Sadé Sati

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“Graduation” Day for Vrischikans


At last – the END of SADÉ SATI for Vrischikans!

* Worried about being under Sadé Sati? Did anyone tell you that you are doomed until the end of the dreaded period?


Before we begin talking about this topic, let’s get one thing straight –


It is your own past Karma that has shaped your present. Therefore work on making necessary course corrections now and be careful of what you think, say and do because through your thoughts, words and deeds in the present, you will be writing your own future destiny.

YOU - The Diamond

If you are on this page, it could well mean that you feel either you or someone close to you has been affected by the Sadé Sati period.  Reading this page and going through other posts on this site should prepare you for the challenging times to come and also help you learn to protect yourself from babas, swamies and other such people who make a living out of fooling gullible people and exploiting them. The basic ‘law’ is very simple – NO ONE OTHER THAN YOU CAN BALANCE YOUR KARMA. You can take advice and guidance from others who have been through similar situations but no one can do anything to wipe your past Karma. You might want to learn ways to balance your Karma which is the only way to achieve progress in the process of your Karmic evolution. 




Past and present Karma..

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  • Karmic retribution. Well, it is quite understandable that past Karma could be a cause for not only the bad times that one experiences in life but also for the good times, but calling it ‘retribution’, goes against the very principle of “Cause and Effect”. The term ‘retribution’ is defined as “a punishment for a crime, especially punishment which is carried out by someone other than the official authorities.” It means that retribution is a punitive action carried out by a ‘doer’, or someone or some entity that carries out the punishment. People usually believe the ringed planet Saturn to be the one that causes troubles in their lives. The planet is blamed when jobs are lost, businesses crash, when accidents happen or even when a spouse or loved one decides to leave. Until people continue to be convinced that there is an external force causing challenging situations in life, neither can they achieve peace of mind nor can they plot a clear path towards a higher state of spiritual and Karmic evolution. Can you imagine singling out one single-celled bacteria in a remote corner of your stomach, knowing it by its first name, and causing it to suffer or die by sending a dose of anti-bacterial drug specifically aimed at it only because you want to punish it for being a part of a ‘team’ that had caused you a stomach ache some time ago? That is how far fetched imagining that planet Saturn is out to destroy your career or family is! THERE IS NOTHING CALLED KARMIC RETRIBUTION. Such absurd ideas are similar to the concept of a personal God residing in heaven, of Satan, of sin, hell, eternal damnation or of a purgatory, propounded by certain organised religions, and they stem from the lack of rational thinking and of ignorance of the timeless Advaita Vedanta and the priceless teachings of Dharmic scriptures, particularly, of the Srimad Bhagavad Gita, which are absolutely scientific, rational and logical. Karma is not recorded in some ‘Divine or heavenly server’ with the planet Saturn managing the system. How ridiculous can it be to think of something like that! A person’s Karma is recorded in his or her own mind in the form of general nature, character and attitude which are called Gunas. The mind which does not have a physical form but is a particular pattern of the flow of one’s thoughts based on one’s nature, is carried by the Atman or the life force when it leaves one body at the end of a Janma and enters into a new one (SBG 15:08) It is the Gunas that cause action which either balances previous Karma or adds more to it. Based on the ‘Cause and Effect’ principle, all of us attract both ‘good’ as well as ‘bad’ into our lives. We might not do it consciously but deep within our mind, the processes of attracting and repelling are constantly taking place. The ancient system of Vedic Astrology reveals the patterns that take place in people’s lives. A person’s mind which has been conditioned to attract or repel certain aspects in their life continues to do so over a period of time until he or she is ‘woken up’ by the mounting effects of doing so. That is when self-realisation happens. The Sadé Sati is one such period. This pattern is indicated by the seven and a half year course that Saturn takes to transit through the 12th and the 2nd houses from the natal moon on one’s chart. Digging into one’s natal chart, waiting for the Sadé Sati period to end without working on oneself, logically speaking, can get no positive results. Remember, “If I continue to be what I have always been, I will continue to get what I have always got.” An idle mind can only add more negative energy to a person. It is lamentable to see educated people actually cursing planet Saturn believing that it is the planet that is causing them troubles in life, not getting them a good job or a not helping them find a good life partner! Entertaining such silly ideas in the mind can surely have one effect and that is of DELAYING the beginning of a (positive) change in your life. The first step I would suggest to people who feel that they have been affected by Sadé Sati or by any other ‘unfavourable’ planetary period would be to put everything aside, go to the ‘Bhaja Govindam’ page, read and understand the philosophy of life explained in it in such a crisp and direct manner; and then read the Srimad Bhagavad Gita (Only the translation with no detailed and also boring explanations!) followed by three of my posts given below:
  • Bhaja Govindam 
  • Srimad Bhagavad Gita 
  • Why me?
  • Bitter First, Sweet Later 
  • The Prisoner’s Dilemma 

It would be of great importance to completely remove the thought of being a victim of a ‘planet’s cruelty’, of Karmic retribution, of someone’s curse or of some witchcraft performed against you by one of your adversaries or enemies. Such a thought of victimhood promotes the swelling of ego through the feeling of entitlement and it increases self-pity to dangerous levels. The cause for both good as well as bad is within you. It normally takes some time to understand this and to actually carry out a major corrective procedure in one’s personality. If changes have still not happened in your life, it could only mean that your Gunas have not fully changed yet and not that Saturn has not given up its project to destroy you! Imagining Saturn to be a tough taskmaster is a metaphor which helps in making people comprehend the importance of self-improvement.

