“Trust is the glue of life. It’s the most essential ingredient in effective communication. It’s the foundational principle that holds all relationships.”

– Stephen Covey


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  1. “It is impossible to live without failing at something unless you live so cautiously that you might as well not have lived at all – in which case, you fail by default.” – J.K. Rowling

    Therefore live, love, experience, relish and celebrate every moment of your life which is the greatest gift and Divine Blessing received by every living being every second of their life.


  2. An excerpt from someone’s communication with me on our Youtube channel.


    Please find below a part of the communication that one of our friends on Youtube recently had with me.

    (Also read this post again https://tavamithramsarvada.wordpress.com/2019/02/02/corruption-in-spirituality/ )

    Jai Shri Krishna

    Below is the video that the person commented on:

    @Tavamithram Sarvada This is a request. Can you please make a video on interpolations in the Bhagavat Puran? Certain stories like Krshn watching girls bathing, Him stealing clothes, having multiple wives and thousands of concubines, etc are not found in the Mahabharat, Harivamsa Puran or Garg Samhita yet are heavily circulated. Unfortunately the ISKCON website also propagates these stories as a result of blind faith. Not that these shake my belief in Krshn but I do feel the need to stand up for the truth. Lord is Achyuta, is affected by none. But that doesn’t mean we’ll let troglodyte muslims and xtians malign His character.

    My reply (elaborate as always)
    Yes, I plan to make new videos explaining clearly the ‘God’ concept as per Advaita Vedanta. Despite being the most advanced, logical, scientific and ONLY rational philosophy in the world; but thanks to the twisting, contortion and even mutilation that has been done to our philosophy by people with vested interests; the common Sanatana Dharmi has unknowingly strayed very far away from the path taught by Bhagavan Shri Jagad Guru Krishna.

    Most of Sanatana Dharmis have never read the Srimad Bhagavad Gita which takes hardly 3-4 hours to read. I created a website http://bit.ly/tvmgita in December 2014 through which thousands of people could easily read the Srimad Bhagavad Gita. I do not have detailed, lengthy and boring commentaries on the Shlokas but merely my simple translations of the Shlokas in English. This makes it very easy for (lazy) people to take up the project of reading the SBG and completing it!

    The 6th Chapter of the Srimad Bhagavad Gita teaches seekers ways to develop concentration and focus in order to learn the skill of meditation, and the 12th Chapter throws more light on how to perceive or visualise Krishna. Shloka 12:05 trashes the allegation made by people that Sanatanis are idol worshippers. In fact, actual idol worshippers are mentioned in the 32nd chapter of the book of Exodus in the Old Testament when people made a calf of gold and called it god. No Dharmic person ever goes to a temple, stands before the presiding deity and says, “O idol or O image, I pray to you!” because the devotee knows that the Vigraha or Image REPRESENTS the deity, that he or she is praying to, which is an anthropomorphisation of one the various energies or manifestations of the Supreme FORMLESS and Omnipresent Brahman. So this rubbishes the allegations made by the moronic preacher of a desert cult, whose video you have posted below, and proves that the Advaita Vedanta is neither polytheistic nor monotheistic!

    It is rather unfortunate that based on the “father in heaven’ concept taught by Abrahamics in schools run by them, common Sanatanis have been trained to perceive god or in this case Krishna, as some kind of a spirit who is outside of them, pray to Him to solve problems or win over enemies, make a lot of money or even to get married to the person of one’s choice, completely overlooking the Karma factor in everyone’s life. Offering huge amounts of money as parts of deals with Krishna in temples such as Tirupati etc. are proof for such irrational practices.
    Shloka 2:07 of the SBG shows that Arjuna OPENED HIS MIND TO RECEIVE TRUE KNOWLEDGE BY COMPLETELY SHEDDING HIS PRIDE AND EGO, surrendering before Krishna and asking Him TO TAKE HIM AS HIS PUPIL but not to make him win the war in return for an offering of money or of his hair, as they do in Tirupati and in other temples, that he would later on make! –
    SBG 2:07 (Arjuna said) “With my mind in a state of confusion regarding my duty and the feeling of helplessness because of weakness, I ask You to tell me what is good for me. I am Your disciple and I have surrendered my soul to You. Please teach me.”

    I would like to invite you to our discussion forum so that you could post your thoughts there. We have many seekers who are beginning to learn Advaita Vedanta and have started to regard the Sanatana Dharma as the only rational way of material as well as spiritual life.

    I am sure that you will be able to add more valued and colour to our Discussion forum.





    Achieving Serenity of the Mind and Experiencing Divinity



    On the 30th of July 2014, I had published a post called Fearlessness – achieving it by understanding the God Concept https://tavamithramsarvada.wordpress.com/2014/07/30/fearlessness/

    Being one of the lucky few who had the possibility as well as the desire to learn at a very young age, Advaita Vedanta taught by Krishna, I have always felt truly sorry for all the confused souls who waste their time performing unwanted rituals such as taking up gruelling penances and torturing themselves in the name of pleasing god or gods; feeling bitter and let down by gods and planets when things don’t happen the way they want to; or believing during their trying periods in life that god is ‘testing’ them.

    Most Dharmic traditions started by our great, highly knowledgeable and wise ancestors were founded on the practice of anthropomorphisation or personification of different natural forces and also of the entire system. They thought the practice of personification was necessary up to a certain stage of spiritual development so that a true seeker could take it from there, continue their search and finally realise that all beings and everything are minuscule parts of the eternal and Supreme System, Brahman or Krishna.

    SBG 12:05 Those whose minds are set on an unmanifested and impersonal Absolute Power face difficulties in reaching the goal. This is because people always identify with the body and when there is no perceptible form, it is difficult to perceive.
    SBG 13:02 (Krishna said) You should know that the Kshetrajna or the embodied Self in all bodies or Kshetras is ME, O Arjuna. Knowing about the Kshetra and the Kshetrajnas is called knowledge.

    Unfortunately, as it is with the popular game called ‘Chinese whispers’, what our ancestors taught took different concepts and shapes, leading to large divisions in the Dharmic society and of Bharat Varsh, and created thousands of sects and subsects with each one claiming that their god and philosophy was the best. That is what happened to organised cults and religions too that colonial powers, as well as brutal marauders, brought to India.

    Despite being the ONLY LOGICAL, SENSIBLE AND RATIONAL PHILOSOPHY in the world, the Sanatana Dharma and its followers have earned the reputation of being regressive! Whereas, cults that teach that some being called god created the earth and all its flora and fauna in six days and took rest on the seventh day, are considered to be progressive and cool! The main blame for such a situation may be hurled against religious babas and gurus as well as followers of the Sanatana Dharma who have been either illiterate or plain lazy to read ancient Dharmic scriptures. Take the story of creation – Abrahamic religions say that god created it but the way Rig Veda talks about it strongly resembles the Big Bang Theory and they call the Sanatana Dharma old fashioned and uncool!

    Through my sites, I have been sincerely trying to inform people at least about the basics of the nondualistic Dharmic Philosophy with the aim of contributing in a small way towards uplifting people, spiritually and emotionally. However, due to their low levels of spiritual evolution and also due to their laziness to pick up the Srimad Bhagavad Gita and spend three to four hours to read it, most people had rather waste their time visiting astrology sites and blogs, or consulting people such as swamies or astrologers who charge them heavily. The fact is that everybody including me is a Jivaatma that is trapped in the cycle of birth and death until the final release which can come only through Self realisation for which course corrections need to be done.

    This new post might also come across a bit atheistic to some people because as a matter of fact, it is! The term ‘theism’ is defined as ‘the belief in the existence of a god or gods, specifically of a creator who intervenes in the universe.’ This is certainly not the case as far as the Advaita Vedanta is concerned. As per Advaita Vedanta, there is nothing like creation, the first man and woman, satan, hell, heaven etc. You may want to take a look at the Nasadiya Sukta https://tavamithramsarvada.wordpress.com/2018/12/31/nasadiya-sukta-the-hymn-of-creation/

    It is indeed sad to see well-educated people, born and raised in families following the Sanatana Dharma which is the highest and the most advanced of all ways of life, falling for hocus-pocus nonsense peddled by bearded mountebanks and charlatans who pose as religious teachers.

    Wake up Dharmic people and please educate yourselves about the Advaita Vedanta and our great Sanatana Dharma. Be proud of the fact that our ancestors did not convert to bizarre foreign cults either due to greed or because of fear. Being a true and modest seeker is the prime quality to be possessed in order to be a Sanatana Dharmi (Hindu) and be called one.

    Jai Shri Krishna


  4. Dhanvantari Mantra


    Over two years ago our friend Mr Sundar’s mother was admitted to a hospital and was to undergo surgery. As Mr Sundar was quite worried, I quickly chanted the Dhanvantari Mantra, made a video of it and sent him. The regular chanting of the Mantra creates the necessary vibrations to ensure a ring of protection around a family or a group of people that chant it. After his mother was discharged from the hospital, I published the video on our Tavamithram Youtube channel and I noticed that the number of views was increasing quite rapidly.

    Many of the thousands of people who watched the video and have used the video for their daily meditation for their loved ones afflicted by serious diseases have also contacted me personally. One of them wrote to me yesterday saying that she is afflicted by a life-threatening disease and that she has been undergoing treatment at a hospital in Madras. On asking her how she came to know about this website and me, she said that she watched the Dhanvantari Mantra video on the website of an Ayurveda speciality hospital in Madras. I was pleasantly surprised and also humbled to know that the simple video that I made in such a hurry is on the website of a hospital and that it brings solace, hope, strength and confidence for many people.

    Thanks to Mr Sundar who has played an indirect role in the making of this video.

    Jai Shri Krishna

    The hospital is called Dhanwanthralaya Ayurveda Speciality Hospital and the video can be found on the front page of their website: http://www.dhanwanthralaya.com

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    • Dear Sir,

      Yes Sir, I vividly remember it! At the age of 80, my mother had to undergo a critical and emergency surgery on her neck to remove a tumour on one of the parathyroid gland. I had a discussion with the surgeon, chief anaesthesialogist and other specialists then. The entire team of doctors were of the opinion that the operation was highly riskier and that the survival factor was less than 10%. But the operation had to be performed on an emergency basis because it caused a whole lot of health issues for my mother. When I was in such a trying situation, I spoke with Tavamithram Sir and he recommended this manthra. I chanted this manthra along with another mantra recommended by Tavamithram Sir which I give below:

      Asmin parathman nanu paathmakalpe
      Thvamithamutthapitha padmayonihi I

      Anantha bhooma mama roga raashim,
      Nirundhi vaathalaya vaasa vishno. II

      I continuously chanted them during the time of operation and during convalescence period. Doctor came out of the operating theatre and told me that my mother’s operation went off well. Subsequently my mother was discharged from the hospital upon complete recovery. By the grace of Lord Krishna, my mother is doing well.

