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Vedic Astrology is a science that uses a coded language to analyse the ‘Karmic report card’ of individuals. This ‘report card’ can be created from details inferred from the natal chart of a person. Karma is recorded in a kind of binary code of pluses and the minuses in the minds of people. The time of the birth of a person to which a particular soul is alloted is based on the Karmic report card of a soul. The family that he or she is born in, the country, the economical background, etc.

Ancient Indian Rishis decoded this secret language and discovered  patterns comparing events in various people’s lives with  the planetary positions at the time of birth of those people. Planets were personified and described as Gods that had their own distinctive qualities. The natal chart of course indicates the past Karma but future Karma is always open and is totally under the control of people. Knowing past Karma helps people come to terms with various kinds of problems they face and to find suitable solutions for them. According to me,  an opportunity in one’s life to come across Vedic Astrology and to find someone who could throw light on one’s the past Karma, itself is a result of good past Karma. So many questions such  the typical ‘Why me?’ or ‘What wrong have I done to undergo all this trouble’,  can be answered through Vedic Astrology.

As a young boy I tended to be quite taciturn and I would silently observe people. I would closely watched how they spoke, how they reacted, how they walked or used their hands while communicating and so on. I would observe their eyes to see if I could read their thoughts through them. As time went by, I  began comparing one person’s general mannerisms or style with that of others and I could clearly see resemblances in the attitudes and behaviour of some people. Later on, I started reading about the various signs of the zodiac. By the time I was fifteen, I could very easily ‘guess’ zodiac signs of almost eight out every ten people who I met. That certainly wasn’t magic  but a result my own self styled statistics and  the help of the studies of our ancestors through the last millenia.

There are people who were born into absolutely poor families but later on in life, rose to very high positions, became Dictators, Presidents, Scientists, Nobel Prize winners or even Astronauts. There are also those that were born into wealthy families but their circumstances  forced then to live life in penury and die miserably.

Natal charts reveal  past Karma and present actions affect future Karma. Children born into the same family show totally different traits during childhood. This is because when they are very young, they still carry latent memories of their past life. This later on is influenced by parents, teachers, friends, story books, movies, etc. People who try to understand the concept or rather principle of Karma, find it much easier to deal with various situations in life instead of developing self-pity, becoming depressive or ‘going into a shell’.

With my humble experience of over two decades, I can say with certitude that Vedic Astrology does help in understanding patterns in a person’s life.

Our team does not claim to be experts or masters on this subject but we continue our research in order to understand Vedic Astrology well. This, we believe, can be used as a diagnostic tool in order to benefit people interested in the subject of self-analysis and self-improvement.

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