea in the meeting. Once that meeting was done, out of no where, another voice appeared to call me another friend in other country and explain about meeting I had.

    Thats how my current business started.

    I still get that voice once in a while and I work on it HARD.

    Today, though I am not at the same position as I was in 2012, I am much more “evolved” – spiritually, health wise, money wise, family wise. I have reached to bottom of my career and business is in early stage. If you look at my career, you would be worried about my future – its that bad. I still have my own challenges but I have much bigger vision and I found my meaning of life. I am at peace inside me. I still have mountains of challenges in front of me. I still have few issues with my thought process. But these are better challenges to solve.

    I dont hate anyone anymore. I pray for well being of entire world. Whenever I am not working, I am praying. My mind keeps on chanting prayers itself. e.g. Whenever I see an hospital, I automatically chant Dhanvantari Mantra for wellbeing of all patients inside that hospital. I learnt this mantra from you. Thats how much its automated. I am on spiritual path and staunch believer of Karma Yoga.

    Though I still have a long long way to go, I am very much content to amount of correction brought in my life in this period. I may not be successful on scale of what people expect in materialistic world. But I am on a good trajectory. I look at things very differently now.

    I do not regret what happened to me in last 7 years. In fact, I wish this to happen me often so that I can do course correction to adjust my sail. I look at this world completely different than I used to look in 2012.

    I have much more to write but here is one wish:

    I wish you good health and peace of mind. You have impacted my life and my wife’s life. You are our light. Though I dont respond much on this blog, I read EVERY POST on this blog everyday.

    A wise friend of mine once said: “Sade Sati is like a good luck pot, extract as much good from it as you can”.

    Hoping for well being of all readers.

    Om Shanti.

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  6. Namaste dear sir,

    Perhaps if not for my sadesathi I would not have tried to search for solutions and I would not have got the chance to contact you. As I am following all the tasks you have given me I feel quite good as my life has become smoother on the work front. My life has definitely changed leaving me to be grateful for sadesathi because overall it has done good for me. The final result which I deduced out of Sadesathi is I have become a teetotaler, started veganism like you and now I have a physique better than before. My temper has become almost zero so I am more acceptable for others including my family and friends. I would like to give my answer to the first question a big YES!

    Thanks and sincere regards to you Sir,

    Jai Shri Krishna


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  7. Dear Sir,

    I found one of the biggest pieces of the puzzle in this post. “Prasadabuddhi”.

    It is not enough just to perform our actions to the best of our abilities. It is not enough to depend on the Supreme being to fill in for the mortal limitations that we have in performing our karma over which we have no control. It is not enough to think that we have left the rest in the hands of the Supreme.
    The picture is complete only if we adopt “Prasadabuddhi”. Only that can open our eyes fully and protect us from delving into sadness from the experiences in life. From what we have to what is yet to come, everything is a divine gift.

    Thank you for the wonderful post!


    Om Namo Bhagavathe Vaasudevaaya

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