      I recommend those who have health problems to chant these slokas continuously. Please have complete faith on Lord Krishna and surrender yourself. You will certainly have success!

      Thank you Sir,

      Jai Shri Krishna!


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  5. Jai Shri Krishna

    My deepest condolences Sir on the demise of your dearest friend. I can very well imagine and feel the immense pain that you have been through .There couldn’t have been a better way to show your love, respect and friendship for a friend than to pen down a eulogy , which is so touching and emotional. Your post made many a eyes moist, I must say, very touching!

    The memories of the good times you spent together will continue to live with you in this lifetime.I sincerely pray that may Bhagawan Krishna give you the strength to tide over the loss and wish that may your friendship continue to flourish and prosper in the janmas to come i.e. you guys will meet again.

    I end my post by

    ye dosti hum nahi todenge
    todenge dum magar , tera saath naa chodenge…….


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  6. Pranam.

    I am a scorpio moon sign man suffering for the last 8 years in the worst possible way. Last week I came to know about this site from another blog. Then I read about sadesathi explanation by you. Up till now I was thinking of the losses I made in my business enterprises but after seeing my problems from a different angle I am agreeing with you that sadesathi is good for me. You will think why I am saying this. Upto 2013 I had bad habits like drinking and smoking. Then after big loss I had money problems so I could not afford my good quality drinks and imported cigarettes.So little by little I reduced and now for the last three years I have got no bad habits only. My family used to worry so much at that time because of my habits but now even though we are not well of like before my health is good. I am following what is given in sadesathi what next. I thank you for giving good advice to people. I will stop wasting my money. There is still so much to read in this site so I will take time and understand.

    Thanks a lot

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  7. Namaste.

    Would anyone of you be interested in proofreading a new post that I have written before I post it? If yes, please send me a mail or a Whatsapp message and I will share the link. I wish to post it in the next couple of hours or so.

    Initially, I thought of making a video but I decided on writing a post. It might be a bit long but it carries many crucial points about the Sanatana Dharma and about the ways people have been misled by those claiming to be godmen. I intend to drive home the point the main point that I have been talking of since the time I started this site in February 2014.

    Thank you.

    Jai Shri Krishna


    • Hello Kedar,

      अहंकार – Ahankar, arrogance, vanity or egoism, arise due to one’s ignorance about their divinity thanks to their disconnect with nature that they are a minuscule part of. It is a result of faulty thinking that one is separate from the rest and it originates from the ‘I’ness of the conscious mind clouded with selfishness and also due to one’s lack of self-respect, self-confidence and kindness.
      SBG 3:27 All actions are done by the three Gunas or the qualities of nature. But he whose mind is deluded by false ego and arrogance, thinks “I am the doer”.

      On the other hand, आत्मसम्मान – Atmasammaan or self-respect is respecting the Divinity that exists within them just as it exists equally everywhere. People who respect themselves respect everyone else too. For them, it is the wonder and beauty of nature apart from the values in themselves as well as in others that matter rather than a person’s wealth, power, position, education or good looks. A self-respecting person is neither envious of others just because those others are better than them at things, but people with self-respect know that although everyone has different capabilities, every being is Divine.
      SBG 13:27 The person who truly sees is the one who sees the Supreme Soul or the Supreme Bhagavan, existing equally in all beings, the unperishing within the perishing.
      SBG 13:28 Such a person perceives the same Supreme Bhagavan dwelling equally everywhere and he does not degrade his own spiritual well-being by mistaking his ego to be the Self like the way ignorant people do. He, therefore, reaches the highest goal.

      Please go to Ishavasya Upanishad https://tavamithramsarvada.wordpress.com/ishavasya-upanishad/ and read the ‘bucket analogy’ that I have given there. Read the verses of the Upanishad to understand that we are all part of the one whole with no separation between the Supreme Being and the rest of nature. Once you read the ‘bucket’ analogy, it will be clear to you that अहंकार – Ahankaar, the feeling of superiority, of inferiority and of entitlement are totally absurd. It would be like the water in an expensive golden bucket ‘feeling’ greater than the water in a cheap plastic bucket overlooking the fact that water is water, whether it exists in a bucket, in a small lake or in the mighty ocean.

      In that sense, we are all like ‘buckets of water’ with our impermanent and perishable bodies being the ‘buckets’ and the ‘water’ or the Jivatmas that we are, being nothing but the eternal, omnipresent and absolute Divine for which we have every reason and also every right to have आत्मसम्मान – Atmasammaan or self-respect.

      Jai Shri Krishna

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  8. This was the song that my dear departed friend and I used to sing together often at parties and gatherings. I dedicate it to my friend who has left behind a huge vacuum in life.

    The audio used in this video belongs to DashGo/Audiobee. I have borrowed it to make this video.

    “Remembering that you are going to die is the best way I know to avoid the trap of thinking you have something to lose.” – Steve Jobs

    तेरे जैसा यार कहाँ, कहाँ ऐसा याराना
    याद करेगी दुनिया, तेरा मेरा अफ़साना
    तेरे जैसा यार कहाँ, कहाँ ऐसा याराना
    याद करेगी दुनिया, तेरा मेरा अफ़साना

    मेरी ज़िन्दगी संवारी, मुझको गले लगा के
    बैठा दिया फ़लक पे, मुझे ख़ाक से उठा के
    मेरी ज़िन्दगी संवारी, मुझको गले लगा के
    बैठा दिया फ़लक पे, मुझे ख़ाक से उठा के
    यारा तेरी यारी को, मैंने तो ख़ुदा माना
    याद करेगी दुनिया तेरा मेरा अफ़साना

    मेरे दिल की ये दुआ है, कभी दूर तू न जाए
    तेरे बिना हो जीना, वो दिन कभी न आए
    मेरे दिल की ये दुआ है, कभी दूर तू न जाए
    तेरे जैसा यार कहाँ, कहाँ ऐसा याराना

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    • Namaste dear sir,

      Please accept my sincere condolences. I can well imagine your emotions watching the video. Its a very nice tribute to your friend sir.

      I pray for sadgati for your friend sir.

      Pranam to you and your friend

      Jai shri Krishna


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    • Dearest sir,

      Ram and I cried when we saw the video. We know that it must be so difficult for you now. We wish your deceased friend to attain moksha. All the quotes given in the video make me cry even more. Death is such a cruel thing sir. I too lost my childhood friend in 2014. She suddenly developed cancer and within a few weeks she was no more. We stand with you in the hour of sadness sir.

      We are thinking of you with great affection and concern.

      Jai Shree Krishna
      Ram and Vedhika

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      • Dear Vedhika,

        I also cried when I watched the video. How much guruji must have loved his friend. I am praying for Guruji’s friend’s soul.

        I am sorry about your childhood friend. One of my aunts died in February last year. Till today I am not able to come out of the sadness because of her loss. My aunt was the most loving lady I have met. Her whole life she lived for others. In our childhood we used to wait eagerly to visit her because she used to tell us nice stories and give us delicious things to eat. Then in my college days, she became my best friend with whom I was able to share all my personal matters. I very well understand how it feels when somebody close to us dies but that is the reality of life.

        I thank Guruji for guiding and blessing all of us.

        Sincere regards,


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    • Namaste.

      I greatly appreciate those who have sent me messages of condolence for the demise of my oldest and closest friend. He was a few years older to me and was my first ‘older’ friend while I was still in school. A daring go-getter that he was, he sensed the adventure spirit in me and took me out on thrilling journeys. I started to ride motorcycles quite young and would join him and his batchmates on exciting rides.

      Since I had already learned to perform many stunts on a bicycle, it was not difficult for me to learn motorcycle stunts which I would perform on public streets in the city we lived. This made me popular among my friends and others in my city. People would line up at the beach in the evenings to see me perform stunts on the beach road. The kind of fun we had can hardly be described. We travelled by motorcycles to different cities, met with accidents on the way, helped others who were victims of accidents and did many wonderful and also crazy things together.

      The list of things we did can go on but what I wish to say here is an important truth about life and death.

      Osho said, “Death is the crescendo, the highest peak that life can attain. In the moment of death, much is possible. If you have been preparing and preparing, meditating and waiting, then at the moment of death enlightenment is very easily possible – because death and enlightenment are similar….”

      Therefore, please do not waste your precious time on the planet whining, complaining, quarrelling, not celebrating life and also digging into astrological sites! Do all the things that make you happy and spread your happiness in your circles.

      Life is happening NOW. It is LIVING LIFE with all its mysteries that truly matter. Once the inevitable highest moment arrives, the body either goes into a hole in the ground or is burned on a hot funeral pyre but the INDESTRUCTIBLE DIVINE SELF LIVES ON.

      SBG 2:30 The soul which is inside everybody can never be destroyed O Arjuna. Therefore you have no reason to grieve for any being.

      Om Shanti.

      Jai Shri Krishna

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    • Jai Shri Krishna

      My deepest condolences Sir on the demise of your dearest friend. I can very well imagine and feel the immense pain that you have been through .There couldn’t have been a better way to show your love, respect and friendship for a friend than to pen down a eulogy , which is so touching and emotional. Your post made many a eyes moist, I must say, very touching!

      The memories of the good times you spent together will continue to live with you in this lifetime.I sincerely pray that may Bhagawan Krishna give you the strength to tide over the loss and wish that may your friendship continue to flourish and prosper in the janmas to come i.e. you guys will meet again.

      I end my post by

      ye dosti hum nahi todenge
      todenge dum magar , tera saath naa chodenge…….


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  9. Namaste.