I know a lot of people who have been through extremely gruelling situations in the last few years of their Sadé Sati but are in fact immensely thankful for all that happened. They have offered complete Sharnaagati and have succeeded in ‘resetting’ their Karmic course.

Take a look at the Shloka 18:66 of the Srimad Bhagavad Gita: “Giving up all your ideas of righteousness or religion, take complete refuge in Me. I will liberate you from all sinful reactions. Do not fear.” This Shloka means that when a person clears his or her mind of fallacious ideas of life, happiness, wealth and success; all their past negative Karma would also be wiped out. It only shows that it is never too late and that there is always a possibility to set things right.

The gratitude of the people that I talked of above for the trying period they have been going through which included, shocking downfalls, insults, loss of position and wealth, being let down or abandoned by those whom they trusted with their life, and other arduous events; is because they have now found their true Self which is nothing but sheer Divinity. 

Jai Shri Krishna”

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Sadé Sati – what next?


Vedic Astrology

Understanding Sadé Sati

Sadè Sati Notes

The three Margas (Paths)

 A number of Dhanu Rashians (Moonsign Sagittarius) and Makar Rashians (Moonsign Capricorn) have contacted me telling me about new difficulties that have all of a sudden cropped up in their lives.

I would like to stress on an important fact that not everyone is hit badly by SadéSati. However, it would be sensible for people under SadéSati to act in a precautious manner, and yet not give any room for pessimistic thoughts and ideas.

Of course, there must be a lot of people (who are doing well), who would tell you that Astrology, Sadé Sati, Mantras and all that philosophy stuff are nonsense.  Well, that’s what people who are happy and successful in everything would normally say. That is in one way the result of the illusion caused by the ego – or rather, the ‘I’ in a person. When things go well, they are under the impression that they created it all but the moment things begin to go wrong, even they begin to blame the stars! That’s when they realise that they were merely participants in whatever happened. People who feel they are affected by SS (Sadé Sati), will need to first understand what SS and its significance are.

Before you proceed, I would suggest that you make a firm decision right now – whether you would like to become an astrologer or if your priority would be to only choose the right direction on the great Karmic crossroad in your life that you are in right now. This is very important because in case you happen to be a pessimistic person, you should be considering getting out of here and try finding others who are in trouble, are pessimistic and most importantly those who love to say, that they are ‘victims’ of fate! Some typical clueless pessimists blame that beautiful ringed planet Saturn which can contain in its belly 700 planets the size of planet earth, and also other heavenly bodies for all the havoc in their life! They waste their time discussing Vedic Astrology and planetary movements instead of working on identifying the problem and its cause with the aim of finding a solution. It becomes a weakness for many people and also something very important for a lot of bearded and ochre robed babas and gurus, who capitalise on it, make a hell of a lot of money out of it and end up growing rich and fat.

When things suddenly start going wrong, people turn frustrated and angry about their own destiny. This causes disturbances in the mind and when the mind is not calm, people tend to take wrong decisions and commit big blunders which could have serious repercussions in the future. Such a state of mind shows on the face and it also greatly affects the aura of a person making them less attractive to people, to favourable situations, and to good opportunities……read more

Click here to read the 6 month ‘Sadé Sati adaptation’ plan  (opens in a new tab)

Welcome to the period of rediscovering and reinventing oneself!

Vrischika (Scorpio)   :  Ended 3rd phase CONGRATULATIONS!

Dhanu (Sagittarius)  :  Entered 3rd phase

Makar (Capricorn)   :   Entered 2nd phase

Kumbha (Aquarius) :   Started  1st phase 


Saturn Transit on 24.01.2020

With Saturn transiting into Sagittarius,  Vrischika Rashians are out of the Sadé Sati period while Kumbha Rashians will start their 7.5 years of balancing Karma. 


Learn Sharanaagati which is the one and only and also the surest way out of the challenging situation you are in right now.

Read this before you proceed:

One of the most common FAQs regarding Sadé Sati is  – ‘How do I find out if I am under Sadé Sati or not?’

Well, here is the answer. Saturn takes about 30 years to transit through the 12 Zodiac signs or the 12 houses on a natal chart. The heavy, dark and slow-moving planet takes about two and a half years to traverse through each sign. The seven and a half years that Saturn takes to transit through the 12th, 1st (the moon sign of the native) and the 2nd house (one sign after the native moon sign) is the period which is known as the ‘SADÉ SATI PERIOD’. Although the Sadé Sati period begins the day Saturn enters the 12th sign on a chart, its effects start months prior to the onset of the period. It can be compared to the development of dark and heavy Cumulonimbus clouds or Cbs that cause intermittent bolts of thunder and lightning before the beginning of a heavy downpour. Scary? Well, the Sadé Sati period is generally dreaded by most of the people that are aware of Vedic Astrology.

Everyone’s life follows a particular pattern since their childhood. Many things seem to repeat themselves very often in life. People, therefore, are waiting for that big change to happen in order to break some of the negative patterns in their lives. The Sadé Sati period is one such period which intimates those affected by it, that a big change is about to happen and that a new pattern is going to take shape very soon. Vedic Astrology tells us to regularise our life’s pattern and bring about discipline in our life.

