At last – the END of SADÉ SATI for Vrischikans

Namaste dear Vrischikans,

If you happen to be one of those Vrischikans who first came to this site and visited itthanks-3264252 regularly in order to derive positive energy, moral support as well as spiritual help because you were going through your Sadé Sati, I must say that the time to say goodbye has arrived. However, as long as I can and my destiny permits me, I will surely continue to do my work of spreading positive energy blessed with the knowledge of the Srimad Bhagavad Gita.

At last – the END of SADÉ SATI for Vrischikans
On 24.01.2020, Saturn transits into the house of Capricorn for a period of almost three years and will move further from there at 18:00 hrs of the 17th of January 2023. In this post, we shall be looking at the general predictions for Vrischikans (people born under the Lunar sign of Scorpio) for the period between 24.01.2020 and 17.01.2023.

The planet Saturn is generally associated with Karma, destiny, discipline, justice, righteousness, altruism, hard work, long-distance travels, new businesses, new beginnings, and so on.

thumb-328420_1920Those of you who are reading this could be the ones who have been experiencing great hardships and challenges in the last seven to ten years. The Sadé Sati period for Vrischikans started on 14.11.2011. It went through three phases during which, Saturn transited through Libra, Scorpio and Sagittarius. I learned from the thousands of people who contacted me through this site that compared to people of other lunar signs, Vrischikans were the ones who were the most badly hit during this so-called fateful period. Most of them tried to find solace in astrological sites hoping to read positive predictions for people born under the Lunar sign of Scorpio. They needed to convince themselves to hold on for some more time until things would get better. Some of the people who connected with me lamented about the untold miseries and losses they faced in their lives. You must be aware that I do not write about such matters on this site because doing so can only spread, fear, gloom, dejection and loss of self-confidence in people that, I, as a person who has stared into the eyes of death multiple times, have always wanted to help people fight against.

This blog/site was started by me in February 2014 just after I experienced an amazing miracle concerning my beloved son. I thought that on one hand, starting from 2011, I underwent massive setbacks in my business as well as in my health but on the other, thanks to the wonderful upbringing and spiritual training I have had apart from the extraordinarily amazing life that I have led so far; I developed a 100% positive attitude towards life. I decided to share with others this attitude of mine along with the fearlessness that I have always been blessed with.


Back then when I started this site, it had been around two years since Vrischikans had entered their Sadé Sati and most of them were under severe stress, both in their personal as well as in their professional lives. I would reply to hundreds of emails every week and counsel heavily distressed people every day and night. The total number of people who connected with me ran into thousands. There have been people who contacted me minutes before jumping off a bridge, before consuming poison, or just before slipping a noose around their neck. Fortunately, I could talk them out of their destructive state of mind and share with them important teachings from the Srimad Bhagavad Gita which straightaway helped them see reason and learn to reprogramme their lives. They understood that vicissitudes in life are not reasons to die but to be treated as great opportunities to evolve mentally, physically, spiritually and Karmically.

Based on my modest knowledge of Vedic Astrology and from my experience of teaching as well as counselling people, I started writing posts and articles on this site that would teach people important facts about Dharma, Karma, the Vedantic God concept, and achieving peace of mind by simply following a few steps which included reading the Srimad Bhagavad Gita and some important Upanishads.

As a person born and raised in India, who received excellent spiritual education since a young age, it has always disturbed me to see Indians, particularly well-educated ones, who are confused in life in spite of being born in the great land of India which is the source of the ultimate philosophy of the Advaita Vedanta. The lack of fundamental spiritual knowledge gives them a flawed ‘God concept’ and zilch knowledge about the law of Cause and Effect aka Karma, which is the prime governing factor of everyone’s life. This lack of fundamental knowledge puts people in a predicament and leads most of them into believing that God is ‘testing their faith’ or planets are out to destroy them.

This post of mine, which could be the last one for Vrischikans, is particularly meant for those Vrischikans who think they have experienced severe hardships in the last decade but have also learned to calm their mind after learning ways to master it. I must reiterate that the following predictions for Vrischikans are general in nature and that individual natal charts with different planetary placements, Dashas and Bhuktis can indicate more about an individual’s past Karma. Nevertheless, assuming that you have learned your lessons during the spiritual training period of Sadé Sati, I give you below the different stages in the next three years and their significance in your lives.

