The Srimad Bhagavad Gita

Narration: in Sanskrit
Text: Roman transliteration and English translation

  • Please turn off the auto subtitles generated by YouTube
  • When you watch it for the first time, go through the English translation of the Shlokas as you hear them in Sanskrit
  • The second time you watch it, you will find it easier to immerse yourself in the narration of the life-changing scripture, which is called the nectar of the Upanishads.


The fourth Shloka of the Gita Dhyaanam– meditation on the Srimad Bhagavad Gita:

सर्वोपनिषदो गावो सर्वोपनिषदो गावो दोग्धा गोपाल नन्दनः ।
पार्थो वत्सः सुधीर्भोक्ता दुग्धं गीतामृतं महत् ॥ ४॥
sarvo ‘panishado gaavo dogdhaa gopaala nandanaha
paartho vatsah sudhir bhoktaa dugdham gitaa ‘mrtam mahat

4. All the Upanishads are like the cows; the one who milks them is Krishna, the cowherd boy; Arjuna is the calf; and men who are wise and pure drink the milk, which is the supreme, immortal nectar of the Gita.

Feelings such as happiness, sadness, fear, anger, desperation, hatred, etc., are states of mind. You are happy or sad only when you think of whatever it is that gives you those feelings. It is the way you perceive different situations that cause the different states of mind. The fear of losing what or whom one is attached to leads people to take the wrong decisions, which can have serious repercussions and cause irreversible damages in one’s life. Attachment and the fear of losing can make people losers.  

The Srimad Bhagavad Gita, one of the most important scriptures revered by the followers of the Sanatana Dharma aka Hinduism, is a transcript of the dialogue between Shri Bhagavan Krishna and Arjuna at the battlefield of Kurukshetra, as reported to king Dhritarashtra by his charioteer Sanjaya. The scripture begins with the chapter that talks about the feelings of despondency, weakness, and confusion that took over Arjuna’s intellect. The despondent state of mind of the valiant, intelligent, and knowledgeable warrior king Arjuna was about to turn him into a coward, destroy his perspicacity and drive him towards delusion, failure, defeat, and ignominy. However, Arjuna took a wise decision and that was to ask Krishna for guidance.

The two hours and 14 minutes that you spend on this video of the complete Srimad Bhagavad Gita in Sanskrit presented by Tavamithram Sarvada will help you:  

  • i. Correct flaws in your thinking as well as in your perception of reality,  
  • ii. Understand the natural “Cause and Effect” principle,  
  • iii. Become fearless, self-confident, generous, and socially responsible,  
  • iv. Reset your life by learning to override all your negative past Karma through Divine Knowledge, and,  
  • v. Most importantly, recognise your TRUE SELF and Master the Art of Mastering your Mind




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