It generally starts with a totally unexpected big jolt. This jolt shocks the native who wonders what happened to him/her all of a sudden. As a matter of fact, it was the subconscious mind that was actually longing for a complete change in life. People under Sadé Sati realise that in spite of all the efforts they put in, positive results stay elusive. This is when people begin to believe in the whole system that governs the life of each individual. They also understand that the success they had all the while until the big jolt came, was not just a result of their desire and work but most importantly, it was the result of their destiny or Karma. This is the beginning of the destruction of the ‘I’ and the ego in people. People begin to understand that egoism, egotism, arrogance, violence, harshness, etc are the biggest causes of disturbances in life. They begin to ‘mellow’ down and start looking for spiritual support. Well, this is exactly what is supposed to happen during the Sadé Sati!

People start looking into themselves to identify their own negative qualities which they feel may have ’caused’ their downfall. They calm down as a result of the realisation that there is some other force that has a bigger influence in their life. This is the beginning of modesty and humility. One learns to appreciate criticism whether constructive or otherwise.

In order to simplify this tough learning phase in our lives, our ancestors have prescribed very simple steps that those under Sadé Sati may follow. These steps help people bear the pressure caused by this period and also soften its malefic effects. Things like abstention from intoxication, from consuming meat and developing patience are after all very good for the health of the natives undergoing this phase! No one can deny that.

There are some soothing Mantras in Sanskrit which may be learned and recited regularly. This also has a kind of amazing effect on people. Pronouncing Sanskrit shlokas correctly and visualising what they mean, have a great effect on your minds, on your nervous system and on your soul.

The Shlokas that are suggested particularly for such tough periods are:

  • Vakr thunnda maha kaaya..
  • Pranamya shirasa Devam
  • Maha Mrutunjaya Mantra
  • Sarvabaada prashamanam…
  • Shani Mantra – Neelanajana samaabhaasam…
  • Aditya Hridayam
  • Narasimha Stotram- Runa vimochanam (Devata kaarya siddhyartham…) This is a Mantra to help in reducing the Karmic burden that one carries.

Many of you may find chanting of Mantras to be boring, absurd and ridiculous. Please go through this page in order to learn about the importance of Mantras.

SBG 17:03

Interpretation of the verse 17:3 :

The natal chart of a newborn baby indicates its past Karma or Prarabdha Karma and the general life pattern is predicted by astrologers based on the past Karma. Planetary positions indicate the Karma that a child is born with. So this means that every child is born with a certain destiny. Past Karma cannot be altered or manipulated, but present and future Karma can certainly be worked on. Achieving a Karmic balance is the way towards Moksha. Jivaatmas (souls) go through numerous births on their way to achieving to Moksha or salvation.  This is explained clearly by Bhagavan Shri Krishna to Arjuna just before the beginning of the Mahabharata war.


The Gita prescribes three principal paths or Margas to attaining salvation.

They are:

Bhakti Marga: The path of devotion, faith and love

Karma Marga: The path through right actions or deeds

Gnana Marga: The path through knowledge

All the three are obviously necessary out of which the Karma Marga is the ideal one to balance negative past Karma. Therefore by performing right actions as per the Dharma helps us earn more positive Karma. This also means that life in the current Janma can still be consciously controlled by the native. I have come across hundreds of people who are presently under Sadé Sati and are not affected by it at all. The one common thing that I found among almost all of them was that they were all involved in work that helped other people. Or rather, their work affected the lives of many other people and their presence on the planet was useful to others. One can easily infer from this that since they were already following the rules of Karma, they did not need another course by undergoing Sadé Sati.

A certain religious doctrine says that children have to pay for the sins of their parents! What? What kind of a God could that be? If that were to be true, what would a child ‘paying’ for the sins of its parents pray to God for? This is the problem with religions created by people. They do that with the view of controlling the minds of the masses whereas the eternal Dharma or the Sanatana Dharma is based on the Law of Karma.  

Karma is the justest and most fair justice system. You do good, you get it back. You do bad, you get that back too. There is no escape. People who understand Karma well, never hold others responsible for their difficulties. Each and every person is DIRECTLY responsible for his or her own destiny! Blaming others for bad times actually adds to Negative Karma. People say things like, ‘If only I were born in a rich family,’ or, ‘I wish I were born in a Royal family,’ and so on. But actually Jivaatmas design and create their own destiny. Each Jivaatmas takes birth in a particular Janma for a fixed amount of time with destiny. He or she is shown the way through different signs. This is explained very well in Chapter 2 of the Srimad Bhagavad Gita. The scriptures of Sanatana Dharma do not impose anything on anyone. There are absolutely no rules, Dos or Don’ts. The entire process or Karmic Balance through spiritual evolution is a process which is beautifully and metaphorically explained in the Srimad Bhagavad Gita. People need to simply read, understand, infer and apply the principles in their life.

Absolute Faith in Bhagavan Krishna has the great Power to soften and to a certain extent override the ill effects of Sadé Sati. This protects people from many unpleasant Karmic situations. People who go through difficulties end up as wiser and stronger people. Learning is a process that continues until one’s last breath and heartbeat. There are so many people who treat difficulties as part of some curse. They feel they are being punished. NO. There is no punishment in this system – it would be better to call it CORRECTION.

