The Third Phase of Sadé Sati for Dhanu Rashians – Sagittarius


Just in case any of you is thinking that tomorrow onwards your life will suddenly become a bed of roses – YOU ARE WRONG. Those who utilised the last 7-9 years since they started experiencing downfalls, to unlearn all the ridiculous nonsense with which they had been mentally conditioned, will be the ones who will begin to see such major changes that they would be deeply grateful for the Sadé Sati period. Others might have to wait until the next Sadé Sadi period and make sure to not waste the golden opportunity again.

Anyway, like I have said in the main Sadé Sati page, I do not propound irrational stuff like the planet Saturn is punishing you for your sins and so on. It so happens that everyone requires a reset button in their life, before pressing which, they need to be taught what is good and not good for them. The Sad´Sati is indeed such a period.

I would say that even now it is not late. Those of you who have not cared to study the Srimad Bhagavad Gita and understand Cause and Effect to be the main principle of all events in life might want to do it now. Look for Bhagavad Gita resources on this site and if you wish you may contact me by email.

JUST FORGET ASTROLOGY! I have said a hundred times that Vedic Astrology is a great tool for getting a general idea of the patterns in one’s life. THAT’S ALL! Sadé Sati is in fact a GREAT PERIOD to learn, improve, and evolve. I see that people are actually addicted to reading the same predictions every day! No! That is not my objective in running this site! – I am not here to drag you all with astrology, and lead you deeper and deeper into ignorance that is already troubling you! Look, my main objective is to destroy all the nonsense that is being spread by all these fake babas and gurus who take total advantage of the masses and sell you idiotic stories.


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I have been striving so sincerely to show everyone such an easy path towards a better life through a better state of mind. However, still, most people simply refuse to study, learn, and evolve but continue to remain convinced that planet Saturn is causing them challenges! No. Planets are not the ones causing any trouble in your life, but it is you and no other who is doing it. Vedic astrology indicates patterns in a person’s life, which sensible people quickly pick up and make changes in their lives.

Evolve and improve your life.


Unpredictability, thy name is LIFE

Such a soul is very rare…

I am sure that a lot of you

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Dear visitors,

As promised, here are the contents of this page again. I did receive some emails requesting me to put the page back.

In your own interest, I would ask you to please pay attention to what I am going to write below.

I spent quite a few hours studying and researching to create the content of this page for Dhanu Rashians. Just as it has been with most of my predictions, a number of people have reverted to me and have given me their feedback saying that things happened in their lives almost exactly as per my predictions published on this page. But let me tell you that that does not mean the predictions given on this page will apply to all Dhanu Rashians. It is merely a generalised report for all those born under this particular Rashi. 

That being said, I would like to repeat what I always say – PLANETS OR DEITIES OR WHATEVER, DO NOT DO ANYTHING TO ANYONE. If you went to a Saturn temple and poured litres of oil on the ‘vigraha’, you might feel better, but that will have zero influence on you or on your life.

Vedic Astrology gives an indication of the possible trends and events in a person’s life, but that does not mean that one should develop a habit of fatalism. It should be treated more than a ‘Karma diagnostic tool’. Those who find solace in reading Astro predictions every day will surely get addicted to it and lose all interest in life. Save yourself from such a situation, PLEASE!

‘Necessity is the mother of invention,’ and similarly, the Sade Sati period usually ushers in a highly challenging period which should actually be used by people to achieve the following: 

  • shed false ego
  • improve patience
  • work on physical fitness
  • practise simplicity and frugality
  • develop compassion and forgiveness
  • work on social responsibility by helping others in any way possible
  • completely giving up the consumption of animal products and disconnecting yourself from any kind of cruelty towards animals

and above all, 


99.99% of the people under Sade Sati want their ‘old life’ back. Why? What for? Stop such thoughts! Why do you want the same life back? Would you say ‘no’ to a better life? The desire to ‘have the old life’ back can sometimes hamper one’s mental energy to reach something much higher, which destiny actually has in store for them. 

You may try to understand the above-mentioned topics by reading my other posts on Karma, Sadé Sati, etc.

The greatest favour you could do to yourself, at least during the Sadé Sat period, would be to USE THE DOWNTIME and EQUIP YOURSELF TO GET READY  for The NEXT CHAPTER IN YOUR LIFE.

Do not miss or neglect anything I post on this page, be it videos, snippets or whatever. Please remember that I am a Vrischika Rashian, which is one sign before yours. Vrischika happens to be the sign that ‘gets the hardest hit’ in Sade Sati. It is because the moon is at its lowest in this sign. That being the case, you must have guessed the intensity of the challenges that I might have faced during the SS period. Whatever I say here is from sheer experience. I can warn you of potholes on the road because I have already passed through them, but paying heed to what I say or not totally depends on you.

You must have heard the saying, ‘Communist until you get rich, feminist until you get married, and atheist until your plane starts falling.’ I am not giving you any childish advice such as ‘believe in god’, ‘go to the temple on Fridays’, and so on, or I am not even asking you to believe in anyone or in anything. But I would surely tell you that since now your plane has started falling, wake up from your ignorance, and first start trying to find out who you are. 

