Devotional songs

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One of our main inspirations to create this page is the most amazing teacher and pupil duo I have seen in recent times – Kuldeep M. Pai and little Sooryagayathri.


9 thoughts on “Devotional songs

  1. Namaste

    This is related to what SBG and Sir has taught us about “The Mind is Everything”, and also about “The law of Attraction”,………Frequency of Thoughts and feelings, etc. Its a video of about 90 minutes.

    SBG is the Ultimate Knowledge and Divinity…….

    Thank You………

    Jai Shree Krishna

  2. Divine voice and a wonderful rendition of Shiva Panchakshara Stotra. Thank you for sharing this excellent video Sir.

  3. This is a Shivapanchaakshara stotra composed by Adi SankarAchArya.
    Music composed, produced, arranged, recorded, mixed, mastered, camera and video edited by Kuldeep M Pai.
    Singer: the highly blessed and little genius singer Sooryagayathri.

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