The Four Unifying Factors for Indians

Our beloved leader Shri Narendra Damodardas Modiji

Coming to think of it, after centuries of slavery under brutal foreign rulers belonging to barbaric cults, after achieving independence in the year 1947; after Sardar Patel convinced the rulers of 562 princely states to join the Indian union; after being ruled by a plundering dynasty for almost seven decades and being divided in the name of religion, caste, etc.; it is only now that Bharat or India is beginning to get back her truly deserved status in the world. It is thanks to the sincere, arduous, relentless, courageous, visionary, altruistic, patriotic, and socially responsible efforts by the current Indian Prime Minister who is a living example of a true KarmaYogi.

India is a democratic nation and all her citizens have the right to freely express their views, however, not making use of the NaMo App of our tech-savvy Prime Minister, and expressing ridiculous comments on him on public platforms, badmouthing him and all his efforts, amount to throwing a spanner in his works, which can be interpreted as an activity that is detrimental to the development of our nation.

Although this site is open to everyone regardless of their nationality, gender or social status; disturbing the remarkable work being done by Modiji is something that I would consider to be anti-national in nature that deserves no acceptance on this site, which belongs to me and is being used by me as my ‘loud-thinking’ platform as well as a place where people could find moral support, motivation, solace and spiritual guidance for a fulfilling life. People who are not interested in reading my posts may simply close the tab or browser and continue with what they were doing.

Having been born to the most amazing father, an officer in the Indian Air Force, who instilled the feeling of fervent patriotism in me ever since the time I was a toddler; anyone who insults my nation or endangers it, or interrupts and blocks the work done by our selfless national leader, will be straightaway treated by me as a threat to the integrity of my nation.

There have been some people who passed indecorous remarks on Modiji and wrote to me accusing him of ‘not doing enough’ for people of the Sanatana Dharma.’ An important policy of his that needs to be made clear is that he always holds on to his slogan ‘sabka saath sabka vikas’, which when loosely translated means ‘development of all through unity’. Despite maintaining his slogan on his philosophy, it was his government that succeeded in winning back the Ramjanmabhoomi that was usurped by a ruthless marauder five centuries ago. Indians who truly care for their country need to be responsible citizens and think that even simple comments or rumours could have the potential to lead to major communal issues that could jeopardise the safety of all Indians. The current leader has been democratically elected by the people of India and in the event, there should be people who would like to defeat him or unseat him, they might want to consider voting for someone else next time, instead of sending stupid messages on WhatsApp or on Facebook.

In a large nation of people with such great diversity, the dearth of unifying factors can always be a stumbling block for a national leader. This is due to the fact that uniting people with similar ideas or beliefs can be extremely challenging for even highly able leaders. From my modest experience of almost four decades in various professions including teaching young people, counselling, marketing different products internationally, travelling to over 60 countries, learning multiple languages, and closely interacting with people from varying backgrounds, I am of the humble opinion that there needs to be a simpler method to unite people who are as diverse as Indians. This method should be such that everyone can relate to easily without compromising on their core religious philosophy or that of life. By the reference ‘everyone’, I mean Indians who are not mental slaves of foreign religions, cults, political ideologies, or dynasties but are free to think for themselves. I have come out with four unifying factors for Indians, who, if I may stress on the important condition again, have not sold their souls to foreign soul traders but follow the timeless and eternal Sanatana Dharma.

They are:
1. The Indian National Flag
2. Krishna
3. The Srimad Bhagavad Gita, and
4. Shri Narendra Modiji

The way I see it is that the only ones who might not agree with the four unifying factors that I have given above could be those who have converted to foreign cults and religions; are religious or language fanatics, commies, pseudo-westernised liberals; or other such people with a reduced, limited or restricted ability to think for themselves. Luckily, such people are not the majority in our great nation.

Being a resident of Europe for over two decades, I can clearly perceive the increase in the respect that India and Indians are accorded ever since our true KarmaYogi leader, who knows the Srimad Bhagavad Gita like the back of his hand and practises the Divine Teachings of Krishna to a T, has taken over as the Prime Minister. The awe and respect for Modiji that non-Indians have can certainly make us all the more of prouder of our leader and motherland.

With the four unifying factors above, we would have no need for hirsute men who claim to be ‘babas’, or women who claim to be ‘ammas’ of the world,  or anyone who builds large masses of sycophants around them, twists the eternal Dharmic philosophy of nondualism, and creates their own narratives such as that of some imaginary ‘Adi yogi’. The knowledge of the rational, scientific, logical, universal, and non-dualistic philosophy taught in the Srimad Bhagavad Gita can eradicate fear from the minds of sincere seekers and guarantee them a healthy, peaceful, love-filled and prosperous life of freedom and ultimate Divine bliss.

Those who are longing or even ‘dying’ to find someone at whose feet they could fall could consider respecting their own parents and serving them as Gods on earth, In Dharmic culture, the mother and father are placed even higher than Brahman.

Keep all your personal or regional traditions to yourselves. When we are out, we stand together as one large Vasudheiva Kutumbakam.

Remember, UNITED WE STAND, DIVIDED WE FALL. Modiji is our beacon of hope for an amazing future – or does anyone of you have a better suggestion?

Jai Shri Krishna


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