Being a teacher of Vedanta, which is the highest and ultimate stage of all the Vedas, I never give any senseless or ‘adharmic’ advice to people. But the first step I ask everyone to clear is to study the Srimad Bhagavad Gita. No, I do not mean attending Satsangs, chanting by heart the Shlokas of the SBG,  or reading some verses and their funny translations at ‘WhatsApp university’, and so on, but I mean actually understanding at least its fundamental principles, which have been heavily and brutally altered by many organisations.

You may begin with my SBG Run-through video and then go for my audiobooks and e-books in which I have given simple, and easy-to-read and understandable English translations. The best would be if you took the detailed A.G.E. (A Gita Experience) course that I have published on Udemy. You can find all those details on the SBG resources that you will find in the Menu.

Please, take things seriously. Sadé Sati is NOT A CURSE, but an AWESOME OPPORTUNITY TO IMPROVE AND BE YOUR BEST. If you pass this stage well, believe me, just as in my case, there will soon be a time when you will actually be THANKFUL for Sadè Sati.

I would appreciate it if you could share your experiences and your thoughts in the comments section below. Another thing from my experience that I would like to say is that sharing thoughts and ideas with others can be greatly refreshing and enlightening. You can be sure that no pessimism, brooding, or complaining is appreciated on this site because the main purpose is to gain and share knowledge and sheer mental power and energy.

Krishna said in Shloka 4:37 of the Srimad Bhagavad Gita: “Just as a blazing fire burns wood used as fuel into ashes, O Arjuna, knowledge burns KARMA or all actions and reactions due to material activities, into ashes.”

Remember, Karma does not die down on its own, or through chanting Mantras or breaking coconuts at temples. You need to either undergo it, balance it with positive Karma, and/or BURN or DELETE it through Vedantic Knowledge. 

You decide.


Please come out of the delusion that planets are causing you troubles or god is ‘testing you’.  I hope you have read my explanation about what Sadé Sati is and how to make use of the period to improve oneself and make rapid progress in the process of one’s Karmic evolution.

Vedic Astrology is a way to understand the kind of patterns one may tend to have in their life. It is simply Karma diagnosis and nothing more than that. Too much astrology will turn people into miserable failures.






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Jai Shri Krishna
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If you are a Dhanu Rashian (Sagittarius) and if this is a question that has been crossing your mind often, please go to the end of this article and watch the video titled ‘Karma and the ‘Why me?’ question’



Karma and the “Why me?” question
“मैं ही क्यों?” “Why me?” (in Hindi) पिछले जन्मों के कर्मों से निपटने का रास्ता क्या है?
“கடவுளே! நான் என்ன பாவம் செய்தேன்?”

*What is Sadé Sati? What is Karma? (Opens in a new tab)

*The Principle of (Karma) Diagnosis and Cure (Opens in a new tab)

Always remember that the general predictions you read on the net are literally general. Each person’s past Karma can be understood only by decoding and analysing individual features of their chart, but the question is, why would one want to waste time to do it or learn it unless one would like to become an astrologer or add one more feather of knowledge in their cap? There is an easier way to have a better life – Study the Srimad Bhagavad Gita, comprehend the natural principle of Cause and Effect, and write your own destiny. 

My personal advice to you people who, despite such sane advice cannot stop yourselves from going to astrological sites/blogs and reading astrological predictions, would be to read them, derive positive energy from them and move on to build your destiny, which you are creating with every thought, word and deed every moment of your life. Your present is a result of your past and your future will be the result of your present. It is simple logic.
We shall now move on to the general predictions for  Dhanu Rashians (Moon sign of Sagittarius)

Let me make you feel comfortable before you read any further. The third phase of Sadé Sati for you Dhanu Rashians will certainly not be as challenging as it has been for you in the 1st and 2nd  phases and as it has been for Vrischikans in all the three phases. You may heave a sigh of relief and continue reading. 

The 3rd, 6th and 9th houses are generally considered auspicious for Saturn but in your case, although Saturn will be positioned in the 2nd house for the next almost three years, you will notice that the lessons you learned in the last five years will help you stay stable minded and take wise decisions. This period is predicted to be much better than the last two phases of your Sadé Sati. However, please remember very clearly to ensure that you have all the qualities associated with Saturn, which are, honesty, hygiene, discipline, truthfulness, hard work,  charity and other such noble virtues. Hence, the more modest, kind, generous, large-hearted, helpful and charitable you are; the more Divine Support will you experience. Some people who are in trouble say that they would start helping others when they are better off. This attitude does not necessarily attract Divine Grace because it has selfish overtones. A person who has experienced great shocking incidents, challenges, insults and other such upheavals as well as reversals, is bound to have become wiser and therefore can not only think more calmly and make smarter decisions but can also help others in need of support.

Some of you who might be tempted to go to babas or astrologers who offer ‘remedies’ for the ill effects of Saturn might want to comprehend that doing so amounts to fraud and corruption, and settling the new negative Karma collected through such means could take you multiple Janmas to clear. (Please read ‘Spiritual Corruption, Corruption in Spirituality and Trade-Offs with Gods’)

The logical ways to balance Karma are to bear the brunt without complaining, and adding more positive Karma to ‘outweigh’ past negative Karma. If acts of penance and undertaking gruelling pilgrimages to temples, which are hard to reach could solve problems for people, all those who live in such temple towns should be extremely happy, healthy and opulent people with no monetary problems at all. As I always do, I repeat that the Shloka 18:66  of the Srimad Bhagavad Gita contains the secret and also the entire philosophy of righteous living. Follow Krishna’s teachings and you will never have to bother to read such astrological predictions in your life any more. Stay modest, truthful, unselfish, kind, compassionate, nature-loving, generous, ready to learn, ready to help and ready for anything any time, and you will see those negative qualities such as ego, sadness, fear, anger, hatred or jealousy never take over your mind again. The Divinity in you will guide you, lead you and will also make you a guide for others. 

