Beware of fake relationships

How often have you come across a man or a woman breaking up with their parents? Or siblings breaking up with each other? The relationship between parents and their young ones, or that between siblings, are forever because they are real. There might be misunderstandings or any other situation that could cause separation between such blood relatives, but breakups are extremely rare, and they happen only in rare cases.

Why is that? It is simply because such relationships occur naturally and are not based on any particular man-made conditions. On the other hand, romantic relationships usually happen when those involved find each other attractive, particularly if they saw in the other person something that they have been looking for, if their general philosophies about life agreed with each other, or if they had similar hobbies. Such cases can be compared to a trade agreement – something like: ‘You give me what I want, and I will give you what you want.’ It should not be overlooked that this sets the foundation for a dualistic possibility of either one of the two or both not providing the other with what they want.

How can people in such a relationship be called people in ‘love’? Where is the love? When a person says that he or she loves someone, it is actually supposed to mean that the other person’s happiness is very important to the person in love, and so he or she interacts with the person they love in a kind and caring manner.

But when one of the two simply walks away, it could only mean that the transactional business between the two dwindled and hence the relationship could not stand. And some call that ‘failed love’! Really? No! There was no love at all, in the first place!

When one of the two decides to leave and start a relationship with someone else or get married to that person, it could prove one of two things:

a. that the person never had any love for the other person he or she dumped, but only had a give-and-take relationship. And when the balance in the ‘give-and-take’ between the two was affected, the person decided to leave.

b. that the person is selfish and is concerned only about his or her own wants.

In both cases, there was no true love.

Osho said:

So, what a gentleman or a cultured woman does when someone they were in a relationship with leaves is that they wish them well and continue to relish the greatest gift of their life – THEIR OWN LIFE!

I have come across young people wasting their lives thinking of someone who left them, and waiting for them to come back. The question is that why would you want to take someone back after they walked over you? How could you ever trust such a person again?

Just imagine you cooked some great food and when you were just about to eat it,

your cat jumps on your table and pushes the plate down. You are forced to clean the ground and throw into the kitchen waste bin all the food which you were so eager to eat.

Now, tell me something. Would you go back to the kitchen waste bin and look for the food you threw away and try to put it back on your plate?

You wouldn’t, would you?

Sorry for using such a crude example, but I am afraid, some people do need this kind of a shocking treatment or else they would never come out of the brainless mental trip of longing for someone who deserted them, and wanting them to come back. Those who have been in contact with me to seek help to handle ‘the pain they face’ due to their breakup, would easily know that this post is aimed directly towards them.

Don’t forget that someone dumped you just like garbage!

Now this is for young jilted lovers: Is a person from the opposite gender, with slightly different anatomical features, so important to you that you are willing to ignore your parents who brought you into this world, love you incessantly, and have been caring for you so well all along as they raised you? Ask yourself honestly, what you find in the person who you feel has dumped you. Whatever may be the reason, can that person’s ‘love’ ever supercede the love your parents have for you?

Stop being moronic. You are with me. Your destiny has given you the chance to learn the ultimate science of nature, life and of all existence in the easiest, quickest, and most scientific way possible.

I am always ready to help you learn Vedanta, but no mambo jumbo stuff, ‘astrological remedies’, ‘special pujas’, and so on! I will share with you the most Supreme KNOWLWEDGE that is powerful enough to magically turn your life into a blissful voyage through life.

Take it or leave it.

The choice is yours.

Have you seen how people try to wake people up when they fall unconscious? Gentle slapping on the face is one of the techniques used by a lot of people. Whether it is medically advisable or not is another factor, but we see that many people do come around after a couple of slaps. This post is such a slap to people who have no respect for their own near and dear ones, for Krishna, for Vedanta, and above all, for themselves.

Remember that it is not just you who could get kicked. If you ever felt that there is no intellectual growth or benefit in a relationship with someone, you could confidently start reconsidering the importance of the presence of that person in your life. By doing so, you will learn to value your time-on-the-planet, and stop wasting it on someone that you erroneously believed to be your lover.

Truth is bitter and therefore, do not try to artificially sweeten it using flowery words to describe your stupidity and wrong judgement.



Life is a gift - Let's live it!

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