Validation or Solutions?

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Do you want validation from others or solutions to your problems?

Remember, if you don’t get something that you say you want could only mean that you do not want it badly enough.

Most people are not looking for solutions to their challenges.

Here is something about a rather strange attitude of a lot of people. It is that most people only want others to agree with them and their reasons for not succeeding, but not to find ways to defeat their troubles and change their lives for the better.

Take the case of someone who is in trouble or is facing challenges. This person goes to someone for help. Let’s say that the person goes to some spiritual teacher or astrologer. Have you ever thought what most people truly want? I mean from their subconscious levels?

Well, they usually want the spiritual teacher or astrologer to basically agree with them, give them external reasons such as bad planetary positions, black magic by someone, or some other reason. So this means that the person is in fact asking for validation along with reasons for their troubles, and not for workable solutions.

I have been running my site since February 2014. It is true that, in the beginning, most people who came to my site were people who were under the dreaded Sade Sati period. I, too, was undergoing such a period and that’s how I could understand people and their challenges quite well.

The point that I am trying to make is that while astrologers and others had already confused and scared the innocent people before they came to my site, what I did when they came to me was to give them a rational understanding of their respective situations, and ways to face them.

Others asked them to go to a Saturn temple on Saturdays, light gingely oil lamps, feed black crows, give black bedsheets to poor people on Tuesdays, and so on.

So, let us look at the whole picture. Those astrologers said that the Saturn God was the one who was giving them troubles, and therefore he needed to be pacified through poojas, pilgrimages, gifts, etc.

Whereas, what I always say is that Vedic astrology is a ‘Karma diagnosis’ method. It is a system created by our genius ancestors. They studied patterns in people’s lives along with planetary positions and movements. It means that a Vedic astrology chart, in fact, gives a general idea about a person’s past Karma.

Once you have this knowledge, you could take corrective steps and hasten the balancing process of your Karma.

You become a better and more disciplined human, and as a result of it, your life too improves.

In one way, I did use to agree with the people who came to me, but the difference was that I pushed people to change their attitude for which I lay reading the SBG as one of the prime requirements even before they could have a personal talk with me.

I must say that I do not allow people to dwell on their negative self-pity trips for long. Self-pity gets you nowhere and can ensure that you either remain wherever you are forever, or push you to much lower levels and eventually into deep depression, poor health, or even penury.

It does not matter whether one is male or female, everyone needs to remember that self-pity ruins their life. It also turns people into hypochondriacs.

I certainly do offer a shoulder to cry on, but that is only for a brief period of transition before you completely come out of your previous disease called self-pity.

Once you have done that, you will surely get inspired to look your challenges in the eye, strategise, make a plan of action, and act as a true, sincere, altruistic, and modest person who is ever ready to learn as well as to help, and master the technique of living the life of a Responsible Soul.

Remember, asking for Divine favours is something that the great Arjuna too did not do. He only asked Bhagavan Krishna to TEACH him ways to think clearly because his mind was overwhelmed by emotions and other weaknesses.

SBG 2:07 (Arjuna says) With my mind in a state of confusion regarding my duty and the feeling of helplessness because of weakness, I ask You to tell me what is good for me. I am Your disciple and I have surrendered my soul to You. Please teach me.

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