24.01.2020 09:55 Hrs IST. Saturn transits into Capricorn and remains in the Uttara Ashada (Uttiradam star) for a period of 108 days. Saturn will be in the house of Capricorn along with Sun which is the lord of your 9th house. This indicates luck, wealth, improvement in business, gaining back lost honour, profits due to the 10th aspect of Saturn and an overall increase in courage. Through righteous thoughts, words and actions, you should be able to reset the course of your life towards the right destination.

11.05.2020 05.30 Hrs. Saturn goes retrograde for a period of 140 days until 09:30 hrs 29.09.2020. It is said that when Saturn goes retrograde in the third phase of Sadé Sati, it would indicate a favourable time for you. So this means that this period of four months and 20 days could only be better than the previous period of 108 days.

29.09.2020 09:31 hrs to 22.01.2021. During these 115 days. Saturn goes direct after being retrograde and traverses through the stages of Uttara Ashada star in Capricorn. The previous 140 days would have benefited the native which will help them coast through this period. It would be like a cyclist who stops pedalling while riding downhill. However, the fact that Guru and Ketu are in the Rashi or first house indicates that there is more Karma to be settled. Planetary movements are patterns which indicate different stages in the Karmic evolution of people but each individual has their own Karma which only they can balance. Therefore my personal advice to all would be to be open and ready for anything any time; which is the secret of my happiness and utter fearlessness in my life. Nevertheless, we can say that the first year of the 3rd phase of Sadé Sati should be much better than the 2nd phase of your Sadé Sati and will help you in greatly reducing the stress in life.

On 22.01.2021 at 05:30 hrs, Saturn goes direct to the Shravana or Thiruvonam star which is ruled by the moon, although remaining in Makara or Capricorn until 23.05.2021. Sun is the lord of the house of luck (9th house Bhagyasthaana) for Dhanu Rashians. In Karmic terms, luck can be defined as the factor which originates in one’s past good Karma. This is the time when all the good you did in the past will fructify into Karmic rewards in the forms of protection, unexpected help from others, loan waivers. Vedic Astrology calls Saturn the one who delivers and maintains justice. This means that even a small act of goodness you might have done in the past will be rewarded for in this period. 

However, the fact Moon is the lord of your 8th house receiving the aspect of Saturn indicates reduced positive effects of the luck factor mentioned above. This is no cause for worry simply because that period will anyhow be less stressful than what it is like for you at the moment. There might be small setbacks or delays in the things you do and wish to achieve but maintaining calmness in your mind, regular meditation and physical exercise can help you sail smoothly ahead.

23.05 to 11.10.2021. In the next period of four months and twenty days, Saturn goes retrograde again. Saturn continues in the Sharavana star moving from the 3rd ‘pada’ to the 1st ‘pada’ in retrograde motion. This period is predicted to be highly favourable to Dhanu Rashians. It indicates success, the gain of wealth, removal of obstacles in life, improvement in the lives of family members, You will also find ways to settle loans and legal issues that were bothering you earlier. This period is expected to be much better than the previous four months. 

11.10.2021 to 18.02.2022. In this period, Saturn goes direct again and moves through Makara in the positive direction. This will be so for almost four months and ten days when Saturn traverses in direct motion through the Shravana or Thiruvonam star. There might be slight delays and you might experience impediments in the things you do but remember that they are temporary. Read the Shloka SBG 2:14 whenever you experience a feeling of being stifled at work. Stay calm and bear in mind that you have already crossed the most difficult part of the journey so this is nothing. Take extreme care to never lose your patience or temper. Anger can lead you to commit mistakes that cause damages which are irreparable. 

18.02.2022 01:30 hrs to 29.04.2022 07:45 hrs. Saturn leaves the star of Shravana and enters the house of Dhanishta or Avittam of which, the lord is Mars who is also the lord of your 5th and 12th houses. This period of two months and ten days is a highly favourable position for you Dhanu Rashians. It indicates gains in business, property, career promotions, attaining higher levels in all that you do, and it also indicates that the native’s children, if any, will do very well in studies and in their career. It is a period when you will start sensing that you are going to be victorious in the field of your work.

29.04.2022 to 04.06.2022. Saturn transits direct from Capricorn to Aquarius, which is the 3rd house for Dhanu Rashians and is the other house ruled by Saturn. The general prediction for these 36 days is that it will be an excellent period. On 05.06.2022, which is the 37th day after Saturn’s moving into Aquarius, Saturn goes retrograde and returns to Capricorn until 12.07.2022 indicating that there could be a slight drop in the levels of positivity in your life but do not forget one very important fact – You are still under Sadé Sati. In this period, what can hurt you the most could be that things do not go as expected by you. The simple logical solution to this problem would be to not expect anything, at least in this period of 37 days. be happy with what you have and get better at your virtue of patience. Live this period as though nothing happened and simply float through it without worrying much about anything. 


