* This is a quick note to people who might think that this is an astrological site or a site of some baba or swami who offers ‘quick astrological solutions’ to problems faced by people.

This site is, in fact, a loud-thinking platform of an ordinary man who has been living a colourful and eventful life, loves life, respects life, is extremely thankful for life, sees divinity in everything with or without life and celebrates every moment of life. (Pronouns in place of the word ‘life’ have been deliberately avoided in this sentence in order to repeat spelling it out as it is the most beautiful word which happens to be the name of the greatest gift of every living being)

Please read below to find out what this site is all about.

  • How would you like it if you could press a button and change your life to be the way you would want it to be?
  • How wonderful it would be if you could have the power to change the state of your mind in a fraction of a second?
  • What if you could achieve more for the same amount of work and time you normally put in?
  • Have you ever said ‘Why me?’ when something nice happened in your life just like the way people normally say when things go wrong?

When was the last time you thanked your destiny for the good things you have and for the undesirable things you don’t have?

The most amazing magic that is happening to us every moment of our life is LIFE itself. But the different states of mind that people get into, distract them from appreciating and relishing the greatest continuous blessing called NOW.

Unending shades of life
Appreciating and being thankful for life:

Life is everything. Being alive itself is the most important thing. Everything exists only until life exists. Everyone and everything exists in our life only until we are alive and conscious. The greatest gift we receive each and every moment of our stay on the planet is to be allowed to continue to experience LIFE. But most people somehow take life for granted and lay more importance on other relatively unimportant and mundane things. This prevents them from valuing and enjoying the present and they tend to live for a tomorrow that has not even arrived.

The author of this site, Krishna, who goes by the name Tavamithram, is an entrepreneur based out of  Germany. His adventurous and eventful life thus far has taught him numerous lessons and has made him the absolute optimist that he is. Tavamithram is a polyglot with fluency in many languages. He is passionate about subjects such as music, philosophy, parenting, psychology, automobiles, flying, history, filmmaking, Vedic Astrology and culinary art.

TVM-Vegan02edA 4-year stint as a professional motorcycle stuntman in feature films when he was in early his twenties, exposed Tavamithram to dangerous and life-threatening situations. Going by the experiences that he has had in life, he is totally convinced that life is too wonderful and extremely precious to be careless about.

He has survived multiple major accidents that gave him near-death experiences not just once but a number of times. He is very grateful for every single breath and for every morsel of food that is granted to him, for his wonderful parents, for his family, for his great teachers, for his friends and for his education – in short, for everything. He believes that a person who has truly understood the beauty and the value of life is not disturbed by self-conceit, jealousy, anger and hatred. Happiness and contentment originate from within as they are nothing but states of mind. Those who have trained their mind, stay balanced at all times.

Right from a very young age, Tavamithram took a great interest in philosophy and studied in-depth scriptures of various religions. His inborn fearless attitude and his knowledge of the Srimad Bhagavad Gita, give him the courage and utter self-confidence he is known for by his family and friends. He has encouraged thousands of people to study the Srimad Bhagavad Gita which, he strongly believes, has the answers and solutions to all possible situations and problems that one comes across in life.

Bhagavan KrishnaShloka 6:08 from the Gita :

“The Yogi whose Self is satisfied through knowledge and realisation, who is always steady and has his senses under control, to whom a clod of earth, stones and gold are of equal value, is said to be steadfast.”

The beauty of the things around us depends on us as beholders. When people share things, experiences and knowledge with others, they actually enrich themselves and everyone around them.

Everyone knows that life is not always a bed of roses. There are happy days and also days when people are sad. When people experience difficulties in life, their level of self-confidence dwindles and that causes melancholy, loneliness and a feeling of hopelessness and helplessness. This is followed by self-pity which is an extremely hazardous state of mind as it also causes hypochondria and in extreme cases, causes suicidal tendencies.

