Narayaneeyam 8/13 Mantra to cure serious disease

This Verse no. 13 from the 8th Dashakam of Narayaneeyam composed by Sri Melpathur Narayana Bhattathiri in the 16th Century CE is a summary of the entire Bhagavatpurana.

This Shloka has been personally recommended by the Sage of Kanchi (Kanchi Mahaperiyava) Mahaswamy Chandrashekharendra Saraswati for people afflicted with serious diseases, particularly cancer.

This Mantra has been recommended by Kanchi Paramacharya for patients of serious diseases such as cancer.

NARAYANEEYAM, which is basically a summary of the Bhagavatapurana – भागवतपुराण, was composed by Melpatthur Narayana Bhatatthiri in the 16th Century CE. The NARAYANEEYAM consists of 100 Dashakams containing about 10 Shlokas or verses each.

This particular Shloka which is the 13th one from Dashakam 8 is a supplication to the Supreme Being for relief from illnesses.

Narayaneeyam 8-13


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