The Principle of (Karma) Diagnosis and Cure

Many of our friends have been sending me emails asking me when their ‘good period’ would start. I would like to begin with a short story.

One evening as Rakesh was finishing up his work and preparing to leave for home, he sensed some discomfort caused by pressure in his chest and he fell to the ground. His colleagues immediately rushed him to a nearby hospital. He was given emergency care and a few hours later, he was told that he had suffered a mild heart attack which could have worsened and had catastrophic results had he not been brought to the medical facility in time.

Rakesh was put on a course of medication and he was advised bed rest for a week. He was given a new diet plan and asked to start with mild fitness training programmes in order to shed some extra weight that he had. The doctor assured him that if he followed medical advice and adopted a healthy lifestyle, his health would soon improve and that he would bounce back to normal life.

Meanwhile, in another part of the city, there lived a man called Prem. It was the third year since his career and social as well as family life had collapsed. As he was trying to make sense with all the unfortunate events that were happening in his life, he was advised to meet a renowned astrologer in a nearby city. After studying the natal chart of Prem, the astrologer informed him that he was undergoing a period of Saturn and that things would continue to be quite challenging for him until the end of that period. Prem was advised to alter his daily routine by adding a meditation session to it apart from going for a Sattvik diet, controlling his temper, helping others, being kind to people as well as other beings, and learning to completely shed ego.

One need not be a rocket scientist to know that healthy food and exercise can lead to good health. Similarly, it is quite understandable that healthy dietary habits, general discipline, modesty, compassion for others and for other beings, social responsibility, and complete involvement and dedication in whatever one does, can all lead to favourable events in life.

Even after repeatedly saying on this site that I consider Vedic Astrology to be merely a ‘Karma diagnosis’ tool and that I neither propound nor support the idea that planets cause events in people’s lives, I regularly receive emails from people asking me when their ‘good time’ would start.

Take a look at the story of Rajesh. It was his good past Karma that he received help at the right moment, which saved his life and if he followed the Doctor’s advice, he would become healthy again. In the same manner, if Prem would decide to pay heed to the advice he received and would work on improving his life by making positive alterations to his habits, his life too would change for the better.

Therefore, to those of you who keep requesting me to check your charts and tell you when your lives would change, I would say that the very fact that you have started the process of inquiry into your past Karma indicates your good past Karma. Do not forget that there are large numbers of people belonging to major organized religions out there, who are unaware of neither Karma nor of Dharma, and during distressing times in their lives, they are told by their religious leaders that either God is testing their faith or it is simply due to their ‘God’s mysterious ways of working’!

Let us assume for a moment that an astrologer saw your chart and predicted that your good time would commence in, let’s say, 18 months from now. Would you stop doing everything and start twiddling your thumb until then? That would certainly not be a good idea.

The realisation that you are directly responsible for whatever happens in your life is an important step towards improving your life by making smart changes in your attitude, habits, and general discipline. If you do what is in your power, Karma will surely do all that is there in its power. No astrologer, deity, godman, god woman, or any other person can influence your Karma. Your own respectable mother who bore you, brought you into this world, and raised you too cannot do it.

Self-improvement is the only sensible answer. Once you have learned your Karmic lessons and once you have made the necessary changes, things will automatically begin falling in place. The key to your future is with you. Never make the ridiculous mistake of handing it over to someone else or to some bizarre idea such as the one that planet Saturn, which is over 700 times the size of the earth, is working day in and day out to destroy you because you did not pray to God, ate meat, or in the past, you did something immoral.

Now is the moment. Dump all unwanted thoughts and debilitating negative emotions such as anger, hatred, fear, and jealousy and perform the grand act of forgiving everyone as well as yourself for all the things you feel were not right, and take over the reins of your Karmic voyage through righteous thoughts, words, and deeds.

Thank you.

Stay blessed.

Jai Shri Krishna

One thought on “The Principle of (Karma) Diagnosis and Cure

  1. Jai Shri Krishna .. Like your views.. We tend to go for shortcut and ask for direct results without understanding there is a process to be gone through wherein we have to overcome our Karmas . Earlier we do this better for us .


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