The Third Phase of Sadé Sati for Dhanu Rashians – Sagittarius

Always remember that the general predictions you read on the net are literally general. Each person’s past Karma can be understood only by decoding and analysing individual features of their chart but the question is why would one want to waste time to do it or learn it unless one would like to become an astrologer or add one more feather of knowledge in their cap? There is an easier way to have a better life – Follow the Sanatana Dharma by reading the Srimad Bhagavad Gita, and learning Advaita Vedanta along with the law of Cause and Effect, and write your own destiny. 
My personal advice to people who, despite such sane advice cannot stop themselves from going to astrological sites/blogs and reading astrological predictions, would be to read them, derive positive energy from them and move on to build your destiny which you are creating with every thought, word and deed every moment of your life. Your present is a result of your past and your future will be the result of your present. It is simple logic.
We shall now move on to the general predictions for  Dhanu Rashians (Moon sign of Sagittarius)

Let me make you feel comfortable before you read any further. The third phase of Sadé Sati Archer01for you Dhanu Rashians will certainly not be as challenging as it has been for you in the 1st and 2nd  phases and as it has been for Vrischikans in all the three phases. You may heave a sigh of relief and continue reading. 

The 3rd, 6th and 9th houses are generally considered auspicious for Saturn but in your case, although Saturn will be positioned in the 2nd house for the next almost three years, you will notice that the lessons you learned in the last five years will help you stay stable minded and take wise decisions. This period is predicted to be much better than the last two phases of your Sadé Sati. However, please remember very clearly to ensure that you have all the qualities associated with Saturn, which are, honesty, hygiene, discipline, truthfulness, hard work,  charity and other such noble virtues. Hence, the more modest, kind, generous, large-hearted, helpful and charitable you are; the more Divine Support will you experience. Some people who are in trouble say that they would start helping others when they are better off. This attitude does not necessarily attract Divine Grace because it has selfish overtones. A person who has experienced great shocking incidents, challenges, insults and other such upheavals as well as reversals, is bound to have become wiser and therefore can not only think more calmly and make smarter decisions but can also help others in need of support.

Some of you who might be tempted to go to babas or astrologers who offer ‘remedies’ for the ill effects of Saturn might want to comprehend that doing so amounts to fraud and corruption, (Please read ‘Spiritual Corruption, Corruption in Spirituality and Trade-Offs with Gods’) and settling the new negative Karma collected through such means could take you multiple Janmas to clear. The logical ways to balance karma are to bear the brunt without complaining and adding more positive Karma to ‘outweigh’ past negative Karma. If acts of penance and undertaking gruelling pilgrimages to temples which are hard to reach could solve problems for people, all those who live in such temple towns should be extremely happy, healthy and opulent people with no monetary problems at all. As I always do, I repeat that the Shloka 18:66  of the Srimad Bhagavad Gita contains the secret and also the entire philosophy of righteous living. Follow Krishna’s teachings and you will never have to bother to read such astrological predictions in your life any more. Stay modest, truthful, unselfish, kind, compassionate, nature-loving, generous, ready to learn, ready to help and ready for anything any time, and you will see those negative qualities such as ego, sadness, fear, anger, hatred or jealousy never take over your mind again. The Divinity in you will guide you, lead you and will also make you a guide for others. 

24.01.2020 09:55 Hrs IST. Saturn transits into Capricorn and remains in the Uttara Ashada (Uttiradam star) for a period of 108 days. Saturn will be in the house of Capricorn along with Sun which is the lord of your 9th house. This indicates luck, wealth, improvement in business, gaining back lost honour, profits due to the 10th aspect of Saturn and an overall increase in courage. Through righteous thoughts, words and actions, you should be able to reset the course of your life towards the right destination.

11.05.2020 05.30 Hrs. Saturn goes retrograde for a period of 140 days until 09:30 hrs 29.09.2020. It is said that when Saturn goes retrograde in the third phase of Sadé Sati, it would indicate a favourable time for you. So this means that this period of four months and 20 days could only be better than the previous period of 108 days.