One of the Indians that I deeply admire and respect is the former President of India (Late) H.E. APJ Abdul Kalam. What was his background as a child and what did he grow up to become! He followed all the three Margas and charted his future Karma. There are very many highly inspiring ‘rags to riches’ stories that prove that present Karma influences future Karma. Everyone has a small window at their disposal which they can use to balance past Karma. I call it the 60 20 20 Karma Balance programme. When a child is born, it carries a lot of past Karma which amounts to 60% of the total Karma. The child grows up into an adult and in due course performs actions which accrue Karma. This amounts to 20% of the total Karma. We are now left with 20% and the good news is that this is a small window of Karmic Balance that is at the disposal of people. This option that people have, is the only way to clear Karma and make progress in the journey of the Aatman towards Paramaatma.

The Sadé Sati period is a great learning experience and the sufferings and miseries that come along should be treated as tough lessons that guide people to shed EGO and to choose the right path. Ego, arrogance, and other such ugly qualities actually reveal the amount of Negative Karma or Negative energy that a Jivaatma carries. Ego blocks rational thinking and it makes people ungrateful. It destroys intelligence and intellect. Ego causes excessive avarice. This is because ego, conceit and arrogance give people the feeling of being above others and hence they feel they have the right to tread over others and also snatch what belongs to others. There have been so many cases of powerful people coming down only because of their ego and pride. The adage, ‘Pride comes before a fall,’ has been proven very often to be true.

Well, let’s get back to  Sadé Sati. I call it the ‘shock and awe’ principle that governs the 1st phase of the 7.5 year Sadé Sati period.  I have seen that people usually take about 1.5 to 2 years to figure out what is happening and towards the end of the 1st phase they realise their own faults and also the most important truth that EGO has zero value. Once they realise this and stop pitying themselves, they start making realistic plans with social causes in mind. Those who attain this level of consciousness before the end of the 1st phase,  don’t have much to worry about during the remaining 5 years.  Below are two verses 3:19 and 20 verse from the Bhagavad Gita that speak about Social Responsibility.

SBG 3.19-20 CSRThere are many astrologers who talk about terrible things that according to them, will happen during the 2nd and the 3rd phase of the Sadé Sati period. They say that ‘even death can happen’. Well, death can happen any time, be it Sadé Sati or not! Instead of promoting a positive mental attitude, spreading around such fatalistic ideas is the worst thing any sane person should be doing.

The most important point that I wish to stress upon is that the FUTURE lies in our hands. Absolute faith, a 100% positive attitude, well-defined goals and social responsibility SBG5-25are the chief success Mantras.

The first phase is supposed to be the toughest part, which for Vrischikans is over.  Those who have shed their ego and vanity and have surrendered before the Lord, can now expect some relief because Shani will be away from the 12th house or the Vyaya Bhava.  The 12th house or the Vyaya Bhava is the last house of the Zodiac. This house indicates losses, debts, solitude, confinement, humiliations, etc.  But as per Vedic Astrology, the Karmic lessons will continue through the 2nd phase of Sadé Sati because Shani will be in Rashi.

A feeling of dissatisfaction will continue and one should stay away from pessimists. This site has a page with motivational and inspirational videos which you might want to watch in order to derive inspiration from people who rose to great heights despite having almost nothing to fall back upon.  It would be advisable to keep calm, think positive and never utter harsh words to anyone.  Letting go of the past is most important. Many people wrote to me gloating about their glorious lifestyle in the past that they had lost when Sadé Sati started. They need to learn that life after Sadé Sati will most likely not be the same any more. Things will be different, but also much better than before. People need to take time with themselves to try and find new avenues in life. Worrying and imagining that misery will befall upon them is, of course, a sure way of inviting new troubles in life that were not even destined for them!

Worrying is of absolutely no use and it is a sheer waste of time. Spending hours scouring the net looking for predictions is also a terrible waste of time. It would be impossible to make general predictions for people born under one Rashi. The only fact about Sadé Sati that can be generalised is that it is a time of Karmic Balance. If Sadé Sati were all that bad for all Vrischikans, how is it that Mr Narendra Modi had a landslide victory and became the Prime Minister of the largest democracy in the world, right in the middle of the first phase of his Sadé Sati ? He is a living example of a wonderful Karma Yogi who is putting his heart, life and soul into his work. His Karma Yoga will protect him and lead him to his goal destined for this Janma of his. An important example of a rich and successful Vrischikan is Melinda Gates. She was born on 15.08.1964 and she too is under Sadé Sati. One should not forget that all of us are in various stages of our own Karmic Evolution. Therefore comparing each other based on the degree of troubles, failures or success makes no sense.

Watch this video before continuing:

The Sadé Sati period, as I said above, is the time for a major course correction in life. Setting the right course for a journey of the next two to three decades would be the most ideal thing to do at the moment. In just a couple of years after the end of Sadé Sati, those who ‘suffered’ would really be thankful for all the lessons they learned during the dreaded period. This is absolutely TRUE.

People must be extremely careful and do their best to save every Penny they can keep aside and develop patience and modesty. Unnecessary spending must be totally avoided. Engaging in social service activities gets very good positive Karma. Developing high morals and self-discipline will leave a lasting impact on individuals. This will be of great use during and after Sadé Sati.

