KarmaYoga and the Monkey Wrench

Although the open-ended spanner, which is called wrench in American English, is, as it name says, open. It usually has two sets of open jaws on either ends. However, a double-sided open end spanner can open two different sizes of bolts or nuts.

On the other hand, a monkey wrench is adjustable and can be used to open nuts and bolts of a wide range of sizes.

Imagine an automobile workshop in which, a mechanic is busy working on a car. Right beside him is a tool box with a number of tools of different types and sizes. They include a large set of open-ended spanners and a couple of monkey wrenches. While each spanner can be used only to open two sixes of bolts and nuts, the monkey wrench, due to its adaptive nature, can be used for multiple purposes.

A person who has completely surrendered himself or herself before Krishna and has learned to experience being one with the WHOLE, is forever ready to whole-heartedly perform any duty that comes their way, treating it to be an opportunity to be a simple and modest ‘monkey wrench’ in the Divine Hands of Krishna. 

SBG 11:33 “…nimitta maatram bhava savya saachin.” 

“…you are merely an instrument, O Arjuna, the ambidextrous one.”

Once a person achieves this state of being a ‘monkey wrench’ in the Hands of Krishna, the unexplainable way Karma and Destiny work become even more exciting, thrilling, educating, awe-inspiring, and fascinating. 

Destiny gives people chances to be ‘monkey wrenches’ but unfortunately, many people, due to their stubbornness, are closed to change and prefer to be ‘open end spanners’ with a limited use, and not allow flexibility in their own lives.

Destiny can cause enormous changes in people’s lives. It can take a person from the deepest levels of misery to the highest levels of achievements, from great pain to extreme bliss, from obscurity to great fame, from the depths of penury to the heights of opulence, ad so on.

I have been trained by my beloved father to live the life of a humble ‘monkey wrench’ in the Divine Hands of Krishna and be grateful every time He uses me for something, however big or small the task might be. My father’s advice to me has been to make sure that whatever I do is useful to others, and to always strive towards earning a good reputation for our motherland.

Practising KarmaYoga is in fact, not all that complicated, but is rather simple – Whatever you do, do it for Krishna.

Whatever I do is always as per what He teaches me during my meditation sessions with Him.

My simple steps are:

-Go into my own mind in a meditative state

-Define and visualise my goal

-Make visual representations of the success of my goal, using tools such as PPT, videos, and capture my passion in voice memos, etc

-Define and explain to my self how achieving my goal would benefit others, my nation, and the world

-Go into deeper meditation and converse with Krishna

-Promise Him as per Srimad Bhagavad Gita 9:27 that, “Whatever I do, whatever I eat, whatever I offer in sacrifice, whatever I give, and whatever I practise as austerity, I do them for Krishna and as an offering unto Him with zero attachment to the results of whatever I do.”

-Come out of my meditative state and ACT.

Some Shlokas that guide a KarmaYogi:

SBG 2:47 You only have the right to work but never to claim its results. The results of your actions should never be your motive but at the same time, you should not be attached to inaction.

SBG 3:20 Even Janaka and other kings attained perfection through action. Your actions should be for the benefit of the world.

SBG 3:25 Just as ignorant people perform actions with  attachment to the results, learned people perform work, but with no attachments. Their desire, if at all, is only the welfare of the world.

SBG 4:23 The actions of a person who has neither attachments nor the feeling of ‘doership’, and has his mind completely established in Divine knowledge, when performed as a sacrifice unto Bhagavan Krishna, are freed from all Karmic reactions.

SBG 5:25 Those whose sins have been destroyed, whose minds are clear of doubts, and are always engaged in working for the welfare of all living beings, achieve liberation and absorption in the Supreme Bhagavan or Brahman.

SBG 18:47 It is better to perform one’s own Dharma or duty imperfectly than do that of another perfectly well. People who perform their duty as per their own innate nature are not affected by sinful reactions.

Being merely an instrument in His hands, it is up to Him as to what He would like to do with me, and for how long.

Jai Shri Krishna


Life is a gift - Let's live it!

2 thoughts on “KarmaYoga and the Monkey Wrench

  1. Sir, how do we know or understand when we have an opportunity to be a monkey wrench? How can I prepare myself to be able to get to that state of mind? Please help me understand.


    1. Hello Kiran,

      Tall trees are the first one’s to fall in a storm, whereas grass bends in the wind and stands erect once the wind has passed. The tall trees fall because they do not adapt to the wind, while the grass quite efficiently adapts to even the most adverse of weather conditions.

      Please go through the above post a couple of times and also study the Shlokas that I have cited. You, as a person who has completed my Video course A.G.E. on Udemy, are in a better position to go multiple levels deeper into the philosophy taught by Krishna.

      Everything that happens and does not happen in a person’s life is due to their own past Karma. Past Karma cannot be changed, however, every individual has been blessed with the ability to learn from the past and the present, recalculate their Karmic route, and literally ‘write’ their own future through devotion, true knowledge and KarmaYoga.

      Stay blessed.

      Jai Shri Krishna


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