    On the 11th of June 2019, I lost one of my oldest and closest friends. It was during the start of my teenage years that he and I became friends. He had a great influence on my life. The adventurous years we had together can make anyone turn green with envy. The striking commonality between him and me has been that both of us have always RESPECTED, VALUED, CHERISHED and CELEBRATED every single moment of our respective lives. He was certainly not an old man when he passed away but the sad truth is that death is the only certainty about life. Whenever one’s time arrives, he or she has to drop everything and leave.

    This wonderful song by Doris Day who also sang ‘Que sera’ is a quick reminder for people who somehow end up taking things for granted as if they were going to live forever, are too choosy about things in life, long for what they do not have instead of appreciating and being thankful for what they have; and waste time whining, cribbing, complaining and crying for what they do not possess.

    Hating, worrying, being envious of others, having a fat ego, cheating others, being untruthful, being thankless, being greedy, being unkind, and so on; waste time and suck out the real beauty from life.

    Life is a short, sweet, beautiful and priceless gift. Live it to the fullest.

    Enjoy this beautiful song of life.

    Jai Shri Krishna

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  10. Dear Sir,

    I waited for some new article from you in this month but I have found nothing yet as such. You may be very busy with your business but sir please people like me are always eagerly waiting for new articles from you. Please excuse me for writing my request to you in the forum.

    Sir one of the important things I learnt last year was about the technique of apologizing and forgiving people in normal life and it changed my life by 180°. The video with your son’s narration on apology was superb and useful to me. When I applied your method firstly I was feeling a bit stupid but when I startedr to seee the effects of utilizing the new method, the whole concept of my life changed. I need your guidance sir please continue giving us your monthly, weekly if not daily doses. This is m y earnest requesst to you.

    Thank you sir and pranam,
    Jai shri Krishna



  11. Dear Sir , Jai shri krishna
    I have a question to ask. On one side Krishna says to fight the situation but on other side he asks to Surrender .. I have a financial and relationships situation to fight simultaneous to surrender by selling house , assets or break relationship. Which one to take. Praýers Karpanyadosha 2.7 and efforts both are not indicating any directions . Please advice


    • Namaste Kishor,

      Arjuna too had a similar question for which he received simple but precise answers from Krishna.
      SBG 5:01 Arjuna said:
      O Krishna, you praise renunciation of all actions, and then you talk about devotional Service or Yoga. Please tell me for sure, which one of the two is better.

      SBG 5:02
      Bhagavan Shri Krishna said:
      Renunciation and the Yoga of performing selfless action both lead to liberation. But among the two, the Yoga of performing selfless action is superior to the Yoga of renunciation of action.

      SBG 5:03
      A person who neither hates nor desires the results of his actions is known to be a Sanyasi or one who has renounced everything.  Such a person is free from dualities and is therefore liberated from material bondage.

      Continuing the fight means continuing to do the duties that one is prescribed with by destiny or rather the work that he or she has been blessed with. It could be the job of a soldier, a doctor, a teacher, a politician, a trader, a barber, a butcher, a parent, etc. Continuing to do one’s duty without being attached to the results or in other words, without having the result as the driving force, is Karmayoga. Surrendering has nothing to do with retaining or selling off property. Surrendering means accepting wholeheartedly whatever result one’s action gives. A soldier who fights for his country certainly does not want to give up his country but he fights without being bothered about success or defeat, he gives his best and is fearless at all times. That is Karmayoga and Sharanagati,
      SBG 2:48
      You have to do your duty without any attachment to its success, or to its failure. This kind of equanimity is known as Yoga.

      Feeling bad about giving up the ownership of something physical such as a real estate property, amounts to attachment towards it. In this case, surrendering before the Supreme Will could mean, doing your best to keep your property but in the event, it leaves you, you take it in a stride and move on.

      Giving up certain physical objects in business life can also be viewed as strategic moves that will play a more important role in the bigger picture.

      Please remain steadfast in your morals and principles, continue your efforts and be an unattached witness to all that happens in your life. Doing so makes life more enriching, helps in the growth of one’s wisdom and greatly

      I wish you well and continued Divine Blessings. Nothing is permanent – not even troubles and sorrows.

      Jai Shri Krishna

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      • Namaskar dear sir,

        I have a problem in my job since 1 week so I was also thinking with much stress. Your guidance to Mr. Kishore can be helpful to me provided I am able to grasp the full meaning of it. I would like to talk to you please if possible tonight as matter a bit urgent Sir.

        Thanks a lot and pranam

        Hare Krishna



  12. Dogs remind humans that LOYALTY is the greatest virtue which forms the foundation of any relationship.
    How I miss all the wonderful canine beings that have been a part of my life!


  13. HAPPINESS IS A STATE OF MIND which one can choose to have or not have. It is one’s ATTITUDE that contributes towards making them happy or sad.


  14. The Bhagavad Gita – Film


    An important objective of mine behind this website is to teach people the Srimad Bhagavad Gita which, I am sure, is the ultimate guide to learning the art of mastering one’s own mind. I was certainly lucky to have had the encouragement from my parents as well as the opportunity to read the amazing scripture while I was still a very young boy. However, as I grew up I wondered why most of the people I came across had never read the book although it takes hardly three to four hours to read all the 700 verses of the timeless Divine scripture. I then began to work on finding the reason behind this major problem among Dharmic people. After doing some research on the matter, interviewing people and from my general experience, I found out that it was a simple thing that usually discouraged people from reading The Srimad Bhagavad Gita. It was the sheer size and large number of pages of the book which had highly intellectual explanations of each and every verse. It was very uninviting and some people who did take the effort to start reading the book started feeling sleepy by the end of the first few pages.

    This discovery of mine supported by my deep desire to share my joy and experience with others led me to create a website for TVM Gita Samiti. I used large fonts and simple four-line translations of all the Shlokas. I also phonetically transliterated every verse so that people could easily achieve at least near-perfect pronunciation of the Shlokas and hosted the site in the month December 2014.

    Thousands of people have visited the site since then and have not only read the Divine scripture but have also learned ways to apply and incorporate the knowledge they gained by reading it into their daily lives.

    Below is a video that is an hour and 26 minutes long. It is a dramatised version of the Bhagavad Gita and it also has English subtitles. The time you spend watching the film will be a great investment in your life.

    There are three ways to treat this film, each of which teaches a different path towards attaining the ultimate goal.

    Bhakti Marga – The path of Devotion: A film of an event that actually happened in the past in which case you believe in the physical presence of Krishna and have utter devotion towards Him.
    Gnyaana Marga – The path of Knowledge: A film that teaches you metaphorically about the principles of Karma or of cause and effect; the five factors that cause action; righteous living; happiness; success; power; wealth; life; death; etc
    Karma Marga – The Path of Knowledge: A film that shows you the way to be a perfect Karmayogi whose only objective in life is to be a perfectionist in whatever he or she does thereby making huge progress in the process of one’s Karmic evolution.

    Remember that unlike in organised religions that ask their followers to ‘DO OR DIE BUT NOT ASK HOW OR WHY’, as per Krishna, asking questions or even being a sceptic is completely alright and in fact highly recommended by Him!
    SBG 4:34 Acquire knowledge through reverence to teachers who have known the Truth, serve them and ASK THEM QUESTIONS UNTIL ALL OF THEM ARE ANSWERED. The wise who know the Truth will teach it to you.

    Set aside the next one and a half hours of your precious time and watch this film at the end of which, you are sure to feel a hundred times stronger, absolutely fearless and ready to take on the toughest of challenges. Do ask your family members, particularly children to join you in watching the film and do not forget the popcorn, some peanuts and soft drinks for all of you!

    Jai Shri Krishna


  15. Namaste dear Sir,

    Just wanted to give my regards to you and other people.

    I would also like to humbly ask you about the new article.

    Thanking you,
    Jai Shree Krishna



    • Hello Jana,

      It is taking some time for me to complete writing the post because of two main reasons which are a. Finding the time to do it and b. The topic is too deep and elaborate but I do not wish to make it too long as some people have already commented that they would wish my posts to be shorter.

      I might write the post in two parts in order to make it easier for people to comprehend better.

      May you stay blessed.

      Jai Shri Krishna


  16. Namaste dear Vrischikans and others who are running periods of Saturn,

    After discussing in detail with some senior people who are currently running their third Sadé Sati period in life, I have come to understand that unless one works on self-improvement and carries out major changes in them, they do not experience any positive changes after the SS period ends. Therefore, those of you Vrischikans who are eagerly waiting for January 2020, might want to take stock of your situation and ensure that you have used the period well to become modest, shed ego, and understand the Supreme all-pervasive Brahman or Krishna residing in you, by reading and comprehending His teachings through the Srimad Bhagavad Gita. You might want to read and follow The Five Pearls too as they carry the essence of the Srimad Bhagavad Gita.

    Digging into your natal chart, sharing sad stories, sobbing along with others on blogs, and cursing ‘cruel planets’, can in no way improve situations. It is the mind that needs to be changed! Change your mind and change your life! It takes time to fully understand the changes that one needs to make in themselves but when that moment of realisation arrives, you will, in fact, be thankful for the challenging phase of life that you went through which actually led you to the divine state of self-realisation.

    Your present is the result of your past Karma and your future depends on your present Karma. If you do nothing, you will get nothing. Simply waiting for January 2020 won’t do! I had written earlier about Vrischikans currently being on the ‘home stretch’ of their Sadé Sati period but that was to indicate that the amazing Sadé Sati period, which is a great Karma balancing window, will soon end and that people should be stepping on the gas in the field of self-improvement.

    Stay blessed.

    Jai Shri Krishna

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  17. Namaste.

    Cribbing, complaining, fretting, fuming and wailing when things don’t go well are things that are usually done by people whom I call UNGRATEFUL. Being thankful for the blessings received instead of being unhappy for what one has not received, is a divine quality which unfortunately many people either do not possess or are unaware that they possess it.

    The thrill of life lies in how well one makes use of what one has, does their best in whatever task their Karma has given them, and in being useful to others.

    Everyone faces challenges in life, but the habit of complaining, which is the case with people who somehow feel entitled to better things, prevents them from thinking, being creative and bringing out their best.

    Here are Kody Lee and his wonderful mom. You may watch the video and see for yourselves the way this great lady has raised her son and taught him the way to express the unbelievable talent hidden in him.

    PS: You might need a handkerchief at the end of the video.