12.07.2022 to 23.10.2022. In this period, Saturn continues its retrograde motion in the 2nd house and remains here for a period of 103 days. This is predicted to be a highly favourable period for you. You will begin to sense that you are on the home stretch towards the end of your Sadé Sati. Major problems in your life will begin to simply vanish into thin air. There will be an improvement in your social standing. This period prepares the setting for the final stage of your Sadé Sati.that had turned your whole life topsy turvy. 

23.10.2022 08:23hrs. Saturn goes direct again in Capricorn and remains there until 17.01.2023 when Saturn after entering Aquarius, will not return to Capricorn for the next almost three decades. This is the final stage of the 3rd phase of Sadé Sati for Dhanu Rashians. The last 87 days of the 3rd phase of Sadé Sati for Dhanu Rashians is when you will start getting back all that you lost in the last 6-8 years. It could be your respect in society, the properties you lost, and also some people who abandoned you. 

To sum up, the first year of the 3rd phase of your Sadé Sati indicates the reduction of stress in life. The next period of one year is one that will have ups and downs but in the broader sense, it should be much better than your current situation. In the year 2022, Saturn moves into the Dhanishta star which is the star of the 5th house for Dhanu Rashians. The 5th house signifies, children, fortune, learning, optimism, pleasure, and general happiness. 


On 17.01.2023 you will end your Sadé Sati and will be headed towards a wonderful future, the brilliance of which will be directly proportionate to the way you courageously and gracefully faced as well as handled your challenges, which were nothing but phenomenal learning opportunities in your life and Karmic journey. Remember that when luck, which is the result of one’s own past good Karma, knocks their door, it cannot help a person who failed all his exams get a PhD or someone who never jumped into water become an expert swimmer. Everything depends on one’s past Karma that they have carried forward. Recall what I always say about the 60 20 20 principle that works in life – 60% of your destiny has already been written by you in the form of your past Karma. 20% of your fate has been written by you by your thoughts, words and deeds in the current Janma and 20 % of your destiny is still open which you can play around with by either adding more positive or negative Karma. 

Now here is something that applies to everyone. Among the various Karmical evolutionary purposes of Sadé Sati, achieving the quality of modesty is the most important one. Doing so can guarantee the kind of exponential increase as I mentioned above in the areas of physical health, wealth, properties, vehicles, personal satisfaction in life, general happiness, gaining respect and honour in society, recognition by government authorities and other large organisations. Should your chart contain other positive and favourable planetary positions, the last 87 days of the 3rd phase of your Sadé Sati will be very good.

Based on what I learned from my own life as well as from the lives of all the people that I have interacted with so far, I would like to make a few suggestions. Please feel free to decide to follow them or not:

1. Read and understand the Srimad Bhagavad Gita. It would be great if you could learn to chant the Shlokas but I stress a lot on learning its philosophy for which, reading the English translation should help. The TVM Gita site, my Audiobook, as well as my EBook, can be of great help.

2. Print the Five Pearls and keep them with you always

#1 FAITH – Absolute Faith in Krishna and in oneself.
#2 GRATITUDE – An Attitude of Gratitude for everything.
#3 KNOWLEDGE and WORK – Your knowledge and the quality of your work
#4 VISION – A well-defined VISION for the future.
#5 SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY – Every thought and act of yours, count. Take responsibility for your own society.

3. My latest book ‘Capture the Essence – Srimad Bhagavad Gita’ in order to imbibe the core philosophy of the Srimad Bhagavad Gita.

4. Take the free course Learn 100 SBG Shlokas by heart.

Please continue to be the good people that you have always been and never allow challenges in life to corrupt your character. Be extremely careful and highly thoughtful when you say or do anything simply because, with everything you do, you are writing your own destiny. Your regular visits to this site and your participation in this venture of spreading knowledge and positive energy to people who are in need, are most welcome and will be greatly appreciated.

I wish you all Dhanu Rashians great strength and wisdom to successfully cross the 3rd phase of your Sadé Sati which is not expected to be as trying as it is said to be for Vrischikans. I sincerely wish you abundant Divine Blessings for a healthy, long, happy, love-filled, prosperous and fulfilling life.

Jai Shri Krishna

A CALM MIND is the most important requirement to start solving problems in life. Self-pity, and blaming God, planets or others can cause absolutely nothing positive in your life. Please invest some time and go through the following videos patiently and with utmost devotion. Understand Karma. You may thank me later.

Planets DO NOT AFFECT YOUR LIFE! Your Vedic chart contains coded information regarding your past Karma. If you wish to change it, you need to change. The CHANGE NEEDS TO HAPPEN FROM WITHIN.

Start by studying the Srimad Bhagavad Gita

Are you lazy or do not have time to read the life-changing scripture? Never mind. Here is a solution. Go to Amazon or Storytel and search for Tavamithram and get yourself the audiobook “The Srimad Bhagavad Gita in English Retold and Read for You by Tavamithram Sarvada”

Another option is to watch this video which is a Run-Through of the Srimad Bhagavad Gita

Tavamithram’s Spotify Channel



Life is a gift - Let's live it!

