Albeiro Vargas – The little angel of Colombia

Why is it that a true living angel such as the wonderful Albeiro Vargas does not even have a Wikipedia entry as of today? His story is one of the most formidable and impressing ones that I have come across in a long time. The person, who was merely a nine-year-old when he started his work, along with his little angel friends, proves that there is always something that one can do to make living more worthwhile and fulfilling.

I would say that watching this film on the story of the ‘Little angel’ of Colombia, in itself could be an act of meditation. It is ultimate Divinity, unconditional service to mankind and the highest form of humanness. The kindness and sweetness of the Albeiro as a nine or ten-year-old boy can certainly melt even the hardest of hearts.

Life is the greatest gift. Nothing can be more precious than it. Helping others live and experience this greatest gift is true Dharma. The way Albeiro so lovingly and affectionately cares for very old people really touched my heart. May he and his team stay blessed.




Life is a gift - Let's live it!

3 thoughts on “Albeiro Vargas – The little angel of Colombia

  1. I was touched, it was beautiful. I’m happy for Alvero and the rest Angels for the home and care, I also love helping people becose it takes a heart of love to that and I’m grateful to the parents of all the Angels.where is Alvero and the Angels now,is Alvero a lawyer now


  2. Jai shri krishna.
    I felt dumb after watching the video. Over years we have seen misery around us and opportunity to serve, but how we missed is to be learnt from this Little angel of Columbia. Real partical soul of Krishna.


    1. Indeed, Kishor. That is exactly what I too felt when I watched this video some time ago. The care and compassion with which a nine year old boy treats destitute old people and speaks to them with so much unconditional love are simply out of this world which is plagued with selfishness, hatred and soul-trading organised religions.

      May Albeiro, who is now around 40, inspire others to start serving the society at least in their own neighborhoods.

      Jai Shri Krishna


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