Sadé Sati notes


The Sadésati situation for Vrischikans

December 29, 2015

Ever since the time this site was created, I have been repeatedly and persistently saying about the ways to

and BENEFIT from the Sadé Sati period.

When everyone is brooding and whining about Sadésati, I guess I Saturn01am the only one who talks about the possibility of actually BENEFITING from this period. This is because I think I may have found the way to ‘tackle’ this ‘dreaded’ phase that everyone has to go through about two or three times in life.

Let me reiterate the fact that whatever I say is based on my own experiences and on the studies done by me for a period over two decades. I have studied the cases of thousands of people so far and this helps me in counselling others.

Many people who contact me are under very severe depression or problems due to various reasons. Since they are in a hurry to get out of the mess, they listen to the first few sentences I say, believe that they have learned the whole thing and they continue to do things that they feel makes sense.

That is perfectly alright until they feel good about what they are doing. But believing that the chanting of Mantras alone would yield results is not right. Mantras help in calming and tuning the mind. This should be supported by  analysing the current situation, deep introspection, taking advice from career counsellors, taking courses to learn something new or to improve one’s abilities and of course, work on dreaming, planning and strategising.

The most important thing to do before going into any kind of planning would be study the Bhagavad Gita. I started a Gita site with simple translations avoiding all the lengthy and boringBhagavad Gita 4.36 interpretations. I feel very sad and upset  to see that most Sanatanis have not read the Bhagavad Gita even once! Why don’t they do it? What is so difficult?  It should not take beyond 3 hours to complete reading the translation of the 700 divine verses. I feel that people don’t read it because somehow they are ‘put off’ by the sheer size of the copies of the Gita sold by various organisations. My humble opinion is that everyone should read the Gita at least once and then go for deeper analysis and study. Reading such powerful and divine words of Bhagavan Krishna has an immense positive effect on the reader. Bhagavan will not send you to hell or to some eternal fire if you commit mistakes! He is amazing, wonderful and very loving.

Bhagavan Krishna is my Boss, Teacher, Friend, EVERYTHING and His divine Grace has been the main Power to completely remove fear out of my mind. Ever since my teens, I have not known fear, whatever be the situation. Even life threatening situations do not scare me. For that matter, I am ready to die now! That is because I know that my soul will go straight to Bhagavan. This is the kind of faith I have.

I suggest people to develop unshakable faith in Bhagavan Krishna.  Faith is Power. It gives huge amounts of self-confidence and the person radiates positive energy around him or her. Try it! This is absolutely true. Just connect with Bhagavan Krishna and see what happens.  When you have the power of faith in the Supreme Power in you, all problems will look tiny, trivial, silly, inconsequential and too easy to solve. Trying periods come in life only in order for you to regularise things in your life and to help you strengthen your faith – in yourself, to begin with !

Many Vrischikans who contacted me, have not been affected by Sadé Sati at all. I mean they have not been hit financially or in any other way that affects their existence itself.  But in general, I have always been saying that during and after Sadé Sati, the life of people carrying past negative Karma beyond the average level, will not be the same.

Expecting life to be as it was before Sadé Sati is the main cause of mental depression and the growth of pessimism. Instead of thinking that life would be bad due to Sadé Sati and filling the mind with unwanted negative trash, why can’t one look at it positively and not just think but BELIEVE that life will not be worse but better than the time before Sadé Sati?

Just imagine you are moving to a new home in a different city. Would you expect the new home and the new city to be like what you had earlier? One has to be open to change and be ready to accept it. Change is good! It makes life more interesting and colourful! Giving the walls of your house a new coat of paint, changing the colour of your car, buying your loved ones new jewellery or new set of clothes, going to a new place on a holiday, etc add more spice to life. This shows that change is good and it should not be blocked.  Change is growth!

In order to prepare the mind for the change, one needs to improve
mental discipline
100% optimism
social responsibility
modesty and above all,

Those who think that Sadé Sati is some kind of a divine or karmic  punishment, they are right. Do you know why?  Because they think so! I shall say it one more time – Sadé Sati is not PUNISHMENT. It is a period to achieve Karmic Balance and to train oneself for the next 23 years.

Well, my dear brothers and sisters, please promise me that just after reading this, you would start reading the English translation of the Gita and and complete it latest before the end of 2015.


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Smile and shed any remaining negativity in you ASAP. The amazing new year is waiting to unfold itself with thrilling surprises for those who have crossed the stage of self doubt but have taken total refuge with Bhagavan Shri Krishna.

Maithreyi (who writes for the page called ‘Ponderings‘) joins me in wishing you all a great SHIFT in your mind towards a wonderful, happy and prosperous future in the New Year 2016.

Krishnam vande Jagadgurum

Jai Shri Krishna

Tavamithram Sarvada 🙂