Responsible Soul

Some come, some go, and some stay.

Among those who come into your life, there are some who make you happy, some who make you sad, some that hurt you, or those that just do nothing.

Among the ones that go out of your life, there are some whose exit makes you happy, some, whom you throw out of your life, and some who shatter you as they leave your life.

Among those who stay with you in your life, there are some, who, even after years of their existence in it, make no difference to it; some who transform your life into purgatory on earth, and some who beautify and enrich it with their deeds or their sheer presence in it.

Whoever they might be, all of them have one thing in common. They are all your teachers. Almost all of them, teach you something or the other that you were unaware of earlier. They could be either things you didn’t know about life or those truths about your own nature that you were ignorant of; things that you ought to do in order to have a better life, or things that you ought not to do in life.

This signifies that all sorts of experiences that you may call good or bad, which are caused by others in your life, are fundamentally learning experiences. Experiences in life often excel in academic education in making a person truly wise because besides blessing a person with knowledge, they also teach the person how to apply the knowledge that they possess.

If you consider yourself a true seeker, no experience however bitter or harsh, would ever hurt you because you would accept all of them as what I call, Seeds of Sapience.

Reasoning from this fact, of equal importance, would be to remember that just as others are teachers in your life, you too are a teacher in the lives of others.

What you do for others, with others, and to others, can have not only lasting effects in their lives but can also be ones that truly change them forever.

You might have heard of, read about, or come across people whose lives completely changed because of something that someone said to them, did not say to them. did to them or did not do them.

A simple act or gesture of yours has the potential to change the entire course of your life and also the lives of others.

Depending on what every thought, word, and deed of yours is, you can either balance past Karma or create new Karma.

It would therefore be prudent to think wisely and always be responsible and aware that with everything you think, say or do, you have the power to permanently influence the future.

Be a responsible soul.

Thank you.


Life is a gift - Let's live it!

One thought on “Responsible Soul

  1. Jai shri krishna. Nice article after long period. Please keep writing. Sharing my thoughts some soul come to you as messengers from Krishna. Tavamithram is such a soul in form of friend came at right time in my life and has changed direction of life..
    Krishnam vande Jagadguru


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