29.09.2020 09:31 hrs to 22.01.2021. During these 115 days. Saturn goes direct after being retrograde and traverses through the stages of Uttara Ashada star in Capricorn. The previous 140 days would have benefited the native which will help them coast through this period. It would be like a cyclist who stops pedalling while riding downhill. However, the fact that Guru and Ketu are in the Rashi or first house indicates that there is more Karma to be settled. Planetary movements are patterns which indicate different stages in the Karmic evolution of people but each individual has their own Karma which only they can balance. Therefore my personal advice to all would be to be open and ready for anything any time; which is the secret of my happiness and utter fearlessness in my life. Nevertheless, we can say that the first year of the 3rd phase of Sadé Sati should be much better than the 2nd phase of your Sadé Sati and will help you in greatly reducing the stress in life.

On 22.01.2021 at 05:30 hrs, Saturn goes direct to the Shravana or Thiruvonam star which is ruled by the moon, although remaining in Makara or Capricorn until 23.05.2021. Sun is the lord of the house of luck (9th house Bhagyasthaana) for Dhanu Rashians. In Karmic terms, luck can be defined as the factor which originates in one’s past good Karma. This is the time when all the good you did in the past will fructify into Karmic rewards in the forms of protection, unexpected help from others, loan waivers. Vedic Astrology calls Saturn the one who delivers and maintains justice. This means that even a small act of goodness you might have done in the past will be rewarded for in this period. 

However, the fact Moon is the lord of your 8th house receiving the aspect of Saturn indicates reduced positive effects of the luck factor mentioned above. This is no cause for worry simply because that period will anyhow be less stressful than what it is like for you at the moment. There might be small setbacks or delays in the things you do and wish to achieve but maintaining calmness in your mind, regular meditation and physical exercise can help you sail smoothly ahead.

23.05 to 11.10.2021. In the next period of four months and twenty days, Saturn goes retrograde again. Saturn continues in the Sharavana star moving from the 3rd ‘pada’ to the 1st ‘pada’ in retrograde motion. This period is predicted to be highly favourable to Dhanu Rashians. It indicates success, the gain of wealth, removal of obstacles in life, improvement in the lives of family members, You will also find ways to settle loans and legal issues that were bothering you earlier. This period is expected to be much better than the previous four months. 

11.10.2021 to 18.02.2022. In this period, Saturn goes direct again and moves through Makara in the positive direction. This will be so for almost four months and ten days when Saturn traverses in direct motion through the Shravana or Thiruvonam star. There might be slight delays and you might experience impediments in the things you do but remember that they are temporary. Read the Shloka SBG 2:14 whenever you experience a feeling of being stifled at work. Stay calm and bear in mind that you have already crossed the most difficult part of the journey so this is nothing. Take extreme care to never lose your patience or temper. Anger can lead you to commit mistakes that cause damages which are irreparable. 

18.02.2022 01:30 hrs to 29.04.2022 07:45 hrs. Saturn leaves the star of Shravana and enters the house of Dhanishta or Avittam of which, the lord is Mars who is also the lord of your 5th and 12th houses. This period of two months and ten days is a highly favourable position for you Dhanu Rashians. It indicates gains in business, property, career promotions, attaining higher levels in all that you do, and it also indicates that the native’s children, if any, will do very well in studies and in their career. It is a period when you will start sensing that you are going to be victorious in the field of your work.

29.04.2022 to 04.06.2022. Saturn transits direct from Capricorn to Aquarius, which is the 3rd house for Dhanu Rashians and is the other house ruled by Saturn. The general prediction for these 36 days is that it will be an excellent period. On 05.06.2022, which is the 37th day after Saturn’s moving into Aquarius, Saturn goes retrograde and returns to Capricorn until 12.07.2022 indicating that there could be a slight drop in the levels of positivity in your life but do not forget one very important fact – You are still under Sadé Sati. In this period, what can hurt you the most could be that things do not go as expected by you. The simple logical solution to this problem would be to not expect anything, at least in this period of 37 days. be happy with what you have and get better at your virtue of patience. Live this period as though nothing happened and simply float through it without worrying much about anything. 


12.07.2022 to 23.10.2022. In this period, Saturn continues its retrograde motion in the 2nd house and remains here for a period of 103 days. This is predicted to be a highly favourable period for you. You will begin to sense that you are on the home stretch towards the end of your Sadé Sati. Major problems in your life will begin to simply vanish into thin air. There will be an improvement in your social standing. This period prepares the setting for the final stage of your Sadé Sati.that had turned your whole life topsy turvy. 