I write about being socially responsible because it is one of the most important qualities to possess.  It is the correct way to live.  Developing a strong feeling of being one with nature and the system gives us tremendous strength and courage. People who lead a life that is useful to others feel very confident and well protected by the System.

Learning to value and respect time should be one of your prime goals during this period. People undergoing a downtime could consider learning a new language or any new subject during this period. Whatever one learns during this period will be a great and valuable investment for the future.

Feeling disturbed, worried or scared are different states of mind and they can be consciously influenced and altered. For example, when our mind is clouded with fear, we try to drive such thoughts away but they keep coming back again and again and make us feel uncomfortable. The best would be to overcome such discomfort caused by an unpleasant state of mind, is to look straight into the thought that comes in the mind and take deep breaths for about three minutes and then change to fast breathing for two minutes. The result will be more than satisfying.


Most of those desperate people who communicated with me are now happy and are in tune with their Karmic flow. This shows them doors in places where there were only walls. Miracles can happen any time and people need to be ready to experience them. Miracles happen every day, every moment.

People who are affected should try to fully understand the concept of Karma and strive to achieve a perfect ‘Karmic Balance Sheet’ before the end of this Janma. It is most important to comprehend that there is no God nor planet that is trying to target and destroy you. The one and only way is to achieve a balance between negative and positive Karma.

The following powerful Shlokas are most important during the Sadé Sati period. People under Sadé Sati need to learn these Shlokas/ Mantras and recite them every day.

Aditya Hridayam Mantra  – Click here for the text.

Mahalakshmi Ashtotra ShathanamavaliClick here


Shani Mantra 

नीलांजन समाभासम
रविपुत्रं यमाग्रजम
छाया मार्तंड संभूतं,
तम नमामि शनैश्चरं

Neelanjana Samaabhaasam
Raviprutram Yamaagrajam
Chaaya Marthanda Sambhutham
Tam Namaami Shanaishcharam (NOT Sanaiswaram)


Neelaanjana samaabhaasam : One that glows like a bluish black mountain
Raviputram : Son of Ravi or the Sun God
Yamaagrajam : Elder brother of Yama DharmarajaChaya
Marthanda Sambhutam : Son of Chaaya Devi and Marthanda the Sun God
Tam Namaami Shanais-charam : To you I pray O Lord Shani

Aditya Hridayam – One of the most powerful Mantras

Click here to go to the Aditya Hridayam Page

Those of you who are under Sadé Sati should not be delaying in learning this Mantra by heart! The first advice any Vedic Astrologer would give to a person under Sadé Sati or any other ‘Dosha’ would be to chant this Mantra. Aditya Bhagavan or The Sun is the source of all energy on earth.

But for the Sun there will be no Solar System, let alone the planets and any kind of life form on them.

Those who wish to learn the Aditya Hridayam Mantra may do so with the help of the following video tutorial with the recitation done at a lower speed.

ॐ शं शनैश्चराय  नमः॥  Om Sham Shanaischaraya Namaha


Download Mahalaskhmi Ashtotra Shatanamavali text ———–

I posted this on our Discussion Forum on Krishna Janmashtami day (24.08.2016)


Make a strong resolution to take complete refuge in Bhagavan Krishna on this day of Krishna Janmashtami.

Learning or being taught.

Namaste and Jai Shri Krishna.

Today is the Janmashtami (Birth on the 8th day from Full Moon) – Birthday of the Krishna as an Avatara on earth.

Krishna is the all-pervading Brahman. Following His Divine Teachings is the perfect way to a happy life and also to Karmic evolution. Sanatanis do not have some wacky commandments that they are forced to follow. This is because, the Sanatana Dharma basically guides ‘Atmans’ to evolve Karmically and hence using the faculty of intellectuality during a Janma as a human, is of utmost importance. Commandments are good only for brainwashed people whose minds have been permanently numbed in order to prevent them from thinking.

The teachings of the Sanatana Dharma are through metaphors because using examples with vivid descriptions is the best way to drive home a point. However, people tend to stop progressing intellectually and karmically, and they end their journey somewhere on the way. They either become a sycophant of some swami (who also happens to be another mortal like them) and swear to die at his feet or, by taking metaphors too seriously and by being upset with God or even with ‘innocent’ planets in the solar system!

People who are in trouble or undergoing difficult situations need to understand the fact that NOBODY, NO GOD or NO PLANET is doing anything unto them! Thinking and also believing that someone is doing bad things unto them leads to anger and a delusional way of thinking which will NEVER let the person get out of that vicious cycle of troubles and temporary solutions. It is necessary to understand that the prime cause for our situations is our own thought patterns! Or rather, it is our own mind! It is very easy for a person to counter this and say that his or her thought patterns are correct. But if that were to be the case, why are things not moving towards a better life for many people? Ego is the most toxic and harmful feature in anyone’s mind. It stops them from listening to even close and trustworthy friends and relatives have to say. Listening to what others say is actually receiving free information from another person who gathered the knowledge through his or her education, hard work and experience. Why should anyone be so naive to say NO to such priceless knowledge that comes from others for free? You don’t have to do what they say but you can at least listen, can’t you?

