Seeking Forgiveness

Arjuna seeks Bhagavan Krishna’s forgiveness.

Verses 11:35-47 of the Srimad Bhagavad Gita.

Arjuna is overwhelmed seeing Bhagavan Krishna in His Universal Form. He realises that Krishna, whom he had treated as a dear and loving friend all the while, is the all pervading Supreme Being Himself.  Arjuna said to Bhagavan Krishna, ” Out of my love for You, without even knowing Your Greatness, I have addressed You as O Krishna, O Yadava, O Friend!” – (SBG 11:41)

He prostrates before Bhagavan Krishna and humbly requests Him to excuse him for mistakes he may have knowingly or unknowingly committed or for any disrespect he may have, due to his ignorance and foolishness, shown to Bhagavan.

In the last verse of the Bhagavad Gita, Sanjay states that wherever there is Arjuna the archer and where there is Bhagavan Krishna the Lord of Yoga, there will be prosperity, happiness, victory and firm policy. This means that people with the kind of devotion Arjuna had for Bhagavan Krishna are sure to be prosperous, happy and victorious.

Just as Arjuna sought Bhagavan Krishna’s forgiveness, all His devotees seek His forgiveness and for His love, tolerance and guidance forever.

SBG 11:35

Sanjay said to Dhrtarashtra:
Having heard the talk of Bhagavan Krishna, the trembling crowned one (Arjuna) with folded hands and joined palms, prostrating before Bhagavan, spoke the following in a faltering and in a fearful voice,

SBG 11:36

Arjuna said:
Rightly, O Hrishikesha (Master of all senses -Bhagavan Krishna), glorifying You delights everyone and all of them get attached to you. The perfected beings offer their respect to You and the demons flee in all directions out of fear .


SBG 11:37

Also why should they not offer their obeisances  to you O Great One (Bhagavan Krishna)? You are better than Brahma the creator, O Infinite Being (Bhagavan Krishna)! O Lord of Gods! O Abode of the universe! You are the imperishable Being and the cause of all cause and the effect and transcendental.

SBG 11:38

You are the original Supreme God, the ancient Personality, the Supreme Sanctuary of this universe. You are the Knower and the Knowable. You are all pervading,  transcendental and have unlimited forms. The entire Cosmos is pervaded by you.


SBG 11:39

You are air, fire, water, the moon and Brahma. You are the Divine Controller and the Grandsire. I offer You my respects a thousand times, again and again.


SBG 11:40

I offer you my obeisances from the front, from behind and from all sides. Because You are everything with unlimited potency, unlimited force. You are all pervading and therefore You are everything.


SBG 11:41

Out of my love for You, without even knowing Your Greatness, I have addressed You as O Krishna, O Yadava, O Friend!


SBG 11:42

O Bhagavan, in whichever way I may have disrespected You, out of foolishness, for fun, while resting, while dining, when alone or when in the company of others, I beg You to excuse me.
SBG 11:43

You are the Father of the entire universe, of the moving and the non moving. You are the greatest Spiritual Master. No one is equal to You, nor can anyone be greater than You. You are the immeasurable and unequalled Power in the three worlds.


SBG 11:44

Therefore prostrating before You in obeisance, O Supreme Bhagavan, I beg You for Your Mercy and to be tolerant towards me as a father would be to his son, a friend to his friend or a lover to his beloved.


SBG 11:45

I am delighted to see You in this universal form that I have never seen before but my mind is certainly filled with fear. Therefore O Lord of Lords, O Refuge of the universe, please be graceful and reveal to me your previous form.


SBG 11:46

I wish to see You in that form with four hands, with a crown, bearing a mace and a disc. Please just become that form, O thousand armed Universal Bhagavan.
SBG 11:47

Shri Bhagavan said:
O Arjuna, My Cosmic form has been shown to you with my own internal power which is infinite and fully of glory. This form of Mine has never been see by anyone else apart from yourself.


Jai Shri Krishna