Unlocking the Deepest Secrets of Your TRUE SELF: The “My Car and I” Analogy!

Please read below before watching the video. Thank you.

On the internet, there are numerous self-proclaimed “gurus,” “swamies,” “babas,” “ammas,” and others who loudly urge individuals to “believe” in them, in some god, tradition, and so on. They offer guidance on dealing with life’s problems, relationship issues, financial troubles, and other emotional concerns.

However, most of these supposedly “enlightened beings” fail to suggest that people should actually READ and UNDERSTAND the Srimad Bhagavad Gita or any of the Upanishads.

People love hearing stories, in part because it reminds them of their childhood, and because regardless of age, the child within them continues to live.

Asking someone to believe in something and pray to someone or something else, and request unearned favours or miracles, is like administering a strong psychedelic substance to a sick or injured person instead of attempting to aid their recovery.

What is worse is that each of these “gurus,” “swamis,” “babas,” “ammas,” and others espouse teachings that contradict one another. This leads to societal divisions such as the “my god” and “your god” problem, or the all-too-familiar “holier than thou” attitude.

These self-proclaimed “religious or spiritual teachers” invariably lead the masses far away from the intellectual path that was laid out for us by wise rishis of the past. These rishis spent their entire lives studying, researching, analysing, and comprehending fundamental truths about the SELF and life.

Attempting to find solutions to the trivial challenges of life or seeking ways to calm one’s mind, which is in a turbulent state mainly due to a lack of understanding of the most essential truth of existence, can never provide sustainable results. It would be logical, scientific, and effective to turn to Vedanta and study the roots of everything.

Vedanta is the path to dispel all myths, superstitions, and irrational beliefs, and doing so will immediately result in peace of mind and a state of bliss.

This video is intended to help people realise that they are pure subjective awareness and break free from all their childish beliefs in stories that are intended to serve merely as allegories.

Liberate yourselves from the darkness of fears and uncertainties caused by neglecting the study of the SELF.



Life is a gift - Let's live it!

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