Before I continue, I would like to repeat that planets do not influence your life. Vedic Astrology is a wonderful science handed down to us by great geniuses of the past who, through centuries of study, developed a method through which one could observe planetary movements and relate them to the patterns in one’s life which indicate their past Karma. Their positions on your chart are useful merely for ‘Karma diagnosis’ purposes. Past Karma can be overcome only by balancing it. No third party can do it for you. Not even your own mother who bore you and delivered you. It’s impossible. Nevertheless, I would like to emphasise on the fact if at all there is a way to override past negative Karma without balancing it by undergoing troubles and challenges in life, it would be through total Sharanaagati. Remember what Krishna said to Arjuna in Shloka SBG 18:66? Krishna said, “Giving up all your ideas of righteousness or religion, take complete refuge in Me. I will liberate you from all sinful reactions. Do not fear.”

Predictions for Vrischikans (Lunar sign of Scorpio)
The third phase of Sadé Sati is generally considered to be a favourable period, however, in the case of Vrischikans, it could have been quite challenging. This is because Saturn is not a favourable planet for Vrischikans. In the first phase of Sadé Sati, Saturn was in the 12th house, in the second phase, Saturn moved into Vrischika or the house of Scorpioscorpio02 and currently in the third phase, Saturn passes through the 2nd house. The lord of Vrischika is Mars and when Saturn passes through the 12th,1st and 2nd houses of a house of Mars, there is bound to be unrest since, in astrological terms, Mars and Saturn are considered to be hostile to each other. This means that even during the third phase of Sadé Sati, which, for other signs is quite favourable, Vrischikans would have typically faced a lot of losses and major hurdles in personal as well as work life. The other factor that indicates such troubles in life is the presence of Guru (Jupiter) in the 12th and the 1st houses. Loss of honour could have also taken place during the last few years.

Before going into details, let me give you the good news that you have been waiting for. The next three years are going to be an extremely amazing period for Vrischikans. That’s right. You read it correctly. The period will have the potential to undo all the troubles and ‘sufferings’ Vrischikans might have undergone in the last 8-10 years. You will soon start experiencing huge growth in your courage and will benefit from general improvements in life, health and wealth; and great progress in the lives of your children if you have any. Those of you natives who are looking for life-partners stand high chances of attaining success in your pursuit of love. Previous health issues or legal problems will soon be out of your life. The position of Saturn in the third house is an excellent position which can get you back the same amount of courage and self-confidence you had when Saturn was in Leo or in Virgo about 10 to 11 years ago. People who left you during your downtime will soon start regretting their great folly of not being patient with you. However, I repeat – everything greatly depends on the strength of individual planetary positions, Dashas and Bhuktis on your chart but still, even if those positions were not all that good, this new transit of Saturn will herald a new dawn of brightness into your life. You will feel as if you were born again.

24.01.2020 09:55 Hrs IST. Saturn transits into Capricorn and remains in the Uttara Ashada or Uttiradam star for a period of 108 days. Saturn will be in the house of Capricorn along with Sun. This is a highly favourable position for career matters of Vrischikans. There could be new business development, state recognitions, high positions, promotions, etc. All those benefits could translate into wealth and landed properties. A general improvement in health, happiness, love life, career and in social status is possible. This is the period in which your new post-Sadé Sati life will begin to be carved by your destiny.

11.05.2020 05.30 Hrs. Saturn goes retrograde for a period of 140 days until 09:30 hrs 29.09.2020. Whatever were the predictions for the previous 108 days will apply during this period of 140 days too in which, Saturn is retrograde in the house of Uttara Ashada of the Sun. This means the upward course you started in the previous 108 days will continue. This can include improvement in your career, material wealth, family life along with excellent health. At this stage, I would suggest that you either write a mail to yourself or even make an audio or video in which you record all your thoughts as of this period, your current status, expectations, concerns, issues, ideas, etc. and take a look at it again exactly after 12 months. You can be sure that when you review it next year, your life would have attained a 100-150% improvement in all areas.