23.10.2022 08:23hrs. Saturn goes direct again in Capricorn and remains there until 17.01.2023 when Saturn after entering Aquarius, will not return to Capricorn for the next almost three decades. This is the final stage of the 3rd phase of Sadé Sati for Dhanu Rashians. The last 87 days of the 3rd phase of Sadé Sati for Dhanu Rashians is when you will start getting back all that you lost in the last 6-8 years. It could be your respect in society, the properties you lost, and also some people who abandoned you. 

To sum up, the first year of the 3rd phase of your Sadé Sati indicates the reduction of stress in life. The next period of one year is one that will have ups and downs but in the broader sense, it should be much better than your current situation. In the year 2022, Saturn moves into the Dhanishta star which is the star of the 5th house for Dhanu Rashians. The 5th house signifies, children, fortune, learning, optimism, pleasure, and general happiness. 


On 17.01.2023 you will end your Sadé Sati and will be headed towards a wonderful future, the brilliance of which will be directly proportionate to the way you courageously and gracefully faced as well as handled your challenges, which were nothing but phenomenal learning opportunities in your life and Karmic journey. Remember that when luck, which is the result of one’s own past good Karma, knocks their door, it cannot help a person who failed all his exams get a PhD or someone who never jumped into water become an expert swimmer. Everything depends on one’s past Karma that they have carried forward. Recall what I always say about the 60 20 20 principle that works in life – 60% of your destiny has already been written by you in the form of your past Karma. 20% of your fate has been written by you by your thoughts, words and deeds in the current Janma and 20 % of your destiny is still open which you can play around with by either adding more positive or negative Karma. 

Now here is something that applies to everyone. Among the various Karmical evolutionary purposes of Sadé Sati, achieving the quality of modesty is the most important one. Doing so can guarantee the kind of exponential increase as I mentioned above in the areas of physical health, wealth, properties, vehicles, personal satisfaction in life, general happiness, gaining respect and honour in society, recognition by government authorities and other large organisations. Should your chart contain other positive and favourable planetary positions, the last 87 days of the 3rd phase of your Sadé Sati will be very good.

Based on what I learned from my own life as well as from the lives of all the people that I have interacted with so far, I would like to make a few suggestions. Please feel free to decide to follow them or not:

1. Read and understand the Srimad Bhagavad Gita. It would be great if you could learn to chant the Shlokas but I stress a lot on learning its philosophy for which, reading the English translation should help. The TVM Gita site, my Audiobook, as well as my EBook, can be of great help.

2. Print the Five Pearls and keep them with you always

#1 FAITH – Absolute Faith in Krishna and in oneself.
#2 GRATITUDE – An Attitude of Gratitude for everything.
#3 KNOWLEDGE and WORK – Your knowledge and the quality of your work
#4 VISION – A well-defined VISION for the future.
#5 SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY – Every thought and act of yours, count. Take responsibility for your own society.

3. My new book Tavamithram’s Vedantic Nectar Drops (1-6) is a collection of my posts which are arranged in a particular order meant to help people fully understand Advaita Vedanta and nature’s Cause and Effect principle, which will prevent people from falling into the Karmic ditch of ego and help them realise that everyone writes their own destiny.

Please continue to be the good people that you have always been and never allow challenges in life to corrupt your character. Be extremely careful and highly thoughtful when you say or do anything simply because, with everything you do, you are writing your own destiny. Your regular visits to this site and your participation in this venture of spreading knowledge and positive energy to people who are in need, are most welcome and will be greatly appreciated.

I wish you all Dhanu Rashians great strength and wisdom to successfully cross the 3rd phase of your Sadé Sati which is not expected to be as trying as it is said to be for Vrischikans. I sincerely pray to Bhagavan Shri Krishna to generously bless you with a healthy, long, happy, love-filled, prosperous and fulfilling life.

Jai Shri Krishna

One thought on “The Third Phase of Sadé Sati for Dhanu Rashians – Sagittarius

  1. Dear Sir .,
    Jai shri krishna.
    Thank you very much for providing incite of the future based on Rashi prediction for Dhanu . As advised by you will follow future path based on your guidance as above with utmost sincerity and humility , gratitude .. What has gone back and would pass over period of time has given wonderful experience and correction to self ego and Living life with correction would be joyous experience .
    Thank you sir again .
    Krishnam Vande Jagadguru !


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