During challenging periods in life, people long for someone who could at least hear them out. Everyone would love to have a friend whom they could trust blindly – someone who would never let them down. People are born with some innate potential or the other in them. Many have not even discovered their own talent. A true and trusted friend can greatly help in identifying, appreciating and in honing talents in people. Having true friends is a great blessing just as having virtuous parents, excellent health, plenty of money, etc. It is a friendship for life that Tavamithram offers to all.

Life as an individual is basically a journey between two important moments – inhaling the first breath of air and exhaling the last breath of air. People arrive empty-handed and also leave empty-handed. They undergo education which prepares them for their life as adults. Most people’s minds are programmed to have money as the prime goal in life because that is what makes living comfortable. This soon becomes a yardstick for people to judge how well people are doing in life. As time goes by, wealth, properties, position and power become so important to people that they begin to take their greatest gift of life for granted. Unfortunately, they fail to understand that money, which everyone works for, is necessary only in order to have a comfortable journey through life and that it cannot and should not be the main goal because doing so, takes them far away from actually living in the present and from being thankful for everything they have which are nothing but gifts. Along with excessive wealth, or even the journey towards it, come fear, jealousy, anger, selfishness, vanity, arrogance and also the fear of losing what they have. This prevents them from doing things that could help them progress in their Karmic evolution.

The most powerful tool that people have, which makes them feel and experience life apart from letting them know that they are alive, is the MIND. However, the mind, which is nothing but a conditioned or unconditioned flow of thoughts, tends to take over a person that owns it. The fact is that it is a tool, albeit an extremely amazing one, which an Atman carries along with it when leaving one physical body and entering into a new one. The sad part is that most people are its slaves. People are slaves of the various states of their own mind – be it passion, hatred, anger, or any such emotion.


SBG06.05-06nThe mind always keeps moving between the different states. The different states of mind generally depend on influencing factors such as people, pets, art, music, intoxication, etc. This dependency is caused primarily due to the lack of understanding that the mind is merely a tool and not the person himself or herself. It is also due to a lack of self-confidence and the fear of the unknown. Training the mind to overcome fear may seem difficult, to begin with, but with proper guidance and sufficient practice, it is possible. Fearlessness naturally gives people immense courage, mental power, a winning attitude, and the will to take on any adversity bravely.

This website is aimed at teaching people the skill of mastering one’s own mind through knowledge, devotion and rightful action. Reading and understanding the Srimad Bhagavad Gita is the shortest and quickest way to attaining total control over one’s mind, which is invariably followed by the seeker’s success in acquiring the ability to achieve whatever they want. The Divine Knowledge of Krishna and His Teachings, make people strong, fearless, courageous, confident, wise, peaceful, generous and magnanimous apart from leading them on the right Karmic path, rewarding them with abundant positive Karma that can ‘outweigh’ all of their past negative Karma and helping them attain the highest goal.

Being an enthusiastic but modest seeker makes life more interesting, beautiful, rewarding and fulfilling. On the other hand, selling one’s own soul to soul vultures, godmen, god women; or subscribing to a dogma, cult, or an individual; are not only a sheer waste of intelligence, intellect and precious life; but are also easy ways to delay one’s own Karmic evolution by a few hundred Janmas.


The Five  Pearls –  for a happy, meaningful and successful LIFE.

  1. FAITH
    Absolute FAITH in Krishna and in oneself.
    An Attitude of Gratitude for everything.
    Your knowledge and the quality of your work define who you are.
    A well-defined VISION for the future.
    Every thought and act of yours counts. Take responsibility for your own society.

Challenging situations in life are not sufferings but they are experiences through which you learn what you should do and not do in future. Challenges add meaning and purpose to life. They ensure that your life is not monotonous and boring!

When a person’s mind has visualised something, believes in it and has decided to achieve it, no force on earth can stop it from succeeding. Such is the power of the human mind on fire.


Sarve bhavantu_n
Looking into oneself and listening to the song of the inner Self.

Give me one moment in time
When I’m more than I thought I could be
When all of my dreams are a heartbeat away
And the answers are all up to me.