29.09.2020 09:31 hrs to 22.01.2021. During these 115 days. Saturn goes direct after being retrograde and traverses through the stages of Uttara Ashada star in Capricorn. Astrologically speaking, this can be an amazing period. However, there are other factors on the natal chart that reveal more details. In this period, a native has the possibility of receiving honour, wealth, success in work, happiness in the family concerning the native’s children and parents, marriage, the birth of children in the family, travelling, and so on.

Therefore the first period of almost one year starting from the end of Sadé Sati on 24.01.2021, is predicted to be simply wonderful for Vrischikans. On 22.01.2021 at 05:30 hrs, Saturn goes direct to the Shravana or Thiruvonam star which is ruled by the moon, although remaining in Makara or Capricorn until 23.05.2021. During these four months, Saturn remains in Capricorn or Makara and the moon is the Trikona lord and also the lord of the 9th house for Vrischikans. The 9th aspect of Saturn is such a fantastic position that this period, between 22.01 and 23.05.2021, will be even better than the previous 115 days. This can only add to wealth, get the native new friends, increase the happiness of siblings, indicate good health of the mother of the native, This is predicted to be a smooth and excellent period. The overall flow of things is highly positive and favourable.

23.05 to 11.10.2021. In the next period of four months and twenty days, Saturn goes retrograde again. Saturn continues in the Sharavana star moving from the 3rd ‘pada’ to the 1st ‘pada’ in retrograde motion. No, there is certainly nothing bad predicted during this period except that the positive effects experienced by the native could be slightly lower than those experienced by them during the previous four months. In order to receive the exact same amount of benefits received during the previous four months, all that you, the native would need to do would be to ensure that you remain modest, kind, friendly and generous with others, and above all, be sincerely grateful for all the lavish Divine favours received by you. Saturn in the third house along with the Moon indicates intelligence, calmness, peace and smoothness. There might be minor delays in achieving results for the work done but the virtue of patience that you learned during the Sadé Sati will come in handy.

11.10.2021 to 18.2.2022. In this period, Saturn goes direct again and moves through Makara in the positive direction. This will be so for almost four months and ten days when Saturn traverses in direct motion through the Shravana or Thiruvonam star. These extraordinary 130 days can be likened to the flight of a plane that has attained an altitude of over 40000 feet, has a tailwind, and simply shoots through the air at a speed of above 900 without much strain. It is a period of four months in which you will truly shine after having undergone all the honing during the Sadé Sati period of eight years. I would like to restate that during this period, you would have to pay extra attention to being grateful, altruistic and going out of the way to thank or help all those who helped you and stood by you during your down days. Doing so can attract immense Divine Blessings. To sum up, the period in which Saturn remains in the Shravana star would be a highly auspicious and lucky period for Vrischikans. Do not neglect your health through over-indulgence but make sure that you follow a regular fitness programme supported by a Sattvik ‘Karmafree’ diet.

18.02.2022 01:30 hrs to 29.04.2022 07:45 hrs. Saturn leaves the star of Shravana and enters the house of Dhanishta or Avittam of which, the lord is Mars which is also the lord of Vrischika. These two months and ten days are predicted to be extremely good for your health, wealth, happiness, wisdom, position, respect in society, It is a time when all those who harmed you in the past will pay for what they did. You will be blessed with such high positive energy that you would, with great ease, be able to help others in trouble as compared to the Sadé Sati years when you struggled to even fend for yourselves.

29.04.2022 to 04.06.2022. Saturn transits direct from Capricorn to Aquarius, which is the 4th house for Vrischikans and is the other house ruled again by Saturn. The prediction for these 36 days is the same as for the previous 70 days. On 05.06.2022, which is the 37th day after Saturn’s moving into Aquarius, Saturn goes retrograde and returns to Capricorn until 12.07.2022. Therefore the first 36 days in direct motion and 37 days in retrograde motion make 73 days, during which Saturn is in the 4th house, indicates all the positive things predicted for the previous period of 70 days. Saturn’s retrograde motion in the 4th house is something very good for Vrischikans although such a position is not considered to be very lucky for people of other signs.

12.07.2022 to 23.10.2022. In this period, Saturn continues its retrograde motion in the 3rd house. You will now begin to actually fully feel all the positive effects of the good Karma done in the past. The positive effects will be felt in your family life as well as at work. There are also high possibilities that Vrischkinas invest in buying property, on the education of children, buying precious metals and so on. In fact, during this retrograde motion of Saturn, it would feel like rapidly increasing the speed with which you make massive improvements in life.

