Responsible Soul

One World – One Family

One World – One Family

Life is a Gift – Live it Responsibly

Being Responsible

Have you ever heard of a responsible person who made others feel bad, hurt others, committed social crimes, did anything against the norms of society or humanity in general? 

Cause and Effect

Being responsible means carrying the responsibility for all that one says and does, and not blaming others, the planets, or God for anything that goes wrong in their lives. People are directly responsible for the lives they lead. In a way, even the birth of a person was caused by them simply because it was their own past Karma that got them their birth.

Everything that happens in life, in society, in the world, in the universe, and so on are based on the natural principle of Cause and Effect. The whole of existence is on a continuum of causes and effects.

Life is the Greatest Gift

Life is the greatest gift that is being showered upon every living being every moment of their life. The least we could do in return for the most formidable gift could be to live it responsibly. 

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The ‘Responsible Soul’ network aims at spreading the Supreme Divine Knowledge of the Srimad Bhagavad Gita, through discourses, discussions, videos, workshops, and other interactive ways, and enabling people to apply the knowledge in their lives thereby learning to live a healthy, free, peaceful, blissful, prosperous, fulfilling and Karmically rewarding life.