Karma and the ‘Why me?’ Question

It is an irrefutable fact that everybody possesses some degree of a personality trait called narcissism. Of course, the degree of narcissism in a person is what that separates a normal person from someone who needs professional help. However negligible one’s degree of narcissism might be, it certainly is capable of pushing a person towards the feeling of entitlement, selfishness and also the typical ‘Why me’ Question. One’s own answer to the ‘Why me?’ question is usually based on self-pity and the feeling of being a victim of others, of external forces or simply of misfortune.

People who care to set aside their narcissistic trait, however small and insignificant it might be, and also their feeling of being a victim, succeed in finding out not the answer to the ‘Why me?’ question but a permanent solution to it.

The following presentation analyses the ‘Why me?’ question, the principle of Cause and Effect and the ways to carve out a clearer, better, enjoyable and enriching destiny with the help of the teachings imbibed from the Srimad Bhagavad Gita.

May peace reign in your heart, mind and soul and may your life be blessed with an abundance of Divine Grace.

Jai Shri Krishna


Life is a gift - Let's live it!

5 thoughts on “Karma and the ‘Why me?’ Question

  1. Namaste dear Sir,

    Requesting you to open the discussion forum. It was very useful for us.

    Sincere thanks and regards,



  2. Hello Swathi,

    Towards the end of the video, the five factors that cause action have been listed. It is primarily the Gunas in everyone that causes action and these Gunas are carried from Janma to Janma.

    One’s Gunas can be changed through their conscious intervention and efforts. If, for some reason, one is not pleased with the patterns in their life, they can work on altering their overall attitude and philosophy towards life and make the necessary changes.

    This video explains it even further.

    Jai Shri Krishna


    1. Dear Swathi,

      I used to have the habit of blaming other people before. In fact this made me to separate from my husband who is actually a very good man. Then I learnt from our dear sir that since our habits come from our basic nature we should concentrate on changing our own attitude before trying to change others. When I started to do this I could realize that most of the mistakes were on my side. Now because of Sir’s guidance and blessings, my beloved husband Ram and I are living a happy and cozy life! We are sincerely trying to be true Karmayogis and do our best to perform all our duties well.

      Love and affection from Delhi,



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