“Ahmisa Paramo Dharmaha..” The SEMI-TRUTH

Cowardice is totally alien to Dharma!

“Ahimsa paramo dharmaha…” this tagline of the Sanatana Dharma, which in its bisected, distorted and misunderstood form, has deeply entered the very psyche of Sanatanis and has made them unreasonably passive and tolerant. It makes them sitting ducks and easy targets of enemies of the nation.


Nowhere in the Srimad Bhagavad Gita is it mentioned that Krishna ever asked Arjuna to practise ‘Ahimsa’ with his enemies, to desert the battlefield or to get killed by his enemies. He taught Arjuna to get up and fight in order for righteousness to prevail. The concept of showing the other cheek to the one who slaps you does not exist in the Srimad Bhagavad Gita or in any other scripture pertaining to the Sanatana Dharma! Cowardice is totally alien to Dharma. The ‘cheek’ story was surreptitiously injected into the minds of Indian people by foreign powers through people like Gandhi.

The complete statement including the other half reads as follows:

Punishing and destroying evildoers has always been an important part of preserving Dharma. All the Avataras of Vishnu manifested themselves with the sole objective of destroying those causing Adharma. Scriptures do not say that Vishnu descended to forgive evil doers or to die for them. He manifested Himself in order to vanquish them and remove them from the face of the earth.

Who or what is an enemy? OED defines the term ENEMY as follows:
a. A person who is actively opposed or hostile to someone or something
b. A thing that harms or weakens something else.

Bhagavan Krishna said:


Bhagavan Krishna addressed Arjuna as ‘Parantapa’ a number of times throughout the Srimad Bhagavad Gita. ‘Parantapa’ means ‘destroyer of enemies’ and not someone who gets killed by them!

The first half ‘Ahimsa paramo dharmaha’ of the highly philosophical and potent statement was repeatedly used by some people in order to cover up their inability to fight. They taught this warped idea to gullible, unsuspecting and peace loving Sanatani people of India. This new twisted and moronic philosophy made them highly vulnerable to foreign forces and missionaries. It forced them into laziness and also made them cowards. This is the reason why many don’t have the courage to fight those who distrub Dharma, kill and plunder Sanatanis and damage the fabric of the nation.

The first half of the statement was popularised by Gandhi who used it in his talks and preached Ahimsa. Millions of innocent people were killed and millions suffered and are still suffering until today, thanks to this edited statement uttered hundreds of thousands of times in order to inject ‘Adharmic ‘ and cowardly ideas into the minds of Indian people. All this was done just because those who sold this idea of ‘Ahimsa paramo Dharmaha’, were not brave enough to fight and therefore turned stooges of the colonisers. This cowardly attitude in the name of non-violence, even until this day, greatly contributes towards the continuation of mental slavery almost leading to a Stockholm Syndrome of the masses in India. This slavery numbs youth power. It is probably this Syndrome that causes ‘secular’ Sanatanis to go out in support of their aggressors!

On the 1st of May, 1947 in a Prayer meeting in New Delhi, Gandhi gave a speech and said things no sane leader of a nation would have ever said to his people. Towards the end of his speech he said:
“There is nothing brave about dying while killing. It is an illusion of bravery. The true martyr is one who lays down his life without killing. You may turn round and ask whether all Hindus and all Sikhs should die. Yes, I would say. Such martyrdom will not be in vain. You may compliment me or curse me for talking in this manner; but I shall only say what I feel in my heart.”

He wanted the people of India to ‘bravely’ face death at the hands of brutal invaders!!

The Srimad Bhagavad Gita does not teach people to become victims. It teaches that an enemy has to be destroyed without leaving a trace and this needs to be done mercilessly.  Bhagavan Krishna taught Arjuna the Dharmic RULES of ENGAGEMENT or Dharmayudha.

Below are some Verses from the Srimad Bhagavad Srimad Bhagavad Gita that quash the misunderstood and also abused concept of ‘Ahimsa’.

श्रीभगवानुवाच |
कुतस्त्वा कश्मलमिदं विषमे समुपस्थितम् |
अनार्यजुष्टमस्वर्ग्यमकीर्तिकरमर्जुन || २ २ ||

The Supreme Bhagavan said: O Arjuna, where, in this hour of crisis, where did these qualities like weakness, which are unbecoming of honourable men, come from and take over you? Such qualities will prevent you from reaching higher levels in life and will also ruin your honour and get you a bad reputation.







Apart from this, people will speak ill about you and that bad name will last forever. For people of reputation, infamy is worse than death.
These great warriors will think that you have run away from battle due to fear. You are a person highly regarded by them and by quitting, you will
incur disgrace.
Your foes will speak very low of you and ridicule your capabilities. What can be more painful than that?



So fight the battle treating alike pleasure and pain, gain and loss as well as victory and defeat. By doing so, you will not sin.



Questioning, objecting, resisting and fighting someone committing Adharma, are absolutely Dharmic. Whereas COWARDICE IS TOTALLY AGAINST DHARMA! NO ONE CAN EVER IMPRESS KRISHNA THROUGH COWARDICE or some warped idea of ‘Ahimsa’ !

Bhagavan Krishna gave Arjuna His final command to get up and fight:


May the Grace and Power of the Srimad Bhagavad Gita touch the lives of righteous people in order for them to stop being mental slaves and victims of brutal invaders but to stand up and fight for justice.


Jai Shri Krishna Jai Shri Ram

Jai Bharat