    Jai Shri Krishna

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  18. The lack of basic knowledge of the Sanatana Dharma has always been used by foreign soul traders in their horrible social crime of proselytising. It is due to their ignorance of the fact that theirs is a highly intellectual philosophy, many Sanatanis, who also happen to be poor, are conned into spiritually degrading or rather, downgrading themselves and embracing some organised foreign religion that teaches them bizarre stories not as metaphors, but literally, of a personal god, creation, devil, hell, heaven, and so on. More to follow in a separate post.

    M.K. Gandhi once said,“If I had power and could legislate, I should certainly stop all proselytising. It is the cause of much avoidable conflict between classes and unnecessary heart-burning among the missionaries. In Hindu households, the advent of a missionary has meant the disruption of the family coming in the wake of change of dress, manners, language, food and drink.

    The other day a missionary descended on a famine area with money in his pocket, distributed it among the famine-stricken, converted them to his fold, took charge of their temple and demolished it. This is outrageous. The temple could not belong to the converted, and it could not belong to the Christian missionary. But this friend goes and gets it demolished at the hands of the very men who only a little while ago believed that God was there.”

    May Dharma always prevail.

    With deep reverence for our great Dharmic ancestors who braved it all, stood tall, did not convert to other religions, guarded the timeless Sanatana Dharma for us, and caused our births into their blessed Dharmic families.

    Om Pitrubhyo Namah

    Jai Shri Krishna

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  19. Namaste.

    Our friend @pavani wrote to me and said that she was pulled into an argument by someone and was told that ‘Hinduism’ (I don’t use this term but use ‘Sanatana Dharma’ instead) is regressive, false and primitive.

    The Sanatana Dharma is not an organised dogmatic religion with dos and don’ts. It is free and is ideal for seekers. All of us are constantly seeking, experiencing, learning and perfecting ourselves. The Sanatana Dharma as it is called is for rational thinkers. All the teachings imparted through ancient Dharmic scriptures are suitable for people whose minds are governed by logic, common sense and reason. That’s also how real science works.

    We don’t have the concept of creation that a god made the earth, the birds, animals, trees, mountains, man, woman (from the man’s rib) etc. , but we are continually trying to reason things out and find answers to our questions.

    People who read the first chapter of the book of Genesis from the Bible (just Google Genesis Bible and read for yourselves) and the 7 verses from the Nasadiya Sukta from the Rig Veda (link given below), will be able to easily tell which one of the two would be suitable for intellectual people.

    There is no point in arguing with brainwashed people. Religious conversions happen by planting a firm idea into one’s mind. Organised religions threaten apostasy with punishments so converted will not see reason so easily. The best thing that Dharmic people could do would be to spend some time once in a while and read scriptures of other religions too, instead of assuming things about them.

    The video is given below but it would be better to visit the page by clicking on this link and reading the post: https://tavamithramsarvada.wordpress.com/2018/12/31/nasadiya-sukta-the-hymn-of-creation/

    Jai Shri Krishna


    • Namasthe dear Guruji,

      First of all, thank you for putting my query in this forum and mentioning my name. Like you told me I also used the FAQs in this site to answer many questions which were asked to me. In fact I am very clear now about the fundamental principles of our religion. We should all have these answers on our fingertips. I read the first two chapters of genesis and have understood their story of the creation. Really I like the way in your Nassadia Suktha video you have shown the start of everything like the big bang- “There was neither existence nor non-existence, neither matter nor space” I am feeling so very blessed to be born in a family following Sanatan dharm and I thank you sincerely for enlightening us about things which we did not know earlier.

      I will follow your advice and start reading more. Thank you for your blessings to all of us.

      Sincere regards and pranam,



      • Hello Pavani,

        One correction please – You said you were clear about the fundamental principles of our ‘religion’. Well, religion is a particular organised system of faith and worship which the Sanatana Dharma is not. One does not have to believe in the existence of god, a messiah, a messenger or a book to be Dharmic!

        We certainly have various Sampradayas which are spiritual lineages and other traditions that different groups of people follow. Sampradayas are traditions and other practices followed by Gurus which are passed down by their Shishyas or pupils but ultimately all Dharmic Sampradayas lead to the highest goal in life which is that of understanding the oneness of the infinite Truth. This ultimate goal is not the same as in the case of most organised religions. They propound a personal god but we worship an all-pervasive, timeless and formless Brahman whose manifestations can be seen and experienced in myriads of forms. I will be writing more on this.

        Stay blessed.

        Jai Shri Krishna

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        • Dear Guruji,

          Thanks a lot for correcting me and explaining clearly. I know you dont like to say hinduism and I will remember in the future.

          Thank you for your teachings and blessings.

          Sincere regards and pranam,



    • Dear Sir,

      Thank you very much. This article has definitely cleared a lot of doubts in my mind. I am so proud of our dharma sir.

      Thanks and pranam,
      Jai Shri Krishna



  20. India’s most beloved leader who follows the Srimad Bhagavad Gita

    Excerpts from Modiji’s victory speech today: 23/05/2019

    Modiji: “When the war of Mahabharata ended, Shri Krishna was asked whose side he was on. The answer which Lord Krishna had given then is the same answer which Indians have given today. Lord Krishna said that he was not on anyone’s side. He was on Hastinapur’s side. Now, 130 crore Indians have taken the form of Shri Krishna and are standing in support of India.

    I congratulate all the winners, no matter from which party or which region they contested. Those with closed minds won’t understand the voice of the people and what I’m trying to say. If anyone has won, it is India. Democracy and the people have won today.

    This victory belongs to India, not to Modi. It is the victory of the people who have longed for an honest government. I dedicate this victory to the hard working middle class of the nation. You have blessed me, an ordinary man with your love.

    There are two classes of people. One is that of the poor and the other of that of those who wish to contribute towards poverty alleviation.

    The spirit of democracy teaches us that although our party has won with an absolute majority, the participation of everyone including our opponents is required to run the country. I would, therefore, ask you all to treat whatever happened during the elections, or whatever people said about us, as things of the past and forget them. We would like to look ahead and take everyone along with us. We would also like to take our main opponents with us. It is for the good of the country that we should all be together and above all, despite such a massive victory, we need to be modest and humble. We will respect democracy and follow the Indian Constitution.

    When you elected me the last time in the year 2014, you did not know me very well but now you have known me and my work for five years and you have given me even more support than earlier. I understand the emotion of the people behind this huge victory.

    Please consider what I am going to say to be my vow to you. I make three promises today before you.
    1. I will never work with ill intent;
    2. I will never do anything for personal benefit; and
    3. every particle of my body and all my efforts will be for my fellow countrymen.

    My dear Indians, whenever you would like to evaluate my work, you could do so based on the three promises I have now made to you.

    Bharat Mata ki Jai
    Vande Mataram”

    Feeling blessed to be a contemporary of Modiji the perfect Karmayogi!

    Jai Shri Krishna

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  21. Congratulations Modiji!
    Congratulations Indians!

    What else but Divine Grace can it be to be led by an honest, Dharmic, courageous, selfless, modest and true Karmayogi whose only objective is the welfare of the people!

    सक्ताः कर्मण्यविद्वांसो यथा कुर्वन्ति भारत |
    कुर्याद्विद्वांस्तथाऽसक्तश्चिकीर्षुर्लोकसंग्रहम् || ३ २५ ||
    SBG 3:25 Just as ignorant people perform actions with attachment to the results, learned people perform work, but with no attachments. Their desire, if at all, is only the welfare of the world.

    यत्करोषि यदश्नासि यज्जुहोषि ददासि यत् |
    यत्तपस्यसि कौन्तेय तत्कुरुष्व मदर्पणम् || ९ २७ ||
    SBG 9:27 Whatever you do, whatever you eat, whatever you offer in sacrifice, whatever you give, whatever you practise as austerity, O Arjuna, do it for Me and as an offering unto Me.

    Modiji, the greatest, the most powerful and the most loved (and also the most hated by anti-Dharma and anti-India forces) Indian, is a living proof for everyone, particularly for Vrischikans and others who are running periods of Saturn, that being a sincere Karmayogi is a sure way to attain great heights in life, make great Karmic progress and always be under the protection of the Supreme Being. I wonder if anyone else could have been able to receive and withstand the kind of massive verbal abuse that Modiji received from anti-national elements and yet remained undeterred and moved ahead with his Dharma as the only purpose of his life.

    A true Karmayogi is neither greedy of success nor afraid of failure. It is because of the mental equilibrium he maintains at all times.

    The leader of the world’s largest democracy strictly follows the teachings of the Srimad Bhagavad Gita which give him wisdom, courage, confidence, strength, truthfulness and the sheer mental power he has with which he sways the masses.

    Modiji: “I am fighting this battle for you people. Brothers and sisters, what can they (the enemies of Dharma and country) do to me? (He means to ask what the worst case scenario could be) What is the worst that they can do to me? I am just a nobody. I can simply throw a bag on my shoulder and move out.”
    Modiji means he has nothing to lose and that he is not attached to anything.

    सुखदुःखे समे कृत्वा लाभालाभौ जयाजयौ |
    ततो युद्धाय युज्यस्व नैवं पापमवाप्स्यसि || २ ३८ ||
    SBG 2:38 Fight the battle treating alike pleasure and pain, gain and loss as well as victory and defeat. By doing so, you will not sin.

    कर्मण्येवाधिकारस्ते मा फलेषु कदाचन |
    मा कर्मफलहेतुर्भूर्मा ते सङ्गोऽस्त्वकर्मणि || २ ४७ ||
    SBG 2:47 You only have the right to work but never to claim its results. The results of your actions should never be your motive but at the same time, you should not be attached to inaction.

    सक्ताः कर्मण्यविद्वांसो यथा कुर्वन्ति भारत |कुर्याद्विद्वांस्तथाऽसक्तश्चिकीर्षुर्लोकसंग्रहम् || ३ २५ ||
    SBG 3:25 Just as ignorant people perform actions with attachment to the results, learned people perform work, but without being attached to the world. Their desire, if at all, is only the welfare of the world.

    ज्ञेयः स नित्यसंन्यासी यो न द्वेष्टि न काङ्क्षति |
    निर्द्वन्द्वो हि महाबाहो सुखं बन्धात्प्रमुच्यते || ५ ३ ||
    SBG 5:03 A person who neither hates nor desires the results of his actions is known to be a Sanyasi or one who has renounced everything. Such a person is free from dualities and is therefore liberated from material bondage.

