Seeds of Discord – The Story of Pa

Almost everyone usually strives to find the means to live a comfortable life with all their bare necessities met, after which, they indulge in seeking pleasure. This stage includes fulfilling their desires, above all, satisfying their ego. It is in this stage when emotions take over and people tend to form groups of people who think similarly. They disown or separate themselves from those varying ideas or opinions. Different religions, and various denominations within the same religion, grow individually stronger and inimical with each other.

In my video titled ‘The Two Truths of Life’, I explained that there is nothing apart from the two truths of life, which are living and dying. If someone tells you that you are superior to others, you can be absolutely sure that you are being misled into a path that will certainly destroy you.

Do not get fooled by pseudo-gurus. No one is superior or inferior, but all are equally Divine. Remember the Shlokas below

विद्याविनयसंपन्ने ब्राह्मणे गवि हस्तिनि |
शुनि चैव श्वपाके च पण्डिताः समदर्शिनः || ५ १८ ||
braahmaNe gavi hastini
shuni chaiva shvapaake cha
panditaaha samadarshinaha (SBG 5:18)
People who are wise treat equally, a learned and humble Brahmin, a cow, an elephant, and even a person who cooks and eats dog meat.

सर्वभूतस्थमात्मानं सर्वभूतानि चात्मनि |
ईक्षते योगयुक्तात्मा सर्वत्र समदर्शनः || ६ २९ ||
sarva bhootas-thamaat-maanam
sarva-bhootaani chaatmani
eekshate yoga-yuktaatmaa
sarvatra sama-darshanaha (SBG 6:29)
A yogi whose Self is united with Divine Consciousness, sees the Self abiding in all beings and all beings in the Self. Such a person sees the same everywhere.

समं सर्वेषु भूतेषु तिष्ठन्तं परमेश्वरम् |
विनश्यत्स्वविनश्यन्तं यः पश्यति स पश्यति || १३ २७ ||
samam sarveshu bhooteshu
tisht-hantam parameshvaram
yah pashyati sa pashyati
(SBG 13:27 or 28 in some editions)
The person who truly sees is the one who sees Parameshvar, the Supreme Self or Supreme Bhagavan, existing equally in all beings – the unperishing within the perishing.


The world is one (large) family

This is Shloka VI:72 from Mahopanishad in the Sama Veda.

उदारचरितानां तु वसुधैव कुटुम्बकम्।
भावाभावविनिर्मुक्तं जरामरणवर्जितम् ॥
udaaracharitaanaam tu vasudheiva kutumbakam
bhaavaabhaava-vinirmuktam jaraamaraNa-vivarjitam
The earth is the home of those of noble character. It is free from all emotions and feelings, and is free from old age and death.

The phrase Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam comprises three Sanskrit words, namely Vasudhaa (referring to the earth or world), iva (meaning ‘like’), and kutumbakam (which connotes a large or extended family).


Life is a gift - Let's live it!

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