Isn’t it absurd and irrational to think that Saturn a planet, which can fit over 700 planets the size of the earth within itself, would be ‘spending its time’ conspiring to destroy a human being who is only temporarily existing on earth? People need to understand the deep metaphor of Sadé Sati and Shani Dasha. Vedic Astrology, the Gita and almost all Sanatani customs and traditions teach simple ways to comprehend this fundamental principle of ‘Cause and effect’, a.k.a. KARMA.

Karma is the root cause of everything. However, the good news is that since our Sanatana Dharma does not propound fatalism and eternal damnation, each and everyone can, through devotion, right thinking and right action, achieve Karmic balance and a new positive life pattern. How and why should anyone have a problem with this thought?

Accepting Krishna fully into your heart must not be compared to the kind of acceptance of leaders and prophets that other cults expect their followers to do. In the case of Sanatana Dharma, neither is there any coercion nor are there any threats of hell! Krishna teaches us something extremely profound and eternal. Understanding and ‘accepting’ Krishna is the highest and the most certain way to break a never-ending cycle of negative Karma and more negative Karma. Those who don’t follow the path of Dharma will not be tortured by ugly men in hell or sent to eternal fire. The only thing is that there will be no Karmic evolution for them until they understand Karma and correct their thought patterns. Learning or being taught are the two options Karma offers.

I have come across a lot of people who with a closed mind go through (but not read and understand) the Gita. They find that nothing has changed in their life. Of course, there won’t be any change in life until thought patterns have fully changed! Thoughts attract or repel opportunities and also people. Thoughts are responsible for future events in one’s life.

How lucky we are to be blessed with the Bhagavad Gita which has answers to all possible questions! Think of those who have bizarre stories of creation thrust into their throats. Are we not lucky? Are we not Karmically advanced? What are we waiting for?

Kill your ego, dump all ludicrous and bird-brained ideas spread by organised religions and take complete refuge in Bhagavan Krishna. He will show you the way. (SBG 18:66)

Happy birthday dearest and greatest Bhagavan Krishna!
We love you endlessly!!

Hare Rama Hare Rama
Rama Rama Hare Hare
Hare Krishna Hare Krishna
Krishna Krishna Hare Hare

Jai Shri Krishna

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Therefore take the biggest decision of your life to never waste your time on worrying again. Cast all your fears, doubts and uncertainties out of your mind; meditate on Bhagavan Krishna place all your challenges, difficulties, worries, anger, hatred, sadness, self-pity and all other emotions that bring you down; at His Lotus Feet and experience being His humble devotee, disciple and child.

Jai Shri Krishna


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Below is a recent communication on our discussion forum:

Namaste Sir,

While I try to stay away from all the confusing astrological aspects of sun signs and moon signs; we all know that one of the factors that bind us all here is that many of us are of Vrischika Rashi and we are currently in the “peak” of our Sade Sati.

But this seems to be a major milestone month that warrants some attention. On October 10th Jupiter, the giver of gifts and luck made it’s monumental move to Scorpio for a period of 13 months. And then on October 26th, Shani will (finally) leave Vrischika Rashi and we will officially begin the final phase of our Sade Sati. Strangely it will be more than a total of 7.5 years when Shani’s Sade Sati period for Vrishchika Rashi will end on January 23, 2020.

I truly pray to Bhagavan Krishna for relieving the pain of all my fellow Vrischika Rashians here on Tavamithram site. Under your guidance, we have found solace and have tried our best to follow the Five Pearls of “Faith”, “Gratitude”, “Knowledge & Work”, “Vision” and “Social Responsibility”.

However, as we enter the final phase of our Sade Sati this week, could you guide us on what should be our ideal state of mind?

Jai Shri Krishna

Hello Krsna Kumar,

What you have asked is one of the prime concerns of most Vrischikans who currently are in their final stage of Sadé Sati. You must have noticed that I write quite often about the seven and a half year period not being a curse but an important phase in a person’s life that helps them evolve Karmically. It is during this ‘dreaded’ period that people realise an important truth that never occurred to them earlier – They realise that all the things they thought that they had done until then, were not done by them at all! Neither the good things nor the bad things. All those things happened on their own and that the only plausible reason behind why all that happened could be their own Karma and certainly not anyone else or something that others did to or for them. The Sadé Sati is a period in life when people actually understand that EGO is nothing but an illusion and what really matters are life and consciousness which are the greatest gifts. They also realise that no one or nothing belongs to them, not even their own body. The greatest takeaway from this period is that, the Self that exists in ALL BEINGS is the same and that no one or no being is superior or inferior to another : SBG 13:28 Such a person perceives the same Supreme Bhagavan dwelling equally everywhere and he does not degrade his own spiritual well-being by mistaking his ego to be the Self like the way ignorant people do. He, therefore, reaches the highest goal.

It is really kind of you to pray for other Vrischikans to be relieved of pain. However, it would be necessary to discern between ‘mental pain’ or ‘mental suffering’ and physical pain. Physical pain is a natural defence mechanism in living beings that lets them know about an injury to their physical body in order for them to take the steps that are necessary to stop further damage to it. This mechanism protects the physical body and its parts which are perishable by nature. Whereas on the other hand, feeling emotionally hurt stems from attachment, possessiveness and ego. When we talk about mental pain, it is essential to comprehend that it is a direct result of a certain degree of vanity, some selfishness, attachment and the feeling of entitlement or that of being a ‘doer’. The Sadé Sati period usually teaches people that every moment of life is miraculous and needs to be treated with great respect and thankfulness. This is because anything can happen to anyone any time and if everything is going well, it could only be due to Divine Grace. An experienced person who has been through challenging situations in life, knows that nothing and no one belongs to them. That person who is conscious of the fact that he or she possesses nothing or no one also knows that they have nothing to lose and therefore have no fear at all. Such a person with a balanced mind is known as a ‘Stithapragnya’. He or she does not feel ‘entitled’ to things in life, is always thankful for whatever they have and always maintains a balanced state of mind.