    May Modiji lead India into a bright future and may India regain her position as Vishwaguru, a status that was snatched away from her by evil colonial forces and other barbaric marauders.

    Jai Shri Krishna

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    • Dear Sir,

      Thank you for the translation of the 7th chapter. It helps in strengthening devotion. Waiting for your new article. Just reminding you 🙂

      Thanks and pranam,
      Jai Shri Krishna



  22. Namaste.

    As per the South Indian Panchanga, the day today’s star happens to be Anusham (Anuradha) and moon sign Vrischika and is observed as Kanchi Paramacharya Jayanti. Paramacharya Shri Chandrashekharendra Saraswati was a Vrischikan. Many other great sages were also born under the blessed Vrischika Rashi or moon sign.

    May his blessings touch your lives and grant you great health, happiness, peace and prosperity.

    Jai Shri Krishna

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    • Dear Sir and all .,
      Good morning .. I read the relishing excellent conversations from our members , which are not only answering my questions but as well serves source of enlightenment.
      Todays article by sir is also one such .. Amazing is it comes at the time when it is desired a most . This is also one of the best article coming at very right time atleast for me. Fallen souls like me needs continuous reminders to come on track of bhakti and righteousness.
      Cherishing this nectar..
      Jai shree krishna


  23. Dear Sir
    One sad news I need to share and a related question that I required some explanation sir..
    One of my young colleague passed away yesterday.Her name was Ria Mathews and was 9 months pregnant and caught pneumonia last month.They had to operate and take the baby out.But soon after the operation she caught cardiac arrest due to high BP.She is survived by her husband ,5 year old daughter and new born son.This sad news was shocking for all of us.Please pray for her husband and family..
    Sir,after this incident news circulated through emails and whatsap messages to the entire world and all replied by RIP..
    I told some of my colleagues come friends don’t tell like that ,you can tell OHM Shanthi instead of RIP.For this all are asking explanations to me and I can’t give a clear and convincing explaintion for the same.
    Could you please help with on understandable justification for the same sir..

    Krishna Vande Jagad Gurum


    • Dear Amal bhaiya,

      So sorry to hear the sad news. I am praying for your friend’s husband, their daughter and the newborn baby. I know they must be going through a very sad time….

      Take care

      जय श्री कृष्ण

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    • Hello Amal.

      I offer my sincere condolences to the family of your friend. There are times when destiny can be extremely cruel. Did her death happen due to any negligence on the part of the doctors who treated her?

      The practice of saying R.I.P. which means ‘Rest in peace’, stems from Abrahamic religions. They don’t cremate their dead but bury them. This is because they believe in ‘the day of judgement’ when all dead people will be raised. By saying R.I.P, they wish the departed person’s soul to rest in peace until the day of the judgement.

      In the case of the Sanatana Dharma, on the other hand, the body is merely a garment for the imperishable Atman which. SBG 2:22 “As a person casts away old clothes for new ones, the embodied Self too casts old bodies away for new ones.” According to our Dharma, Atmans (or souls) don’t rest, but through various Janmas, they constantly move towards the Supreme Goal of Moksha. The Atman of a person is the same Supreme Energy or Brahman but during one’s Janma, it is locked in a body which has senses and a mind.

      Therefore when Abrahamic people say R.I.P, it means that they wish the dead person’s soul to rest peacefully within the coffin they are buried in until they are raised again, whereas, when we say ‘Om Shanti’ we wish the departed Atman ultimate peace by attaining Moksha or salvation after which there are no Janmas or births.

      You might want to be careful when you talk about this with Abrahamic people because they might take it as an offence when you say Om Shanti.

      I had written a post on this topic about four years ago:

      I wish the bereaved family lots of strength to bear the loss of the young lady.

      Jai Shri Krishna

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      • Hi Sir.
        Thanks a lot for the explanation..
        No sir,it’s not due to any medical negligence…All happened in a sudden…
        Krishnam Vande Jagad Gurum


    • Jai Shri Krishna Amal

      Extremely saddened to hear about the demise of your good friend Ria. My heartfelt condolences to her family. I sincerely wish, may Bhagawan Krishna give their family the strength to tide over this mishap.

      Incidents like these remind us that life is so so unpredictable.Every breath we take is a priceless gift.We seem to take it for granted my friend, without realizing that life can be snatched any moment in the form of death or loss of near and dear ones or any personal upheaval ,mental or physical.

      Once again, I pray for the bereaved family’s well being and sincerely hope that they are able to tide over this irreparable loss.



  24. New Post :

    Is Karmic Retribution True?


    Many people believe that troubles in life are a result of Karmic retribution. Well, it is quite understandable that past Karma could be a cause for not only the bad times that one experiences in life but also for the good ones, but calling it ‘retribution’, goes against the very principle of ‘Cause and Effect’. The term ‘retribution’ is defined as “a punishment for a….


    Link to the post: https://tavamithramsarvada.wordpress.com/2019/06/14/is-karmic-retribution-true

    Jai Shri Krishna

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    • Namasthe dear Sir and Family
      Well said sir, I am remembering the day I contacted you Four years back and how you made me as today.I was also thinking and asking to universe and god the same things like Why it’s happening to me and how I can get rid of that worst situation of my life..
      I am extremely thankful to you and our group who saved me from the difficult part of my life and give me all the hands for the survival.
      Thanks Thanks and I am really blessed and great full to Bhagvan for giving a mentor like you sir
      Krishanam Vande Jagan Gurum


  25. Publishing again due to an error in the hyperlink.


    I have been receiving emails from many of our friends in which they have written to me about their financial problems and have requested me to guide them in the right path towards seeking the blessings of Shri Mahalakshmi.

    The immediate steps I would suggest to all those who are eagerly awaiting Divine Grace to lift them up from stressful situations arising from monetary troubles would be to add the Mahalakshmi Ashtakam in their everyday prayer schedule. Close your eyes and listen to the Ashtakam three times. Try to learn the Ashtakam by heart and sing along or chant along with the voice in the recording. While listening to the Ashtakam, visualise all the material wealth that you wish for yourself in order to attain them into life. Do not forget to include The 5th Pearl of Social Responsibility in your prayers.
    (Tomorrow, 10/05/2019, being a Friday would be a great day to start this practice in order to attract wealth and fortunes into your life.)

    The YouTube video of the version that I have embedded on the page is the loveliest rendition of the Mahalakshmi Ashtakam that I have ever heard. The arrangement and the sweet voice of the singer are simply magical and heavenly.

    Click on the link given below to go to the page with the YouTube video, lyrics in the Devanagari script as well as the transliteration of the Mahalakshmi Ashtakam.

    May you all be blessed with an abundance of joy and prosperity.

    Jai Mahalakshmi
    Jai Shri Krishna

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  26. शुभ अक्षय तृतीया
    Shubha Akshaya Tritiya

    Lakshmi Gayatri Mantra
    ॐ श्री महालक्ष्म्यै च विद्महे
    विष्णु पत्न्यै च धीमहि
    तन्नो लक्ष्मी प्रचोदयात् ॐ॥

    Om Shree Mahalakshmyai Cha Vidmahe
    Vishnu Patnyai Cha Dheemahi
    Tanno Lakshmi Prachodayat Om॥


    May you all be blessed with an abundance of wealth that you may use not only for yourself but also for the welfare of others – Remember The 5th Pearl

    Jai Shri Krishna

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    • Thank you Krishna for your good wishes. I was intimated of your post by my phone and that is what I woke up to.
      The irony in my case is that Lakshmi has blessed me with more than enough but it is the sword of Damocles hanging above my head that I wish to get rid of.

      I pray for good health and prosperity for all.


  27. The Bhaja Govindam Hymn – The philosophy of life in a nutshell



    The ‘Bhaja Govindam’ by Adi Shankara, is one such hymn that can straightaway remove the blanket of ignorance due to the ego, that covers the mind most of the time. It is the ego which leads people into mental delusion thus causing them to do things that are sure to invite troubles, sorrows and challenging situations.

    Most religions command their followers to believe in a god, a person, in a book or in all of them but the Srimad Bhagavad Gita teaches ways to control and harness the mind which when left unchecked, can wreak havoc on oneself and also on others; but when mastered, can comfortably lead a person to the final goal.

    Listening to the introduction by Rajaji, reading the translation of the hymn, and listening to the divine hymn regularly can have a healing and soothing effect on troubled minds and can ensure that people do not go off course, which could cost them multiple lifetimes filled with trials and tribulations.

    The two videos, one of Rajaji’s introduction and the other of the Bhaja Govindam hymn sung by the amazingly beautiful South India Female Choir, are given below. I personally find this to be utterly blissful and the best among all other renditions of this Divine Hymn. It is a wonderful and heavenly mental trip that lasts 16 and a half minutes.

    You may visit this page to read and understand the meaning of the hymn.

    Jai Shri Krishna

    Original voice recording of Chakravarti Rajagopalachari fondly known as Rajaji.

    Below is the MS Subbulakshmi version of the song directed and created by Sai Madhukar and sung by the South India Female Choir.


  28. Namaste.

    It has been over five years since I started this blog/site. Some of my objectives are given below:
    – To share with others the miracles that I have been regularly experiencing in life,
    – Using the site as a place where I could think aloud, share my strong optimism and offer moral support through unconditional friendship to people in need of it,
    – To facilitate the reading and understanding of the Srimad Bhagavad Gita
    – To remind people that the Sanatana Dharma is based on nondualism and the omnipresence of Divinity
    – To disseminate knowledge of Dharmic scriptures
    – To help people overcome negative qualities such as fear, anger, hatred and violence
    – To aid people to overcome ego
    – To teach people the way to learn to sense oneness with the system
    – To enlighten people about the futility of following cults and organised religions
    – To learn the way to master one’s own mind by never trusting it but by mastering the art of using its abilities and raw power

    A very large number of people have visited this site, have read through my posts and many of the visitors have also contacted me personally. I consider it a great divine honour to have been given the opportunity to interact with so many wonderful people.

    However, there are still a lot of people out there who are clueless of what is happening in their lives, about who to pray to, which baba or swamy to go to, or how long all their troubles would last. The answer to all such situations would be to set everything aside and work on getting to know oneself, to realise the divinity of oneself, to understand that there are no planets or gods creating turmoil in their life but it is their own Karma that is the prime reason behind all seemingly unfair and also favourable situations in life.

