The curse of duality

Think about it, what is that causes ‘religious wars’? They usually stem from beliefs such as, ‘my god is better than your god’, or ‘my religion is the true religion.’

इन्द्रं॑ मि॒त्रं वरु॑णम॒ग्निमा॑हु॒रथो॑ दि॒व्यः स सु॑प॒र्णो ग॒रुत्मा॑न् ।

एकं॒ सद्विप्रा॑ बहु॒धा व॑दन्त्य॒ग्निं य॒मं मा॑त॒रिश्वा॑नमाहुः ॥

indram mitram varuNam agnim aahur atho divyah sa suparNo garutmaan |

ekam sad vipraa bahudhaa vadanti-agnim yamam maatarishvaanam aahuh ||

‘Ekam sadvipra bahudha vadanti’ is a line extracted from the above Shloka 1.164.46 of the Rig Veda.

In Shloka SBG 9:23, Krishna says: Those who worship other deities with faith are also worshiping Me, but they are doing it without true understanding.

It means that Krishna, the personification of the WHOLE, and not some personal ‘god’ called Krishna, is the ultimate All-pervading Truth, but different religions and sects objectify the All-pervading Divine principle and end up breaking society into fragments that are at constant battle with each other.

It is nothing but ignorance of the highest science of Vedanta that makes people so highly vulnerable to ‘religious predators’ with vested interests.

The ‘Introduction to Vedanta’ course should help clear major fundamental misunderstandings about the Vedas, Upanishads, ‘gods’, ‘deities’, and other such factors.



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