53 thoughts on “The Third Phase of Sadé Sati for Dhanu Rashians – Sagittarius

  1. 17.1.23 the most awaited day for Dhanu Rashians . The exit day for Sade Sati . I feel very happy to reach this day . I remember in Nov 2014 when trouble started and I searched net to know more about SS and then thought it is impossible to live even a day , what to say for 7.5 years ! And then started a topsy turvy turmoil. While searching on true cause of SS and other details I accidently landed onto site of Tavamithram site and was impressed with the philosophy of SS and then I connected personally with him . I am happy to say that due to Tavamithram I not only sailed through this torrid journey which saw my Money and relationship shattered but with his teachings and following I gained an immense knowledge and fearless state which is the true aspect of SS . Following Bhagwad Geeta under his guidance I now feel entirely fearless to face life . Though SS exit does not mean an immediate change next day but with the learning I am sure eventually I will sail out smoothly and even if not not worry or fear .


  2. What is Atma?

    Watch the video and find out for yourself what Atma truly is and understand the way in which most people are fooled and menaced using the threat of a horrible ‘afterlife’, of being troubled by ‘spirits and ghosts’, of ‘unsatisfied ancestors’ causing challenges in the lives of living people, and the thoroughly abused idea of ‘Janma and Punarjanma’ or birth and rebirth.

    Before you watch the video, just ask yourself: How would it be possible to tell one ‘soul’ from another when both of them have neither their respective bodies, faces, nor DNA?

    Understand what is meant by Atma and free yourselves from all unwanted webs of irrational beliefs and fears that will mercilessly destroy your life by ruining your peace of mind. All that has been said in this presentation has been substantiated by relevant Shlokas from the Srimad Bhagavad Gita and other scriptures.


    1. Hello.

      Before I answer this question, I would like to know if you have read the Srimad Bhagavad Gita and if you have understood it from a rational point of view as against the usual dualistic and religious one of most people.

      However, you could start with the number of children’s videos on the Mahabharata that are freely available on YouTube. What I would insist upon would be to enlighten the child right from the beginning that all ‘Puranas’ are to be understood allegorically, meaning, each character or situation represents some factor or other in one’s life. This will protect the child from developing a dualistic mindset. Teaching the child to recognise what different characters represent can turn out to be something that little ones will not only love, but will feel proud of their own ability to do so, thus strengthening their intellect and protect them from blind beliefs. I also suggest stories from the ‘Panchatantra’ which are also available on YouTube.

      I speak based on my own personal experience of raising my child and witnessing the phenomenal results my practical methods have produced.

      Stay blessed.

      Jai Shri Krishna.


  3. What is Moksha or Salvation?

    Life after death is one of the most excellent tools used in the ‘business’ of organised religion. Almost all organised religions have, as a core factor, death and what happens after death. Gullible poorly informed ‘sheeple’, which means ‘sheep people,’ who are human beings, willingly allow themselves to be ‘herded’ by some individual or organisation, and in fact, feel proud of being led by a ‘shepherd’.
    READ ON and watch the video by clicking the link below:

    What is Moksha or Salvation?

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  4. When I ask some of you if you have studied the Srimad Bhagavad Gita, if you have watched my SBG videos, heard my audiobooks, or done my Udemy courses, the typical answers I get are such as the following:
    – I read the Bhagavad Gita with my family but still would like to read predictions, because I am human.
    – I attend Satsangs regularly. I am a slow learner, but I will learn soon.
    – I attend Bhagavad Gita classes and have so far learned two chapters by heart.
    – The Bhagavad Gita is too deep, and so it will take time to understand.
    – My planetary positions are not allowing me to concentrate.
    – I am praying to Krishna sincerely to get me out of the mess my Sadé Sati has caused me.

    All the above are nothing but PLAIN RUBBISH. If you have really read and grasped the core of the Gitopadesha, you would not be unhappy, suffering, or reading this Sadé Sati page again and again every day. I am well aware that 99% of the people have been brainwashed into duality and that is the prime cause of all sufferings.

    Like I say always, my sites are my loud thinking platforms, and I am sharing with others my understanding of the Srimad Bhagavad Gita and my methods of applying them in life. I know what it is like to die. I mean, I have been on the edge a number of times. At During those moments, a person’s entire paradigm of life changes. It is a state of mind that simply cannot be described in words. The fact that the knowledge of Vedanta has helped me face near death situations without panicking, thanks to my balanced mind, should suffice to say that it works.

    Simply chanting the Shlokas and performing ‘parayanamas’ have no practical benefit. I have seen parrots that can chant Shlokas.

    If you happen to be a person who has read the Srimad Bhagavad Gita, ask yourself this question:
    HOW AND IN WHAT HAS MY LIFE CHANGED? If you don’t have a proper answer, you are on a track that will never lead to the ultimate goal, to which the knowledge of the SBG leads a true seeker.

    The Bhagavad Gita has nothing to do with religion, praying for help, getting Divine favours, or so. It is pure science of nature and of the mind. Master your mind and realise that your SELF is that ultimate Supreme Brahman, Paramartha Tattvam, or Krishna. Check it out for yourselves:
    Did Krishna ask Arjuna to go to His temples and perform Pujas?
    Did Krishna ask Arjuna to pray to Him to get whatever he wants?
    Did Arjuna ask Krishna for any favours at all? Arjuna only asked Krishna to TEACH him.

    Use your mind, ask questions, grow, evolve, and learn to relish life that can actually end any moment for anyone. Never take life for granted, and never think that you are entitled to anything. You have a great chance as a sane human being, and so, make good use of your Janma.

    Stay Blessed and come out of ignorance.
    Jai Shri Krishna


  5. This video has been made specifically for the Dhanu Rashians who visit this page every day and wait for their ‘time to change’ while doing nothing much to acquire spiritual knowledge and be ready for the change whenever it happens.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Please click on the video and activate the reminder to be reminded again just before the start of the premiere.