    Most people are mentally trained to listen to speeches given by others rather than engaging in an analytical study of life through self-analysis, through reading, and also by observing events that take place in the lives of other people. In order to help such people, I have made some videos which explain the basics of some Dharmic scriptures such as the Upanishads, and of some important Shlokas and Mantras.

    Below are some videos which you might want to take your time to watch in the particular order they have been placed on the page. Never mind if it takes a few sessions through a couple of days. Do watch them and write to me your questions, comments or suggestions.

    May you stay blessed.

    Jai Shri Krishna

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    • Happy Anniversary dear sir…
      It’s you only helped us from all the troublesome situations of our life..
      From my thoughts the below mentioned are the some points that I studied from you
      1.Great Bhagavadgita
      2.About our dearest Bhagvan and how his protection to us
      3.How to handle difficult situations
      4.How to become a karamayogi
      5.How to avoid the dangerous word of this world EGO
      6.How to practice Gratitude
      7. About our social responsibilities and 5 Pearls
      8.How to be healthy.
      9.How to cook tasty Vegan dishes..😁
      10.About our culture ,sanathan dharma
      11.About Past Karmas..
      These are only limited in points…

      For curiosity,could all of our family memebers point ,what we learned from sir ..Hope it will be helpful for all and to rewind the things and move more confidently ,and for new members to get an idea about this site …

      ज्ञानं ज्ञेयं परिज्ञाता त्रिविधा कर्मचोदना |
      करणं कर्म कर्तेति त्रिविधः कर्मसंग्रहः || १८ १८ ||
      jnaanam jneyam parijnaataa
      trividhaa karmachodanaa
      karanam karma karteti
      trividhaha karma sangrahaha
      (SBG 18:18)

      Knowledge, the knowable and the knower are the three impulses that motivate action. The three constituents of action are the senses which are instruments of action, the actual work and the agent of the work.

      य इदं परमं गुह्यं मद्भक्तेष्वभिधास्यति |
      भक्तिं मयि परां कृत्वा मामेवैष्यत्यसंशयः || १८ ६८ ||
      ya idam paramam guhyam
      bhaktim mayi paraam krutvaa
      (SBG 18: 68)

      The one who teaches this Supreme Philosophy to My devotees, offers to Me the highest form of service and shall undoubtedly come to Me.
      Krishna Vande Jagad Gurum


      • Dear Amal Bhaiya,

        I am glad to read your comments after such a long gap! You have made a very good analysis! I asked our sir about you and he told me that you are fine. My life also got positively influenced by becoming a student of our teacher. My way of thinking has totally changed so I have become more peaceful. I also converted from vegetarian to vegan! My family members and my friends are saying that they can see the good effects on my skin. My general health is really superb after changing my diet.

        You are correct Tavamithram sir has kindly helped many people who were in deep trouble. I think my main benefit from him is I have become a new person without EGO! The 11 points given by you are spot on but one more point I learnt from him is that all are equal so no one is superior or inferior. After I removed some of my misconceptions from my mind I can feel that my life is also changing for the better. That is why Sir always says that everybody can change their life by changing their mind.

        I wish you and all our family members all the very best.

        Take care and keep writing regularly.

        Jai shree Krishna
        जय श्री कृष्ण



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        • Hello Reva
          Nice to hear you are happy…We don’t have to worry for anything.. We are in safe hands now…Our sir is helping us for everything and trying hard to make us a real and meaningful human..
          Yes ,It’s long time I write something,because of my location change and some logistics issue.Things all well with me and doing great by bless of Bhagvan..
          Krishnam Vande Jagad Gurum


      • Namaste Amal,

        Your post came at the right time when I was wanting to list out of all the changes I have undergone in my personality ever since I was blessed with the opportunity to come into contact with our dear Sir. The main miracle in my life is that my marriage which was almost ended but now my husband and I are together living happily.

        The best part is that we have become more spiritual than before but now we are enjoying life more than ever. We have started to treat life as a gift. I don’t know if you have seen it but on the other site tavamithram.com I watch the beautiful quotes about life sliding by. It feels so good.

        My list of take-home messages-

        1. Kick ego out of the mind. It was the main reason for our marital problems. My husband and I still have small fights but they are only out of love and affection without ego.
        2. Taking care of physical health through good diet and exercise.
        3. Help others in whichever way possible. I take tuitions for some poor children from a place near my house.
        4. I read the Gita in full at least once in two weeks. Sir told us in the beginning that everytime we read the Gita it will be like a new experience. I take less than 3 hours to read it. I do it in 3 parts as adviced by sir – chapters 1-4, chapters 5-10 and chapters 11-18
        5. After understanding that all the events on our life are only because of our own karma we have stopped getting angry with god or fate when things don’t happen as expected by us.
        6. We go to a goshala every saturday or sunday to feed cows and the other animals with our own hands.
        7. Once in a month I take my nephews and nieces to the goshala and after that to a home for the aged in which the children spend time with elderly people and give them a lot of happiness.
        8. We tell our friends and relatives to visit the TVMGita site and read the Gita. After they read it once we help discuss the different chapters and try to find out how we can apply them in our life.
        9. We don’t waste money on unwanted things.
        10. Our life has become very disciplined.

        It is good to think and write down our thoughts. I remember one of the first pieces of advice I got from Sir was to take two sheets of paper and write down on sheet all the things that I like in myself and on the other sheet all what I don’t like about myself. Now we understand how our own thinking affects our life.

        We thank our dear Sir for being in our life for us and all other people for sharing such golden thoughts.

        Affectionately from us in Delhi,

        Jai Shree Krishna


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        • Hi Vedhika
          Thanks for your reply..and glad to hear you are doing good with your better half.Starting a relationship and ending it is very easy in this world.But it’s very tough to maintain a realationship without any scratches.. Thanks and great full that you and your husband able to connect with sir on the right time.Plesse keep connected and remove EGO and enjoy this wonderful gift that you got from Bhagvan.
          The points you mentioned are very valuable and we can wait all our members come up with their takeaways…
          Convey regards to your husband also…
          Best wishes..
          Krishnam Vande Jagad Gurum


        • Jai Shri Krishna Vedhika

          It was so nice to read this post of yours. Every point you have mentioned clearly indicates the efforts that you have put ,the dedication with which you have chosen to implement the teachings of SBG in practical life, kudos to you and your husband.

          Your post highlights the clarity in your thought process.You are indeed blessed and I would say that you have been a true disciple of sir.

          Congratulations to both of you and may the blessings of Bhagawan Krishna continue to guide you. Stay Blessed.



          • Thank you very much Anupamji.

            Affectionate regards to you and to your family from us.

            Jai Shree Krishna

            Vedhika and Ram


        • Hi Vedhika and Amal,

          I enjoyed reading the brilliant posts from both of you.

          Old habits die hard so it is not so easy but when we try it should be possioble to change. After contacting Tavamithram Krishna sir things have definitely changed in me. The main thing I noticed in the points written by you all is controlling the ego! I fully agree with you. The charriot anaology has helped me very much to understand myself. It is the best explanation we can get to understand who we are. I explained to some of my friends here in the US using this analogy and they find it absolutely stunning. They have great respect for Hinduism now after I busted many myths from what I have learnt by reading from this blog.

          I am waiting for the new article from Sir on the effects of praying 🙂

          Have a great weekend!

          Good luck to all of you.



  29. Namaste.

    The Sanskrit term ‚Raajarshi‘ (many people spell it as ‚Rajarishi‘) (राजर्षि) means a ‚Royal Saint‘. Sage Vishwammitra is known as Raajarshi.

    In the present day and age, for a nation to have a selfless, honest, intelligent, courageous, strong, talented, suave, kind and modest leader is nothing short of a divine blessing. India has the honour of being led by such a great man who has earned the love and respect of not only Indians but also of others including people from states which call themselves enemies of India!

    A good leader is one who knows and honours his responsibilities, sacrifices his or her private life for the people, faces adversities bravely and leads the people into a great future. The Indian Prime Minister Shri Narendra Damodardas Modiji is one such modern Karmayogi Raajarshi who leads the nation and also sets a good example for people to emulate.
    SBG 3:21 „Whatever or whichever action an important person does, others follow him and copy him. What he does becomes a standard for the others.“

    This video which was aired today by India TV is a wonderful Q@A session with Modiji and is a must watch for everyone who understands Hindi. I hope someone adds subtitles to the video in a few days. The video which lasts an hour and 32 minutes, carries a lot of energy and great advice by Modiji who is one of the most popular leaders in the world.

    I personally recommend this video to everyone (Particularly Vrischikans!). The time spent will surely be worth it.

    PS: Coming to think of it, the dislike that some Indians have for Modiji could be due to three prime reasons:
    a. They are brainwashed and zombified religious converts whose religious leaders fill their heads with hatred.
    b. They are simply jealous of the man and his meteoric rise.
    c. They are slaves of the dynasty that believes it ‚owns‘ India.

    Jai Bharat
    Jai Shri Krishna

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  30. Response to @DhruvaAndLordVishnu

    The OED (Oxford English Dictionary) defines the term ‘unfair’ as follows:
    Unfair /ʌnˈfeə(r)/ adj. Not based on or behaving according to the principles of equality and justice.

    Please remember that anything that happens ‘automatically’ or by itself, is, in fact, a natural event which means that it is governed by nature which is always based on balance and justice. Since you find the Law of Karma to be convincing and that you find reason in the way this natural law explains, as you say, things that seem random and out of place, you might also agree with the concept called the ‘balance of nature’ according to which, all working systems maintain homeostasis or the state of equilibrium. Right from the functioning of the systems in the body of a human being or even in that of a tiny insect, up to great planetary systems, everything either maintains homeostasis or constantly strives to do so. This also applies to Karma. All beings are continually undergoing Karma balancing. Those who have achieved higher levels of Karmic balance are not only born and raised in non-dogmatic Dharmic families, but they become seekers and are also led by their destiny towards those who would teach them spirituality.

    Arjuna asked Bhagavan Krishna:
    SBG 6:37 Arjuna said: He who is unable to control himself although he has the faith, and whose mind wanders away from Yoga, what end does he meet, having failed to attain perfection in Yoga, O Krishna?
    SBG 6:38 Fallen from Yoga and Meditation, does he not perish like a detached cloud without any support, being deluded on the path of the Ultimate Truth, O Krishna?
    SBG 6:39 Please remove this doubt of mine completely, O Krishna, There is no one else who can remove it but You.

