What is Moksha or Salvation?

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Life after death is one of the most excellent tools used in the ‘business’ of organised religion. Almost all organised religions have, as a core factor, death and what happens after death. Gullible poorly informed ‘sheeple’, which means ‘sheep people,’ willingly allow themselves to be ‘herded’ by some individual or organisation, and in fact, feel proud of being led by a ‘shepherd’.

It is quite understandable that Indians, whose forefathers converted to other religions, believe in those concepts and dogma, but what about the people of the Vedic Sanatana Dharma? The ignorance of the masses has been made good use of by certain individuals and organisations, and they have been doing exceedingly well in firmly establishing dualism and leading people deeper and deeper into superstition in the name of religion, faith, culture, tradition, ‘aasthaa’, ‘bhakti’ and so on.

The truth is that all one needs to do is to pick up a copy of the Srimad Bhagavad Gita, ignore all the lengthy interpretations, and read merely the translation of each of the 700 Shlokas.

Massive money-spinning enterprises have sprung up all over in which, poorly informed common people are sold advice by self-proclaimed ‘all-knowing’ charlatans posing as ‘gurus. Osho once said that fear and greed are the most important mass manipulation tools used in organised religion. He meant the fear of hell and the greed for heaven. The scriptures of one such organised religion says, ‘Let everyone be subject to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God.’ The same scripture also says that the place for idolators, liars and all sinners after their deaths, would be a lake of fire and sulphur!

There are expensive courses on ‘how to deal with family troubles’, ‘how to deal with a dictatorial boss’, ‘how to protect oneself from gossiping colleagues,’ and so on! Sheeple, being sheeple, gladly pay for those courses and sincerely undergo them, only to find out some months or years later that they had been duped.

Ever since I started my main website, followed by the other sites I own, I have been talking people into reading the SBG. In order to make it even easier, I came out with a Run-through video on the SBG, paperbacks, audiobooks, e-books., and lately, my new book ‘Capture the Essence – Srimad Bhagavad Gita.’

Many times I have even compelled people, who wanted to speak with me, to first read the SBG and only after that, seek an appointment with me.

This video, which follows the The TWO TRUTHS of LIFE video, is simple and easy to understand. My prime intention behind making this video has been explained by me in the video. A person who has attained this knowledge will automatically be good at everything and therefore, I have no need to make separate videos on  ‘how to deal with family troubles’, ‘how to deal with a dictatorial boss’, ‘how to protect oneself from gossiping colleagues,’ and so on! 

Please watch the entire video. It will be worth the time because it will certainly have an impact on the way you think about life, and help you fearlessly and confidently take control of it.

Stay blessed.

Jai Shri Krishna




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