    Learn by heart 100 SBG Shlokas.

    Translation in 7 languages

    Section 2/7: Destroy Fear and Anger

    Shloka 15/100 SBG 2:07


    1. I would like the page to be back as k only use it as a guide and take precautions. I do however believe in Karma and continue to do my job sincerely irrespective of why you prediction is. But it does help me in being forewarned about a particular period of my life and take precautions. It also helps me understand why things are not going as per plan


      1. Namaste.
        The contents will be back at 01:00 GMT tonight.
        You said you ‘believe’ in Karma. Why do you have to ‘believe’ in anything at all? The path of the Sanatana Vedic Dharma is one of seeking and not one of believing as it is in the case of organised religions such as Christianity and Islam.
        Have you read the Srimad Bhagavad Gita, watched my videos, or visited my Spotify centre? I have been providing a number of resources to help people study Vedanta, come out of faulty thinking, and change their lives.

        The dates given in my post for Dhanu Rashians is not meant to ‘warn’ anyone but to REMIND people that if they did not make self-improvements, a certain natural pattern might affect their lives.

        Stay blessed.

        Jai Shri Krishna


        1. Jai Shree Krishna ! I am a Dhanu Rashi person . Sharing my experience of Sade Sati for benefit or all . In Nov 2014 when Life starting getting topsy turvy , as a natural remedy consulted few astrologer and started searching reasons and predictions extensively on Net. Fortunately landed on Tavamithram website and read about Sade Sati . I got conviction which I had not obtained by any other search , the real meaning of Sade Sati . Almost 90% of suggestions earlier indicated to go through ‘Totkas’ as remedy to overcome effect of SS doing so nothing happened and it only created Frustration , Depression and Fear . Then I contacted Tavamithram personally and a real journey of healing began . Tavamithram guided me to understand reaons of Sade Sati and how it is a boon rather than curse , helped me to counter past Karma by Proper Understanding and guidance based on Principals of Bhagwad Geeta . Today almost at end of SS period I can say if I would not have taken this journey of righteous knowledge , even though after period of SS I would have remained same . There is no miracle Cure for Sade Sati or Karmic retribution but to go through the same with proper Knowledge and surrendering to Krishna . Thank you Tavamithram to introduce to Bhagwad Gita and guidance to learn through .


      2. Dear Amar,
        I agree to your views about getting general guide lines about things happening. But as Tavamithram says it’s essential to understand the Cause and reason by understanding Bhagvad Geeta as it has all answers. The second aspect which Mithram says cannot also be overlooked that us many feel just by passing time untill SS is over means will undo problems. One has to undergo Karmic repatriation, there is no escape. The only way it can be done without getting pains us following SBG 18.66.. I suggest you read AGE course on Tavamithram website and other content. Jai shri Krishna


  7. Dear Mithram. The details matches exact by Dates. Being Dhanu rashi. The remedy is also perfect . I am lucky as well thankfull I connected with you at right time of start of SS. Your guidance helped me correct myself in this period which had resulted in being fearless . Learning SBG shlokas and applying to life situations with your help. The journey was expected to be ardous but it made such enriching. Can say I would have missed this course correction had not there been SS and guidance by you both important.


    1. Thanks for your feedback, Kishor. I wish that others also understand what you have said and realise that solutions don’t come from the outside and that no one can share or remove the Karma of anyone – not even one’s own mother. So, wasting time reading Astro sites, brooding, or going to some strange temples and chanting Mantras expecting ‘god will help them’, are utter rubbish and sheer waste of time.

      By reading the SBG, particularly my new book ‘Capture the Essence – Srimad Bhagavad Gita’, a seeker whose time has arrived will be able to make massive changes and also alter their life for the better.

      If one does not learn during the seven to ten years of downtime during the SS period, nothing or no one can help them, what can they expect after that?


      Capture the Essence – Srimad Bhagavad Gita

      I have made it for everyone, which includes those who do not have the time or inclination to read it, those who cannot cross two pages of the Bhagavad Gita before falling asleep, and for those who are simply lazy to read it and change their lives.

      However, what I would say to people who go behind babas, swamis, ammas, astrologers, cults, ashrams, mutts, or take up bizarre penances of even more bizarre ‘deities’, is ‘Best of luck.’

      Kishor, you have studied the SBG in depth, but I would like to give a couple of Shlokas from the SBG for the benefit of others who come to this page.

      SBG 9:25 Those who worship Deities, go to them; those who worship ancestors, go to their ancestors; people who worship ghosts and spirits, go to them; and those who worship Me, will surely come unto Me.
      SBG 9:32 Anyone can come unto Me, O Paartha, whatever be their race, gender or social status. Even those shunned by society can approach Me the Supreme Destination and attain the Highest Goal.
      SBG 18:66 Giving up all your ideas of righteousness or religion, take complete refuge in Me. I will liberate you from all sinful reactions. Do not fear.


      Please join me in ‘Tavamithram’s Mission – SBG FOR ALL.’

      Stay blessed.
      Jai Shri Krishna

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    The proposed date of release of the video containing the entire Srimad Bhagavad Gita in Sanskrit: Vijaya Dashami day 15.10.2021

    The Srimad Bhagavad Gita can be called the panacea for all sorts of issues in life simply because it is a treatise that can systematically guide a seeker to attain mastery over his or her own mind, which is where everything that exists, exists.