    Bhagavan Krishna replies:
    SBG 6:40 O Arjuna, neither in this world nor in the next world is there destruction for him; because the one who does good, O My dear, never comes to evil.
    SBG 6:41 After having attained the worlds of the righteous and after having dwelt there for many years, he who fell from Yoga, is reborn in the house of the pure and the prosperous.
    SBG 6:42 Or he is born in a family of even the wise Yogis which is a kind of birth that is very difficult to obtain in this world.
    SBG 6:43 There his previous divine consciousness is revived and he comes in contact with the knowledge acquired in his former body. He then works even harder in order to achieve perfection, O Arjuna.
    SBG 6:44 With the divine consciousness from the previous birth, a person gets attracted to Yogic principles as they will come to him even if he does not go behind them. Such a person strives for yoga and is steadfast in Yogic principles.

    You asked it wasn’t unfair for a person to undergo challenges for past sins despite having achieved a higher state of awareness and a better understanding of things. To answer this, it would be necessary to look back at the fact that nature is never unfair. Nature can never be unfair because by being unfair, nature would be going against its own nature of constantly working towards achieving equilibrium in all macro as well as microsystems. Secondly, the problem with many people is that they consider challenging or difficult situations in their life to be some kind of divine punishment for the sins they committed in the past. Neither are there punishments nor is there a punisher as taught in organised religions. No one is recording one’s actions or the Karma they collect. Karma is stored in the form of Gunas or attitude in the minds of people that they carry from one lifetime to another.
    SBG 15:08 When the soul which is the master, acquires a body, it takes the mind and the five senses from the body it has left, just as the wind takes different odours along with it.
    It is the Gunas that cause action that results in the new Karma.
    SBG 3:27 All actions are done by the three Gunas or the qualities of nature. But he whose mind is deluded by false ego and arrogance, thinks “I am the doer”.

    Let us take the example of a man who treated his wife very badly in one lifetime. When he dies, his Atman takes along with it, the mind and the five senses into the new body that it enters. Theoretically speaking, the attitude of the person will be the same as what he had in his previous lifetime unless he receives new input and undergoes a change in character and personality. In order for his inborn attitude, which might also be hidden in subconscious levels, to change, he will need some external force which will make him introspect and realise the flaw in his core personality. This force could manifest itself in the form of a bad or loveless marriage or separation from spouse through divorce or any other way. Until the man continues to carry in his mind animosity towards his spouse or ex-spouse and does not stop blaming her for all the troubles, the process of Karma balancing does not kick in. However, when he clears his mind of all hatred and anger, and also understands that whatever happened was the result of his own past Karma, he begins to alter his Guna and this results in the person’s Karma moving towards achieving equilibrium in the spousal relationship aspect of his life which could take effect either in the current life or in the following one.

    Therefore; one needs to understand that if troubles continue even after having shed one’s own ego and after having accepted their flaws; or after having offered total Sharanaagati before Krishna; it simply means that the state of Karmic equilibrium as far as that particular aspect in life is concerned, has not been achieved yet. Practising patience, completely removing the extremely narcissistic “Why me?” question from the mind, attaining a higher level of ‘I’less modesty, and follow the 5th Pearl of Social Responsibility and Social Service, are four important steps that can certainly help a person achieve peace of mind when going through an unpleasant or troubling patch in life, despite being in a higher state of awareness and having got rid of the tendency to repeat past follies.

    Being a Karmayogi, or in other words, being a person who performs action with no expectations or attachment to the result of his actions, is the safest and surest way to avoid being troubled by misleading thoughts of victimhood; of destiny being cruel or unfair; or of those of being punished for past sins even after having grown mentally and spiritually.

    Stay blessed

    Jai Shri Krishna

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    • Dear Sir,

      Thank you for your response!

      It has shed light on a lot of things I overlooked.
      I do believe that the universe is constantly working towards balance.
      And I had not fully understood the whole purpose of the Gunas in every birth we take.
      It all adds up now.

      The mind keeps trying to disturb the mental equilibrium and needs constant corrections. And it is during these corrections that we end up with questions.

      I thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing your wisdom and giving such a direct answer with a clear explanation.


      On Namo Bhagavathe Vaasudevaaya


    • Dear Sir,

      I very much liked the clarification given by you to the common question occuring in our minds when we face problems in life. I finished reading your reply to Dhruva I don’t know how many times but now everything is clear and my mind is calm. I think if we stop the habit of passing the blame on others more than half of our problems will be solved!I remember you told me during my first call to you that if everybody is taught about karma there will be no hate or crime or violence in the world.

      I also sincerely thank you for your guidance and the wisdom you are sharing with us. My thanks to Dhruv also for initiating this topic.

      Thanks and pranam sir,
      Jai Shri Krishna



    • Dear Sir .,
      One of the best Question / Ans session by Sir @ BG in response Question by our member … This question I had asked Sir few days back that how can we know the opening balance of our Karma . I am also witnessing similar feeling , having surrendered , accepted and with full prayers things are still not falling in place .. this leads to frustration .. fear that will we be able to recover by end of this life at least … ? Sir also mentioned earlier that due to our own nature of not trusting this fact we keep consulting around and do some thing which will cause a effect of delaying our opportunity of balancing Karma . So the best way is to pray Krishna to throw events which can clear our backlog of Karma as fast as possible . This way we can expect a definite lesser backlog for next period of life . One more aspect as Sir has said earlier that what we would have done otherwise if not repaid our Karma .. Life would have been mundane affair spent in Leisure , luxury .. instead we have opportunity to go through experience cycle , we fear of material thing body , insult , hardship especially comparing with near and dear .. forgetting this is going to be here only .. what soul will transgress to new life would be more purer ..
      In Srimad Bhaagvat 1.8.18-44] Kunti says to Krishna ..I wish that all those calamities would happen again and again so that we could see You again and again, for seeing You means that we will no longer see repeated births and deaths. ( search )
      Jai shri Krishna !

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    • Dear sir,

      My good time has started because I have got your contact otherwise I would have continued to undergo too much of mental turmoil. I have read this many times and I am feeling less pressure being so much more rlaxed.I will sincerely follow all what you have told me and will not allow myself to be swept away by wrong ideas. I pray for the welfare of you and your family.

      Humble regards,

      lone seeker


    • Dear Sir,

      Thank you Sir! It was indeed a wonderful write-up from you which is a great eye opener for all of us.

      When you are faced with challenges in life which appears insurmountable, what do you do? I would like to put forth few points that I learnt which are as below:

      Happier Mind – There is little that you can do to accomplish something great in your life if you are unhappier. Life offers challenges such as having a special needs child in a family, serious, life threatening illness of a close family member and so on. No matter what rough waters that you go through in your life, practicing happiness gives you that extra strength you need to overcome challenges.
      Strong Conviction – Having a strong conviction and believing in what you can do when you are in a challenging situation helps you as a guiding light amidst uncertainty and trying situations in your life.
      Passion – Once you are committed to a cause, please give your best with untiring efforts!
      Persistence – Stay focused on your course in the midst of challenges and opposition.
      Sincere Prayers – Reading stotrams and prayers certainly brings lot of inner peace and stability of mind. As you practice reciting stotrams, you will realise that there is an extra divine force that is supporting you in your efforts.

      I thank you once again for guiding all of us. All your articles are precious gems with life changing wisdom of truth.

      May Lord Krishna bless you all!

      Jai Shri Krishna!


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    • Namaste dear all,

      This is Deepika. Firstly I would like to thank dear Tavamithram sir for this reply. It gives answers to many questions which come to my mind. I have been regularly reading all the articles and writings from people on this site.

      I remember coming to this blog on Christmas day in 2015 and found hope in my life which was filled with tragedies, sufferings and sadness. The feeling in my heart became better after I poured out my story by writing about it. I used to be crying most of the time because I was feeling helpless. Then after getting help from Tavamithram sir, my approach towards life changed. After that, I have made good progress in my career and in my personal life. My divorce came through after some hiccups but I have no qualms about anything. I am following the advice given by sir and spending my extra time in a charity place for disabled children.

      The important thing I would like to share about getting mental calmness is that I am ready for anything but at the same time, I am not expecting anything. In my office, if someone is friendly with me I also reciprocate but if people are not good to me, I don’t get angry or become sad. By doing this my mind feels weightless. My hobbies are helping me very much. Sir is being my kind hearted mentor by giving me some of his time once in a month so he can monitor my progress and help me when I am in need.

      I am looking forward to read more questions and answers like this one.

      Love and regards to all

      Deepika (Dee)


  31. Dear Sir,

    I have read the Srimad Bhagavad Gita a few times now.

    I do however have a question that has come up lately.

    The Law of Karma is by far the best explanation that mankind has, to explain a lot of things that seem random and out of place, in life.

    Since the baggage of Karma that we all carry across lifetimes have different timestamps with them, now adding the element of different states of awareness, understanding of the mind as we performed those actions, makes everything seem a bit unfair.

    We can never know the real reason or the action of our past which has delivered a set of Karmic results that we are bound to endure now.

    Endure that, we must. In spite of being more aware in this lifetime.

    Given our learning, we may never repeat the same actions again if put under the same circumstances.

    So is it not a little unfair that whatever we do in whichever state of mind, they all come back to us no matter the growth, humility and understanding we would have accumulated now?

    Could you please elaborate on the topic for us?

    If anyone has the answers to this from their learning experience, i request them to kindly share their wisdom.

    Thanks and regards


    Om Namo Bhagavathe Vaasudevaaya


    • Hello @DhruvaAndLordVishnu,

      The question you have asked is one that troubles a lot of people who are going through trying times in life even after they have completely given up their ego and have surrendered before Krishna.

      I would like to give you a detailed reply this afternoon, which could be useful also to our other friends on this site.

      Jai Shri Krishna


      • Thank you sir.

        My understanding on the law may not be complete. Maybe that is why I have this question in my head now

        Why does it seem wrong that we have to endure the old karma when we are in a better state of mind, when we may not repeat the same actions under the same circumstances that gave us the old karma?

        An action that was done when we may have not known better, comes back as karma to endure when we actually know better.

