Cows and Us




Courtesy : Film by the ‘Albert Schweitzer Stiftung für unsere Mitwelt’. The original version is in German.

Can you imagine, what it must be like to be a mother cow? We will show you how. Please share the video as much as possible so that the sufferings of cows don’t remain hidden.

This calf was born just last night. The few beautiful moments of its life are almost over. Hereafter, the calf is nothing more than a by product of the milk industry. Therefore the calf is being separated from its mother and it will be locked up in a small shed. It will then be killed in order to be processed into veal. The calf and the cow will never sea each other again. There are mother cows that have cried for weeks after the separation from their calves.

In about four years, when the milk production of the mother cow reduces, she too will be killed in order to get meat for Hamburgers out of her. That is the price that the mother and baby pay for the human consumption of meat and milk products. We can certainly end their sufferings.

Please decide for yourself and change to vegan nutrition.


Animals too have the right to respect and of course a decent life and death. The way humans treat animals and care for them are based on what they learn from the society. In this very moment, it is our own society that is teaching children of today so many things that will help form the basic character and nature of the little boys and girls. The children of today need to be taught basic values in life which include protecting helpless animals.

C1Every since the beginning of human civilisation, cows and other bovine animals have played a major and an important role in human societies. This is because human communities were either agrarian or pastoral and people not only consumed the milk, but also traded it.  As time went by, the cow was accorded the highest status among farm animals and people began to revere the. Even until today, cows have a special place especially villages. International milk industries treat cows merely as milk producing machines. People have become extremely busy with their own work and they hardly have time for themselves and for their respective families. Life has changed, everything has changed. The population is increasing and so is the demand for food supply. Milk is the most essential food product and its demand will only keep going up.

Cows are cared for until they produce milk. But the most distressing fact is that when they stop giving crymilk, many cow owners mercilessly drive them away. The poor aging cows are left to fend for themselves. They are large animals and each one of them requires at least about 10 to 15 Kg of feed everyday. What can they do to find so much food? The homeless cows wander on roads and streets in India and they eat whatever they find. They even eat paper and polythene bags! That is terrible and atrocious!

Many cow owners sell their cows to dealers who then sell them to slaughterhouses. People then complain about cows being bought and killed for their meat. The basic question that arises here is that how can anyone buy a cow when no one sells them? Each and every person who cares about cows and is against cow slaughter can do something however small and contribute towards protecting them.

The animal that lives for humans deserves much more than what she gets from humans. Cows are intelligent and very sensitive animals. These large animals are very loyal to the family they live with and are very affectionate with children.

Children who are taught compassion for animals grow up into fine and warm humans. Kids who learn the virtue of kindness towards animals don’t grow into aggressive adults. Children raised in this manner turn out to be kind hearted and helpful people.