    Do not waste your time looking for solutions outside of you. Follow the teachings of the JagadGuru (Supreme Teacher of the Universe) Shri Krishna, learn to activate your own Divine Energy through a balanced mind, and work on creating a blissful and fulfilling life for yourself, for your loved ones, and for everyone around you.

    Jai Shri Krishna

    (Pls use headphones)



    We could say that about 98% of the so-called ‘Hindus’ of India are either not motivated or are simply lazy to read the SBG thanks to the sheer size of the book. And even if they have read it, they do not try to understand the metaphor in the teachings, but take off on a tangent by taking things in a literal sense, and go farther and farther from away from Vedanta.

    Well, the fact is that the large sizes of the different copies of the SBG are mainly due to the lengthy interpretations by spiritual masters, which are not required in the beginning stages of one’s spiritual journey.

    Apart from the audiobooks, videos, e-books and paperbacks that I have created, this Run-through video of the SBG, is aimed at making it easy for anyone who understands English to learn at least the fundamentals of Vedanta.

    All you would need to do in the beginning of your spiritual journey into your Self, would be to first get the gist of the non-dualistic philosophy of Vedanta, knowing which, will set any seeker mentally, intellectually, and spiritually free.

    I might have suggested this video earlier, but I don’t mind doing it again. If you wish to alter your entire thought process and your whole future ahead of you to make it fulfilling and meaningful instead of being stuck in an unintelligent ego-based corner in your mind, just put everything aside and watch this 1-hour 50-minute video at a stretch. Use headphones.

    If you wish, you may get back to me by mail once you’ve done it and discuss it further.

    Stay blessed.

    Jai Shri Krishna

    PS: Always remember that Vedic astrology is not more than a kind of ‘Karma diagnosis’ method. Never get stuck in things like astrology but instead, watch the SBG Run-through video given below, study the Srimad Bhagavad Gita (, and work on yourself to identify and rectify any unwanted patterns in your life, rather than wasting time, money and efforts on trying to find solutions from external sources. Also remember that no god, no planet, no ‘evil forces’, or no one is causing you any troubles. The Sadé Sati period happens once in 30 years during which, people get an opportunity to handle their main enemy, which is their false ego, and remove all the impurities in them in the form of ignorance and fake ideas of religion and fate.

    A.G.E. on Udemy

    Tavamithram’s AMAZON CORNER


  10. I am going through my third sadesati. First when I was born. Both me and my mom were saved. But also got huge prizes to my father. The second one was some what bad and also good. As I found my wonderful husband and had a child who is good, well behaved and very intelligent. But also had a bad sickness …I recovered from it.
    Now it’s my third one. Last seven years have been Berry bad and very good too.
    I have been falling sick ….and in March when I was doing an excellent job working and counselling women. I 2as detected to have brain cancer….and after operation had Corona.

    I am recovering. But it’s taking time. I hope what you have said will come true.
    I am 60 years old. My ascendant is Aquarius. So Saturn is in my 12 th house when in the last phase of my sadesati.


  11. Unfortunately, there certainly are many people, who, instead of celebrating every moment of the greatest wonder called life, tend to fall into a dark hole of complaining, brooding, being depressed, and feeling negative.

    However, there are also people like ‘Nightbirde’ Jane Marczewski who face even the most serious of challenges with courage, style, and aplomb.


  12. SBG 3:31
    ये मे मतमिदं नित्यमनुतिष्ठन्ति मानवाः |
    श्रद्धावन्तोऽनसूयन्तो मुच्यन्ते तेऽपि कर्मभिः || ३ ३१ ||
    People who do their work faithfully as per My teachings, with total faith and devotion but without jealousy, are freed from the bondage of actions.

    SBG 5:03
    ज्ञेयः स नित्यसंन्यासी यो न द्वेष्टि न काङ्क्षति |
    निर्द्वन्द्वो हि महाबाहो सुखं बन्धात्प्रमुच्यते || ५ ३ ||
    A person who neither hates nor desires the results of his actions is known to be a Sanyasi or one who has renounced everything. Such a person is free from dualities and is therefore liberated from material bondage.

    SBG 5:07
    योगयुक्तो विशुद्धात्मा विजितात्मा जितेन्द्रियः |
    सर्वभूतात्मभूतात्मा कुर्वन्नपि न लिप्यते || ५ ७ ||
    A person, who is devoted to the path of selfless action, has a pure mind or a purified soul, has his body and senses under control, is compassionate to all living beings and sees his Self in them, although engaged in work, is never in bondage.

    SBG 18:30
    प्रवृत्तिं च निवृत्तिं च कार्याकार्ये भयाभये |
    बन्धं मोक्षं च या वेत्ति बुद्धिः सा पार्थ सात्त्विकी || १८ ३० ||
    The kind of understanding by which one realises the path of work and of renunciation; what should be done and what should not be done; what needs to be feared and what is not to be feared; what leads one to bondage and what leads one to liberation; is known to be Sattvic, O Arjuna.



    However, there is a possibility to simply WIPE ALL PAST KARMA. Read SBG 18:66 and find out – but to understand the Shloka and learn to apply it in life, reading the Srimad Bhagavad Gita at least three to four times and understanding Krishna and Karma Yoga are necessary.

