It’s all in the mind

When you doubt your power

Bhagavan Krishna says to Arjuna: (SBG 6:5-6)

“It is important for you to lift your lower Self by your Higher Self and you should never depress or downgrade yourself. Your mind is a friend as well as your own  enemy.”  

“The mind is the greatest friend of the one who has conquered it. However, for others, the mind is the greatest enemy.”

How do you know who you are, and how do you know that you exist at all? When you are asleep, you are neither aware of yourself nor of anything around you. Awareness exists only when you are awake and conscious. It is only in your state of consciousness that you are aware of who you are, what you are and where you are. If you are conscious, it means that your mind is awake. It is absolutely essential to comprehend that the mind is not you.

Bhagavan Krishna explains to Arjuna (in Verse 15:08 of the Srimad Bhagavad Gita)

“When the soul which is the master, acquires a body, it takes the mind and the five senses from the body it has left,  just as the wind takes different odours along with it.”

The mind is actually your slave that often tricks you into believing that you are your mind. The conscious mind is extremely powerful, with the potential to achieve almost anything. It is your subconscious mind that records everything you think, say and do, and not some guy up in the clouds watching you through a spy cam. All thoughts and actions are observed as well as recorded by the subconscious mind, which is where Karmic information of a person is stored and also carried along into the next Janma – see above SBG 15:08. Every deed, however simple or great, begins as a simple thought in the mind of a human. With a mind that is under control, there can be no limitations in all that one can attain. Therefore, the most important step to achieve a goal is to make up one’s mind to do so.

Happiness is a state of mind. Your success, power, wealth, relationships and general well-being can be easily influenced by the state of your mind.

When you are happy, you are more generous, kind and forgiving. This means that happiness actually makes you Godly. Negative feelings such as fear, anger, envy and pride  disturb your innate Divine qualities.  They can lead you into unpleasant situations. Those who are confident of themselves and are well aware of being a part of the eternal system have no reason to carry any kind of ill feelings in their mind.

Worrying is not only a waste of time, but it creates negative images in the mind which have the propensity of turning real. Instead, have faith in yourself and follow the path of righteousness.  Success is sure to be yours.

There is no better source of motivation and energy than your own mind. With Krishna in your heart and mind, nothing but the sky will be your limit.

Focus is extremely important. An undecided mind can achieve nothing.

SBG 2:41 ” In this path, O Arjuna, there is a single point of focus and determination. The thoughts of the undecided are branched and are infinite.”

Arjuna expresses his difficulty in controlling his mind. Bhagavan Krishna listens to him and asks him to achieve mind control through practice.

SBG 6:34 “The mind is certainly restless, turbulent, strong and unyielding, O Krishna! I think it is extremely difficult to control it just as wind is.”

SBG 6:35 The Supreme Bhagavan said, “Undoubtedly, O mighty armed Arjuna, the mind is difficult to control and restless. But it can be restrained through practice and dispassion.

Go through the following verses carefully. It would be better to read the translations of the verses first in order to understand them. You could then go for learning the verses by heart.







People face different kinds of problems with various issues and everything begins in the mind. 

Abuse •Addiction •Adolescent Issues • Anger •Anxiety • Assertiveness • Bereavement • Body Image •Burnout •Career and Work Issues •Career Guidance for Students •Chronic Illness •Conflict Resolution •Dating and Courtship •Decision Making •Depression •Divorce and Separation •Eating •Examination Stress and Fear •Emotions •Failure •Fears •Forgiveness •Grief and Loss •Guilt •Infidelity and romantic Affairs •Jealousy •Loneliness •Marital Relationship Problems •Perfectionism •Personal Growth  •Self-Esteem •Sleep Problems •Stress Management •Taking time out for yourself •Weight Issues and so on.

Connect with us to learn ways to harness your mental energy and to use it constructively. Life is too short to be wasted on hatred, phobias and on organised religion. Love is the natural and eternal language that every living being understands. The ancient Sanatana Dharma is the eternal and natural way of righteous living. 

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If you change nothing, remember, nothing will change. Change your thought patterns and change your life …

There is only one thing that is completely under your power and that is your mind. All successful people are those who learned how to harness the power of their mind. Feelings such as dejection, frustration, anger, jealousy, hatred etc. stem from the lack of understanding of the ‘I’ within oneself. The belief that a planet, God or someone else is causing harm to a person in a difficult situation is pure mental delusion. Nothing can bother a person who has understood that the ‘I’ in him/her is nothing but divinity.   This awareness leads to a peaceful mind at all times. Managing the mind should be the FIRST STEP before doing anything else in life because a mind which is out of control is the prime cause of all problems and sufferings apart from leading a person to collect more and more negative Karma which is sure to make the future even more difficult and challenging.

What is absolutely in our power

Learn to master your mind. You will be proud you did it because of the super-efficient personal assistant you will find your mind to be.

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