Shree Bhagavan Krishna said: *
*SBG 2:55 One who gives up all desires of the mind, O Partha (Arjuna), and when one has a purified mind and is in a pure state of the soul, he is called a “Stithapragnya’ or a man of steady consciousness.

SBG 2:56 He who is not agitated or disturbed despite the threefold miseries, or is also not euphoric when he has comforts, and he is free from attachment, fear and anger is a sage with a steady mind.

SBG 2:57 He who is free from attachment and neither rejoices when he achieves good nor hates evil has steady wisdom and perfect knowledge.

Bhagavan Krishna is the only Truth.
SBG 9:17 I am the father of this world, the mother, the dispenser of the fruits of actions, and the grandsire. I am the Holy One to be known; the sacred monosyllable Om, and also the Rig, Yajur and the Sama Vedas.
SBG 14:27 I am the abode of Brahman, the immortal and the immutable,
of everlasting Dharma and of absolute bliss

SBG 18:55 By supreme devotion, he knows Me in truth – what and who I am.
Knowing Me thus, he enters into Me at once.

Below is a video which was made a few months ago which I had somehow missed publishing. It was unlisted. The three verses from the SBG 5:25, 12:03 and 12:04 should help people in adopting a modest, peaceful, happy, warm and gratitude-filled life especially after having borne the brunt of the Sadé Sati period.

May peace reign in the world.

Jai Shri Krishna


Krishnam vandé Jagadgurum


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70 thoughts on “Sadé Sati

  1. Dear Guruji,

    Jai Sree Krishna, I am 46 years ,date of birth May 9th 1969 ,Time of Birth:10.18 am on Friday, Place of Birth:Mysore,Karnataka,India,Married ,Wife is a Gynaecologist and Onstrestician

    Gothra-Shatamarsha Gotra ,2nd padha,

    Nakshatra: Dhanushta

    Gothra-Makara Rashi

    Iam an SAP Analyst working in Dubai and my manager asked me to look for a job and it is very difficult to get a job in UAE in my field SAP,

    I am very worried and not getting sleep ,please guide me if i will retain my job or will i loose my job.

    When will i get a new job if i loose .

    Awaiting your prediction


  2. Born on 24 March 1981, 11:45 am,Bangalore. I am blank, I lost my job on July 2013, mentally unhappy


  3. Sir very nicely explained everything about sani Sade sati . m experiencing sadesati , which is in last phase now. Experiencing too tough in my life, n yes ego dt “I” word vanished from my mind. Everyday I break thousand times n make my mind again dt time ll change definitely in my favour. Thanks for your motivation


    1. I’m uniform person. I’m very afraid to go my duty stn… because some one enemies are follow me… more anonymous call recd me…pl can i go to my duty… b3cause sade saathi first part starting in my life


      1. Namaste Sunil,

        Please write to my email address given on the home page.

        Jai Shree Krishna


  4. Hello Sir,

    Thank you for your valuable words. I will try my best to follow what you have guided me. It is just only a beginning, As i have to achieve a lot during this time.
    One more time thank you sir for your guidance.

    ~ Abhishek


  5. Dear Thavamithram sir,

    I am Deepesh Agrawal, Date of Birth : 16 Nov 1982 , Time :01:00 am and Place of Birth: Indore.

    Currently I am facing lot of problem in my career due to which I am not able to concentrate on wan work.
    I read your blog and try to understand the effect of sade satti . Just want to understand the effect of sade satti on my career and when will be the career related problems will get resolve. Thanks


  6. Hello Friends,

    I am Abhishek Singh from Pune and i am here to share my experience with you all about my Sade Sati period. As i am a scorpio and it is second phase of Saturn Sade-Sati. Like you all, i was also scared that would i have to suffer a lot more as compare to my first phase of Sade Sati.

    So before sharing my experience with you all let me give you my background details. At the age of 21 i had started my career with a very good US based Software company in Pune with a very good salary package. However, I was among the few students of my college who was successful in cracking the job by its own efforts. However, I struggled a lot in my career as i was working very hard to prove my self to my seniors about my credibility but it always went vain. No one used to value my work and they used to lambast me for my efficiency. Meanwhile, when my Saturn Sade Sati phase had started in Nov 15 ,2011, Suddenly I lost my job. The day i still remember and it always keep haunting me till today. The day was April 3rd, 2012. It was like “awe” and “shock” for me. At that time i had no savings, all the small amount i saved went to deposit my loan amount from the credit card , and last i had lost my self-respect , confidence and all the loving ones who were very much close to me.

    To get me next job it took almost 110 interviews and 10 months of my life. Yes right, I had to appear for 110 interviews to get a Second job. I was jobless for 10 months and wherever i went i was always getting rejected. I felt demotivated, lost my confidence and i wasn’t able to think straight. Initially, I was not well aware about why am i suffering so much. However, I was able to get a job with a low salary package but the situation haven’t changed much. My peers always criticize about my work and once their was a chance that i was about to loose my job again.

