Past and present Karma and their effects on a person’s Karmic evolution.

Being born into a rich family or as children of successful people alone is not necessarily the result of good past Karma. If being born in rich families were to be due to good past Karma, what about severely disabled or very sickly babies born to extremely rich parents and absolutely healthy babies born to parents living in abject poverty? Being born in rich or poor families are only various stages in the process of one’s Karmic evolution. It is the past Karma of a person that determines the family and surroundings in which a baby is born and raised. Your present is the result of what you did in the past, and what you do today, will determine your future. A person’s past Karma forms the home position or starting point of every Janma or ‘leg’ in their Karmic voyage towards attaining Supreme Consciousness. What one does with whatever one has been provided with by their destiny, solely remains with them and that depends on their own ‘Guna’ or nature and also on the steps one takes to alter those Gunas.

The ultimate results that people expect in return for whatever they do or aspire to do, apart from their natural desire to continue to live, are happiness and satisfaction, which are both nothing but states of their mind. Whether it is winning a war or a game, acquiring large amounts of wealth, marrying the person one loves or buying the car one has always dreamed of, it is that special state of mind which is always the final goal behind every endeavour of man. There are countless ways that people take in order to achieve a special state of mind and they include performing noble deeds and also committing horrible acts that satisfy one’s pride. When the happiness achieved is due to noble thoughts, words and deeds that are in accordance with Dharma or due to Divine knowledge gained, there is further progress in one’s Karmic journey. However, when it is achieved by causing harm or though any Adharmic act, it locks a person in a vicious Karmic cycle which is difficult to break.

SBG 16:19
These cruel haters are the worst among people and they are sinful. They are always thrown by me into demonic wombs life after life, in the cycle of life and death. 

What really signifies good past Karma and good Karmic progress, is a person’s birth as an offspring of good people even if they are not rich, highly educated or well placed in the society. It is the past Karma of a person that automatically causes their birth in circumstances, which in some way or the other, are favourable for their Karmic progression. This is also in the case of the birth of good people who might have inadvertently collected some negative Karma in their past Janmas due to which they are born into families undergoing challenging situations, but due to their Dharmic values and hard work, rise above the rest.

SBG 6:37
Arjuna said:
He who is unable to control himself although he has the faith, and whose mind wanders away from Yoga, what end does he meet, having failed to attain perfection in Yoga, O Krishna?

SBG 6:38
Fallen from Yoga and Meditation, does he not perish like a detached cloud without any support, being deluded on the path of the Ultimate Truth, O Krishna?

SBG 6:39
Please remove this doubt of mine completely, O Krishna, There is no one else who can remove it but You.

SBG 6:40
Bhagavan Krishna said:
O Arjuna, neither in this world, nor in the next world is there destruction for him; because the one who does good, O My dear, never comes to evil.

SBG 6:41
After having attained the worlds of the righteous and after having dwelt there for many years, he who fell from Yoga, is reborn in the house of the pure and the prosperous.

SBG 6:42
Or he is born in a family of even the wise Yogis. Which is a kind of birth that is very difficult to obtain in this world.

SBG 6:43
There, his previous divine consciousness is revived and he comes in contact with the knowledge acquired in his former body. He then works even harder in order to achieve perfection, O Arjuna.

SBG 6:44
With the divine consciousness from the previous birth, a person gets attracted to Yogic principles as they will come to him even if he does not go behind them. Such a person strives for yoga and is steadfast in Yogic principles.

SBG 6:45
But, the Yogi who strives sincerely, is purified of all sins and he is gradually perfected through many births and finally, he reaches the Supreme goal.

Past Karma cannot be altered and therefore there is no point in thinking why one is born into a rich family or into a poor one. Instead, being thankful for everything one has and being conscious of every new action is absolutely essential because through every thought, word or deed of a person, they create new Karma which will determine their future both in the worldly as well as in the spiritual planes. What we are today is the result of our past Karma and what we do today will create our future. Although all actions have reactions, the way to remain unaffected by them is to do everything as a sacrifice unto Bhagavan Krishna.

SBG 9:27
Whatever you do, whatever you eat, whatever you offer in sacrifice, whatever you give, whatever you practise as austerity, O Arjuna, do it for Me and as an offering unto Me.

SBG 9:28
By doing so, you will be freed from the bonds of action that result in good and in bad. By being free and with your mind guided by the principle of the Yoga of renunciation, you will attain Me.

Being bound by Dharma and performing, to the best of one’s abilities, whatever duties destiny gives them, is supported by Divine guarantee of Karmic advancement through Karmayoga.


SBG 18:65
Fix your mind on Me, always think of Me, be devoted to Me, sacrifice unto Me, and you shall come to Me. This is my promise to you as you are dear to Me.

SBG 18:66
Giving up all your ideas of righteousness or religion, take complete refuge in Me. I will liberate you from all sinful reactions. Do not fear.



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