A Yogi with a Steady Mind

The following poem by Rudyard Kipling explains the importance of maintaining a calm and balanced mind.

Who is a ‘Stithapragnya’? 

SBG 2:54-57

SBG 2:53 When your mind is no longer wavering or perplexed but is steady in Samaadhi (in Bhagavan) or in self-realisation, you will attain Yoga.
SBG 2:54 Arjuna said:
What is a man, O Keshava (Bhagavan Krishna), who is steady in Samaadhi or Self realisation called? How does such a man talk? How does he sit and how does he walk?
SBG 2:55 Shree Bhagavan Krishna said:
One who gives up all desires of the mind, O Partha (Arjuna), and when one has a purified mind and is in a pure state of the soul, he is called a ‘Stithapragnya”or a man of steady consciousness.
SBG 2:56 He who is not agitated or disturbed despite the threefold miseries, is also not euphoric when he has comforts and is free from attachment, fear and anger, is a sage with a steady mind.
The threefold miseries are, a. miseries that stem from the mind and body, b. miseries caused by other beings, and c. miseries caused by natural calamities and catastrophes over which no one has control
SBG 2:57 He who is free from attachment and neither rejoices when he achieves good nor hates evil has steady wisdom and perfect knowledge.

In January 2020, I published on Amazon my first work of retelling the Srimad Bhagavad Gita in English in the form of an EBook and in February 2020, I published my first paperback version of my work.  On the front covers of both the books, just below the main title  ‘The Srimad Bhagavad Gita in English,’  it said, ‘Master the Art of Mastering your Mind’.

The world is an extension of the mind. Everything that we perceive, know and think we know is through the mind which acquires data through the senses. The one who has mastered his mind and has realised his Self, has nothing more to master.

Bhagavan Krishna says in SBG 7:02 I will now clearly explain to you this phenomenal knowledge and also its realisation after which, there will be nothing further remaining to be known in the world.

Most people spend their whole life searching for God and solutions to their problems only to realise that what they had been looking for all the while was within themselves.

Stay balanced, happy and peaceful.

Jai Shri Krishna


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