    However, around last year on March 2014 I met Mr. Tavamitram Ji (Facebook), He cleared my concept about Sade-Sati and he also suggested me that how could i achieve any thing by improving my karma. When i learned about this and started following with true belief, You won’t believe it that in two months i got a very good opportunity from a Indian based MNC at a decent Salary package with only 10-15 attempts. I joined this company on last June 2014 everything is happening as what i was trying to achieve from the starting of my career. My peers / seniors respect me and appreciate my work a lot. They value my efforts and inputs. Even i got an increment in salary which i haven’t received from my previous employers till then. One more thing, Getting selected for this company itself a matter of prestige. As this company is very selective in hiring someone. First time in my life i was happy and i was enjoying my work. As you know that Saturn has a different plan for me. Last week i got an opportunity from a very Big US based MNC with a salary package of around 10 lakhs to work for their firm. Surprisingly, the day was Saturday.

    Friends, Saturn is like our best friend who wanted to help us from getting out of the troubles and teacher who wanted to teach us very valuable lessons in our life . Now i consider Saturday as my lucky day because all the good things that has happened is on Saturday mostly. As i do remember the words of Tavamitram ji when he told me that “Abhishek, if you could understand the importance and value of Sade Sati the second phase would be a golden period of your life.” This was his exact words and i think it is happening. Guys, I have experienced a lot more good things in this 3 years but this was my major event of my life in the second phase of Sade Sati. So i would suggest that please follows the Karma sincerely as suggested by Tavamitram Sir and believe in your self. You never know how you best friend ,ie, Saturn could surprise you.

    FYI, I am only 27 years old and I am highly grateful to Saturn who has helped me in my tough time a lot and Second my parents for believing me & supporting me and last but nor the least Tavamitram Sir who guided me to become what am i Today.

    Thank You Tavamitram Sir & Friends.


    1. Dear Abhishek,

      thank you for your message. You are a perfect example to prove that dedication and patience always bring rich rewards. (Shraddhaa aur Saboori) I am very proud of you and of your positive mental attitude. When you called me last month while I was in India, I could easily sense the sheer optimism you have in you. The positive spirit will make you stronger and it will take you places.

      I am very glad to know that you have found a great job and that you are happy. You have understood that your past Karma was the direct reason for the troubles you went through. The last 10 months have taught you very important lessons in life that will take you greater heights in your career and life. For everything there is a time and the destiny factor is something that is absolutely unexplainable.

      In my opinion, all of us are given the capacity to slightly alter our fate. The first thing that we need to do in order to activate this capacity in us is to remove fear and worry from our minds. This helps us understand that everything that happens, happens for a reason. All simple and small incidents are pieces of a much larger picture which will be revealed only when all the tiny pieces are put together in their right places.

      In one of my earlier posts, I wrote about the major disadvantages of checking out on astrological predictions on the net. First of all, they are only general predictions for the twelve moon signs. Looking into natal charts and consulting a lot of people are not only waste of time but they also kill the enthusiasm and energy in people. Instead reading motivating stories of successful people and also watching such films contribute in strengthening the minds of people.

      Your message has motivated many of the followers of this blog and they have written to me with new hope, vigour and energy.

      May Bhagavan Krishna Bless you abundantly

      Jai Shri Krishna


  7. Respected sir, my dob is 23rd June 1983. I am in 2nd phase of sade satti. Even I had lot of problems in the 1st phase.i want to know whether we will lose our loved ones for the rest of our life I mean inspite of they being alive. I was in a relationship for 3 yrs and now he has changed I don’t know the reason but I dnt want to lose him because I have a daughter from him and I was pregnant again when my daughter was 5 months old I got aborted now I don’t want to lose him I don’t know what to do I am very disturbed plz advice me sir. In his house they want him to get married soon his mother know about our relationship he cannot disclose our relationship because I am married to somebody else. Because always my husband used to drink and hit me always he used to insult me in front of his relatives friends. That’s when I met this person. He promised me so many things I trusted him completely and now he has changed. Is it all because I am under the influence of sade satti…i don’t want to lose him sir…kindly plz advice me. rgds sheethal


    1. Namaste Sheethal.

      Nothing is permanent. Everything changes. Trusting in the eternal system and in God or even in yourself will get you peace.

      Please send me a mail to
      I understand your anxiety. You will need to calm yourself down in order to think clearly.

      Jai Shri Krishna


  8. Sir,

    I am a software engineer living in USA. For sometime I am undergoing too much mental pain due to variety of issues. I am mentally completely broke. My parents are not in talking terms with me. Please help.


  9. In days of yore, people in need would turn to a wise sage for light in times of darkness. Thanks to the powers of the universe that now we can turn to you! The more I read these pages, the more strength I seem to draw…each time I learn something new…and gain a little more in the confidence I need to travel the road ahead. Shine on, Guiding Light!


  10. Sir namaste. I am dhanu rashi and i have started sadesathi. please I am worried because I lost my job one month before ss started. now i have very much fear in my mind. I would like to follow your advice. I am in financial troubles. Sir i dont know how much you are charging for your services. How to contact you Sir. I am waiting to take your consultation sir.
    kind regards


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