        I do not know if I am missing something important here Sir.

        Could you please share your wisdom and correct me if I am wrong?


        Om Namo Bhagavathe Vaasudevaaya


  32. Namaste.

    The least but the most important things we could do during the limited period of our stay on the planet would be to refrain from doing harm, and to do good to others and to nature whenever possible. It is the best way to prevent the amassing of negative Karma, and work on building more positive Karma which can ensure a nicer and smoother future. One can never go wrong by doing good and by being helpful or useful to others.

    Jai Shri Krishna


  33. Modiji is asked what his response would be if he ever found an ‘Aladin’s lamp’ and if the genie of the lamp offered to grant him three wishes. The reply given by Modiji stuns the interviewer. Modiji says, “If I ever found such a lamp and if it were true that the lamp possessed such powers, I would tell the lamp to put into the minds of educationalists in the country my request to stop teaching young people such a ridiculous story that there is something that grants them boons. Instead it would make more sense to teach young people to strive for what they wish to achieve.”

    Modiji’s lateral thinking is probably one of his amazing qualities that make him not just an awesome national leader but also a wonderful world leader to reckon with.

    May Modiji be victorious in the current elections and lead India and her people into a bright, prosperous and peaceful future.

    Jai Shri Krishna

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  34. Jay Shree Krishna,

    As per your advice i have started reciting the Aditya Hridayam along with the Geeta 2.07 verse daily …… as a result….i have got a new energy following in me.. things moved… the bottle necks are slowing make way for the flow of things in life… Thanks to you for showing the path in which i have to walk… the battle is huge … but with blessing of Lord Krishna i am sure that this Arjuna will be able to over come everything… the things which once look impossible will now happen…. once i get more clarity i will take appointment with you for a conversation over the weekend..

    Jay Shree Krishna….



  35. Dear sir,

    I wholeheartedly thankl you for elaborately clarifying all my doubts in mind! I want to talk to you for undertsanding the adhvaitha subject better. Sending you mail requesting for appointment.

    Humble regards,

    Lone seeker


  36. Sir I think you should conduct a full fledged regular course on Hinduism. I have learnt a lot in the last few days which has flabbergasted me thinking my knowledge was so poor before studying all the topics on this blog. We have been fed with so much of wrong information about our own culture which is really a shame.I once again thank you wholeheartedly.

    A lone seeker seeks


    • Hello SK.

      It is good to know that you find my posts informative and useful. Thank you for your suggestion about a course on the Sanatana Dharma. However, we already have an entire section that serves the purpose of explaining at least basic facts about the Advaita Vedanta Philosophy. https://tavamithramsarvada.wordpress.com/the-sanatana-dharma/
      I hope you have been through the section. Have you been through the post titled ‘Why should I study the Advaita Vedanta?’ ? – Have you read it?

      I have written quite often on this site about the corruption of the ‘God concept’ even among Dharmic people thanks influences from Abrahamic religions in which God is a separate entity. Here is another post – ‘The Divinity in you’, which briefly explains certain important aspects of nondualism or the fact that every being is divine and that God is not separate.

      It is saddening and upsetting when people raised in Sannatana Dharmic families ask stupid questions such as ‘Do you believe in God?’ We also have ‘atheists’ among Sanatana Dharmic people! The ‘Do you believe in God?’ question would make sense to people who go by the concept that God created the earth and all beings and that ‘He’ (yes, God in major religions of the world has a gender which is always masculine) lives up above in the skies, because they have something, whose existence they either believe in or don’t believe in. When someone asks me the question, I first ask them to tell me what or who they mean by God because it is only after that I would be able to tell them whether I believe in such a God or not.

      Divinity exists equally everywhere. No one and no being is superior or inferior to the others.
      SBG 13:27 “The person who truly sees is the one who sees the Supreme Soul or the Supreme Bhagavan, existing equally in all beings, the unperishing within the perishing.”

      Continue being a seeker because that is exactly what wise and learned people of our Dharma strongly recommend and encourage. It is also one of Krishna’s prime teachings to Arjuna – SBG 4:34

      Stay blessed.

      jai Shri Krishna


  37. I am glad my search finished by hitting bullseye and found this super site! It is practical and very easy to relate to. Very grateful for the timely help. Meditation is helping me very much but having steady concentration is a big challenge. How to get fully calm mind? Please advice.


  38. Dear Sir,

    Jai Shri Krishna! Thank you for your excellent post!

    Essentially our past karma is already gone and cannot be rewritten. What we have in our control is our thoughts, words and deeds so that we don’t accumulate negative karmas. This is something all of us can imbibe and make a conscious decision on every action that we do.

    Basically keep your thoughts on check. Keep your mind positive. Keep away from any source of negativity so that your mind does not get distorted.
    Before carrying out any action, please give it some time, think judiciously and then act. There is an old proverb „Act in haste, repent at leisure“.
    Please do not take any important decisions when you are in low mood.
    Trigunas – Tavamithram Sir has already mentioned about Trigunas and how it affects our actions. To control rajasic and tamasic tendencies, have a balanced diet and take sattvic food as much as possible. What we eat is what we are!
    Humility – being humbler has its own advantages. It can avoid many conflicts in life.
    Loving and acceptance – Loving and acceptance starts with self first. Self-acceptance is the first step before extending it to others.

    Just some practical steps that helps our karmic journey better.

    May Lord Krishna bless you all!


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  39. New Post

    Beware of God Vendors and Traders

    Complaining about difficulties in life is something that is quite common among people. I can understand when ‘spiritually poor’ people who are mental slaves of some organised religion, or those who have been brainwashed by God vendors or soul traders do it, but it is painful to see Sanatana Dharmic people upset, complaining, fretting, fuming and cursing god or their fate, due to challenges that they face in life. This only indicates that they haven’t the faintest idea about the natural Cause and Effect principle and about the Advaita Vedanta Philosophy….


    Jai Shri Krishna

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  40. Namasthe to all,

    Many thanks to Guruji. I have written a detailed mail to him but I cannot share it here because of some of my personal matters in it. I am trying to imbibe all the lessons to accept all types of good and bad experiences.

    Thanks a lot to Guruji for guiding and blessing us.

    Sincere regards,



  41. 🙏🙏🙏 A great leader is a wonderful teacher who sets a good example for the people of his land. Modiji has set the right example and has turned all responsible Indians into ‘Chowkidars’ in their own respective areas of work.

    Srimad Bhagavad Gita 3:21 “Whatever or whichever action an important person does, others follow him and emulate him. What he does becomes a standard for the others.” https://tvmgita.wordpress.com/gita/chapter-3/

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  42. Dear Sir,

    Again another hard hitting post from you. After cultivating the habit of not getting affected by lot of things happening with me I can feel light.

    Thanks and pranam,
    Jai shri Krishna



  43. Namaste.

    @Pavani, please treat this as my response to your mail dated 4th April 2019 to me. I am posting it here so that it could also be of use to others who are in situations similar to yours.

    What I give below also contains a part of a reply that I gave one of our friends yesterday for some other question that he asked.

    Life is the time between the first and the last breaths. Everyone is born with a death sentence which happens to be the only thing that one can be sure of in life. However, we don’t live our lives thinking everyday of this inevitable truth, but we simply live our lives as if our end was either very far away or by not thinking about it at all. The work we do and all the experiences we have every day, keep our minds occupied and they prevent us from giving too much importance to the fact that our time on the planet is running out at a steady and fast pace.

    An interesting life is one in which many things have happened. The more varied the experiences, the more eventful and colourful one’s life can be. I am thankful that it is exactly how mine has been so far! Ups and downs come and go. Every experience only makes a person richer in knowledge. Of course, it also depends on how one stores the knowledge gained, processes it in the mind, and applies it when necessary. A life in which one has all material comforts can be a nice one but it can also be monotonous and boring apart from not being enriching. Necessity is the mother of invention and when there is no necessity, there is no invention and therefore no new knowledge or intellectual growth.

    Take the example of a film producer who wants to make a blockbuster movie. He has a choice between two plots for the film:

    1. There was a rich king who lived a comfortable with wife and kids. When he grew old, he died.
    2. The entire life story of Chatrapati Shivaji.

    Now, ask yourself which one of the two choices would make a great blockbuster film. You did not say it would be the first one, did you?!

    A life with multifarious experiences is in fact a great boon. Learning; as well as intellectually, spiritually and Karmically evolving; form the very purpose of life.
    Did you get cheated by someone? Great! Be careful next time!
    Did someone attack you? How thrilling!
    Someone broke your heart? Well, be strong the next time and ask yourself a hundred times if you should be opening your heart before another person and give it to them!

    Make sure to record all that you do in life, particularly, how you handle different kinds of crises during challenging times in your life. All your experiences add to the number of pages of your book! What you write down can be a great piece of work for the benefit of your children and others in the future.

    Let us be sensible and practical – When you face troubles in life, be it during Sadé Sati, Shani Dasha or whatever period, you would be foolish if you tried to find ways to escape from it because it is a situation that was caused by the past Karma of none other than yourself, and balancing it, would be the only way out. Secondly, by trying to escape from a challenging situation by consulting astrologers, babas, swamies, necromancers, etc. for ‘remedies’, you would only be letting a great learning opportunity for self improvement slip through your hands by not intending or attempting to learn anything from the situation you are in. I would like to make the following statement which I like very much: “Nothing is permanent, not even troubles, pains and sorrows.” Yes, everything changes. All situations change. Whatever happens, whether it is good or bad, the one thing that you can be sure of is, that it will enrich you with knowledge thereby making you wiser.

    Having conditions in life cause pain because you don’t always get what you want. Whereas treating every moment of life as a Divine gift and all that comes with every moment of life as Divine Blessings, makes life beautiful, worthwhile, rewarding, satisfying, peaceful, joyous and Karmically beneficial.

    When you feel that the going is tough, remember to stay calm, have a balanced mind, take all the necessary steps that you should be taking, and not being attached to the result. The tough situation you so dread will soon pass and you will be fine again. That’s nature.

    Jai Shri Krishna

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  44. Indian Elections – Making the Right Choice


    History has it that entire civilisations were wiped out through mass slaughter; millions of people were killed in the name of religion, god or some book that was said to contain the word of god; barbaric dictators ruled over vast lands that were…


    Jai Shri Krishna


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