    If someone offers you a ‘remedy’ for your Shani Dasha or any challenging phase that you might be undergoing in life, remember that they are making money out of you. No guru, no baba, no amma, no one can settle your Karma for you, not even your own mother who bore you and delivered you. There are of course very good spiritual teachers who might be able to show you how to go about things but they surely CANNOT settle your Karma.

    “Karma is simply the principle of cause and effect and not of reward or punishment as taught in organised religions.”

    Click below for the post containing the transcript:

    The long arm of Karma


  14. Interesting article and hope predictions come true for those Dhanu Rashians who are going through sade-sati. As I am one of them, I can state that spiritual practices like meditation, chanting, reading the bhagvad gita will provide some solace but no relief from pain, misfortune and misery. Rather I believe what is destined to happen will eventually happen. Any amount of hard work, sincerity and humility will not produce any result whatsoever during sade-sati as Saturn is ruthless. I am talking about my experience of under-going sade sati for past 7 years now. It is not that I am broke and all is lost but my career built over 20 years of hard work, sincerity and dedication got destroyed in the past 5 years for no fault of mine. And at 50 years of age it is nearly impossible to re-start and build it all over again. Although I don’t even care about my career after such a pro-longed struggle, I can’t even earn a livelihood despite all my sincere efforts and practically using all necessary means with utmost honesty. 30 years back I had my first brush with sade-sati and I ended up with average academic accomplishments despite being a bright scholar. I am eternal optimist and a very resilient individual but this sade sati has broken me internally so much that I am just happy to survive each day. I have no hopes or aspiration left in me and don’t look forward much. It is mentioned that you would get back whatever you lost in the past 6-8 years, I hope it happens but one can never ever get back the time / the years lost. I have another sade -sati later in life and I don’t want to go through it. It’s said 1st sade-sati affects education, 2nd your profession and 3rd your health. The first and second one has come true and no reason why the 3rd one won’t be. I hope the predications from May 23rd onwards come true for all who are going through difficulties for past so many years.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Namaste Sukanta Goswami,

      I can very well comprehend the state of your mind especially after the various challenges you have faced in life.

      However, I would like to say that from what you have said above, “I can state that spiritual practices like meditation, chanting, reading the bhagvad gita will provide some solace but no relief from pain, misfortune and misery,. ……Any amount of hard work, sincerity and humility will not produce any result whatsoever during sade-sati as Saturn is ruthless,” it appears to me that you have completely missed the point. Sorry, if I am wrong in my assumption.

      I would suggest that you go through this post of mine and if you wish, you could get back to continue this discussion –

      Stay blessed.

      Jai Shri Krishna


      1. Thanks you for your response. Well I haven’t really missed the point and really appreciate your effort to guide people through your blog. I am personally not averse to any forms of spirituality nor I am discouraging anyone. The point I want to make is there is if someone is expecting better outcomes during the sade-sati period through spirituality, it may not be the case but it would certainly help with your mental peace.


  15. While browsing Effect of Sade Saathi on Dhanu Rashi, I got this link. After reading this its really gave me a great relief and hopes in future path.
    Thanks for sharing a such a wonderful message


  16. Dear Sir


    I accidentally bumped into this site today, while browsing through astro sites wrt my Sade saathi , as i was feeling very low. Your site with its valuable writings gave me more insights for better practices and to keep myself calm n composed. I completely agree with your 60 20 20 principle.

    And your videos has refilled my spirits of spirituality. Thanks and gratitude….


    1. Namaste.

      It pleases me to know that what I write is helpful to you.

      The solution to all problems can be found through the mind for which the first requirement is for the mind to be calm and composed. That is why all great knowledgeable people have always stressed the need to conquer one’s own mind.

      Hope you have read the Srimad Bhagavad Gita. You could visit our TVM Gita site, or make use of the paperbacks, ebooks and audiobooks available on online stores such as Amazon and Storytel. An SBG Run-through video is available on our YouTube channel.

      Stay blessed.

      Jai Shri Krishna


      1. Thank you, reading SBG & listing to your audio is so calming and has helped me understand life better.


  17. Sir, thank you so much, it really give me a great relief and support after going through this article on Shani Sade sati on dhanu rashi, it is really inspiring and gives courage to always work hard to develop ones future and motivation to go ahead with belief in yourself and Lord Krishna, thanks again.
    One last thing I want to ask as mentioned to -Print the Five Pearls and keep them with you always, I just want to know about, if you can kindly share.


  18. was such a wonderfull article.. thank u very much for this enlightment..may God be always with u to spread light more deep..


  19. Thank you sir ❤️ ap ne dhanu Rashi ke bare mea bahut ache aur pyare Andaz mea samjhaye aur kis taraha Zindagi difficulty ko face Karna hai ap bataya hai aur date to date bataya hai ap Ka behad shukriya sir Allah ap ko Kush rakhe ap ki family ke sat hamesha sehat de ameen ❤️ once again thank you your kind and valuable information for hole sageturrians


  20. Dear Sir .,
    Jai shri krishna.
    Thank you very much for providing incite of the future based on Rashi prediction for Dhanu . As advised by you will follow future path based on your guidance as above with utmost sincerity and humility , gratitude .. What has gone back and would pass over period of time has given wonderful experience and correction to self ego and Living life with correction would be joyous experience .
    Thank you sir again .
    Krishnam Vande Jagadguru !


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