From Dogmas to Enlightenment: Unleashing the Power of Dattatreya’s 24 Gurus


Unlock the profound wisdom hidden within nature and embark on a journey of self-discovery with “The 24 Gurus of Dattatreya” video. In this enlightening exploration, we delve into the timeless teachings of Dattatreya, an embodiment of the divine, who learned invaluable lessons from the world around him.

Leave behind the limitations of dogmas and belief systems as we embrace the boundless knowledge that nature offers. Discover how the simplest elements of life—birds, trees, rivers, and more—can become our greatest teachers. Through their examples, we learn to evolve, grow, and lead a peaceful, stress-free life.

Let go of the chains that hold you back and open your mind to the infinite wisdom that surrounds us. Join us on this transformative journey as we unveil the profound insights and timeless teachings of Dattatreya’s 24 Gurus. Expand your consciousness, find inspiration, and embark on a path of self-realisation by learning from the magnificent world of nature.

This is something that I feel I should keep reminding people again and again. All of Vedanta is to help you learn to master your mind, and that’s it. No afterlife, heaven, Vaikunta, and things like that.

Everything exists only until your mind exists. Great sages have said that moksha is not what you get after death, but when you are alive and conscious. It is ‘dying’ while alive – meaning completely disconnecting any sort of identity or attachment towards one’s body. This does not mean do not care for your body! Like in my ‘Car Analogy’ video, treat the body the way you treat your car, especially if it is a premium luxury car. Take excellent care of it because only then will your journey be comfortable. But the thing is, do not think you are the car! Because you are not the car!

I keep saying this because reading scriptures can sometimes cause people to drift into duality. When one does drift into duality, all the intellectual knowledge gained through studying Vedanta is lost. Most babas teach people to believe in duality so that it is easy to control them and have them as followers.

Today, after so many decades of turmoil I have faced, life threats that I have been through, I can say with confidence that I am literally living in ‘heaven’. The state of mind that I am in cannot be achieved through wealth, fame or power, but only through knowledge.

I am immersed in the NOW to such an extent that I hardly feel or realise so many years have passed by and are passing by.

There is nothing permanent to gain other than knowledge. There is nothing higher than knowledge.

SBG 4:38
“There is certainly nothing more purifying than knowledge. He who is perfect in Yoga finds it in the Self in due course of time.”



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One thought on “From Dogmas to Enlightenment: Unleashing the Power of Dattatreya’s 24 Gurus

  1. Lucky to watch Premier of this video !!. A very informative video with references from Bhagwat Purana teaches us to keep seeking knowledge from all around us matter, lives .. We need to be open for observations and gratitude towards Nature and its components which teaches us to live in harmony . Jai shree krishna


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