23.10.2022 08:23hrs. Saturn goes direct again in Capricorn and remains there until 17.01.2023 when Saturn after entering Aquarius, will not return to Capricorn for the next almost three decades. This is the final stage of the first three post-Sadé Sati years for Vrischikans. The last 87 days of the first three-year phase after the end of the Sadé Sati period is predicted to be a period in which all that you were blessed with during the previous 33 months, will undergo exponential growth. However, as I said earlier, among the various Karmical evolutionary purposes of Sadé Sati, achieving the quality of modesty is the most important one. Doing so can guarantee the kind of exponential increase as I mentioned above in the areas of physical health, wealth, properties, vehicles, personal satisfaction in life, general happiness, gaining respect and honour in society, recognition by government authorities and other large organisations. Should your chart contain other positive and favourable planetary positions, the last 87 days of the 1st three-year phase after Sadé Sati will be so good that you will actually thank your stars for having you experience the brunt of Sadé Sati which made you into a finer person.

17.01.2023 18:05hrs. Saturn transits into Aquarius and thereby ending the 1st three-year phase after the Sadé Sati for Vrischikans. The immense knowledge and experience that Vrischikans must have literally amassed by then, are sure to guide them further and help them lead a bright and prosperous life ahead.

Based on what I learned from my own life as well as from the lives of all the people that I have interacted with so far, I would like to make a few suggestions. Please feel free to decide to follow them or not:

1. Read and understand the Srimad Bhagavad Gita. It would be great if you could learn to chant the Shlokas but I stress a lot on learning its philosophy for which, reading the English translation should help. The TVM Gita site, my Audiobook, as well as my EBook, can be of great help.

2. Print the Five Pearls and keep them with you always

#1 FAITH – Absolute FAITH in Krishna and in oneself.
#2 GRATITUDE – An Attitude of Gratitude for everything.
#3 KNOWLEDGE and WORK – Your knowledge and the quality of your work
#4 VISION – A well-defined VISION for the future.
#5 SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY – Every thought and act of yours, count. Take responsibility for your own society.

3. My new book Tavamithram’s Vedantic Nectar Drops (1-6) is a collection of my posts which are arranged in a particular order meant to help people fully understand Advaita Vedanta and nature’s Cause and Effect principle, which will prevent people from falling into the Karmic ditch of ego and help them realise that everyone writes their own destiny.

Dear Vrischikans, this could be my final post on Sadé Sati addressed to Vrischikans. Of course, your regular visits to this site and your participation in this venture of spreading knowledge and positive energy to people who are in need, are most welcome and will be greatly appreciated. I thank all you beautiful people you who connected with me, stayed in contact or even those who went away; and those of you who shared your precious time with others and me on this site; for sailing together during the challenging years between 2014 and now.

I wish you all Vrischikans all the very best in life and sincerely pray to Bhagavan Shri Krishna to generously bless you with a healthy, long, happy, love-filled, prosperous and fulfilling life.

Jai Shri Krishna




Life is a gift - Let's live it!

5 thoughts on “At last – the END of SADÉ SATI for Vrischikans

  1. Thank you Sir for all your guidance , support , counselling .
    My journey these years was much better because of you.
    You will always be in my prayers , may Bhagavan Krishna bless you and your family abundantly.
    Best Wishes , Chandrashekar

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  2. Dear Tavamithramji Sir!

    Just finished reading it for the third time! I will be happy if I get at least 10 per cent of what you have predicted for us Vrischiks!

    The starting sentence made me cry. I thought why are you saying things like goodbye then I knew it was for the sadesathi matter of vrischiks. How many people would get a loving and strong man like you to teach them the good and bad in life? I’m blessed.

    I always read all the new comments and articles as they help me to understand reality better and I hope I get to meet you in person this year 🙂

    Thank you very much.

    As always, with kind regards and affection,


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  3. Dear sir, Thank you for detailed post. It will surely help people who are still looking for answers from planetary positions. As a matter of fact – back in 2014 I was looking for answers on websites who were „predicting“ future and thats how I ended up on this blog.

    For me start of this period was a shock and awe – a sudden fall, loss of position, tremendous health issues coupled with ego, fear, self doubt, passiveness and full of negativity. Every bit of it came together and stayed there around me for years. Nothing would take me in direction I wanted. I felt everything was against me. I caused immense pain to people around me during this period. Nothing was helping. I do not see sade sati in three phases. For me, its just one phase of 7.5 years. I have lost a lot on this period. Honestly, I have lost myself but for good.

    I am completely new born now. What I was in 2011 Vs 2020 is a massive change. I still have many things to deal with – may be I have my own karma to settle, may be I need to be more modest. However, I know what exactly I need to achieve in next 5, 10 and 20 years. I have exactly visualized how things would be. This sade sati gave me vision and I love my vision to its core. I live, eat, sleep with it. Sade sati made me obsessed with life, obsessed with work and obsessed with future. I became highly spiritual, I learnt how to identify mistakes in past and how to avoid them in future. I feel guilty of few things in my past and somehow trying to find a way to overcome it. I am surrendered completely to „Him“, a complete sharanagati and I seek his word on giving me direction.

    All of this, every single recovery I made within my life, I owe it to this Sade Sati period and specially to you. I no longer search for planetary positions and I no longer look for answers on websites. Infact, I did not even read the date wise complete explanation of whats gonna happen in future. It will dilute my mind and expect some miracle to happen on those dates. My takeaway for above article is – next few years are going to be good ONLY WHEN YOU FOLLOW 5 PEARLS. You dont follow five pearls, then even Lord Krishna wont be able to help you.

    I have to be frank here. Though I have read things in past, but I know these directions are general statistics, depend on many factors. Most of the things will depend on YOUR KARMA, your work, faith, vision and your ego i.e. 5 pearls.

    My inputs to others – vrishtikans and everyone:
    Have vision and work your heart out to be there – Whatever your mind can conceive, it can achieve it
    Dont think too much of planets – its just a guideline.
    Once sir told me in GChat conversation: Nothing unbearable shall every happen. Trust me, nothing bad will happen. At the worst, you will just loose money in life but everything else will always be with you – your friends, family, health, knowledge and ability to do work – so why bother?
    Very easy to say and difficult to follow but try expecting little of what you do.
    Keep hustling : This is the main thing. Keep trying things and dont get disheartened if it doesnt work. I have hit rock bottom of my life SEVERAL times. Once you do it again and again, you learn art of coming back. There are days in my life where I couldnt stand myself to mirror. There are days where I dont even know what next. But there are days where I can look forward for future.
    Humans need innovation to live: If you look to past and around yourself, you will find that all that has been done so far and whats around you is due to someone’s innovations, someones ideas and effort. Be it the mobile or laptop you are reading this onto, be it the table/chair/bed you are using, be it the fan rotating on your head or anything. If you adopt the innovative mindset – you will unlock a better future

    Afterall, who needs a safe life when death is the only certainty. Keep trying and keep growing.

    Best wishes to everyone who is reading this.

    Om shanti,

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  4. Jai shribkrishna to sir and all.
    Best luck to Vrishchikians . Me Dhanu rashi soul will complete phase two of SS . Can understand and realise what torrid phase for all you . Yet understanding an opportunity to transform ourselves in thought process , surrendering, cutting down ahankara , expressing gratitude .. great learning phase gives a feeling of completing a hurricane trip yet satisfactorily.
    May all have a peaceful life and let us guide other souls towards krishna bhakti .
    Sir , may i request you to guide we dhanu rashi souls for last phase of sS . So we too finish in grace
    Krishnam Vande jagadguru

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  5. Dear Sir, Good Morning.

    As usual a fantastic & motivating article. The way in which you have described the Golden period ahead for Vrichicans is mind blowing given the troubles one faced till now. During this period, let us all lead a dharmic life with simplicity and treating everyone surrounding us with dignity & respect (in the same manner as Jaggat guru Shri Krishna treated his childhood friend Sudhama) thereby creating umpteen good karma to take care for the rest of our lifes.

    Thank you personally for your ever motivating articles that you regularly posted for the benefit of everyone and which helped me to tide through the difficulties in a positive manner.

    Krishnam vande Jagat guru

    Jai shri Krishna

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