There are times in life, when people notice that the things they worked very hard on did not get them much, but the things that happened on their own or by chance, were the ones that made them successful and changed their lives entirely. Good things can happen to anyone provided they are spiritually and mentally open to such Divine Blessings and do not have minds that are stuffed with dogmas. It is mostly the ego or the overinflated ‘I’ in a person that makes them feel ‘they’ are responsible for the successes they have had in life. Only when things suddenly start going wrong, do people comprehend that all the while when they were successful and ‘doing well’, they did nothing apart from UNKNOWINGLY being at the right place at the right time.

The prime source of all problems in life is the lack of understanding due to an unbridled mind, which, as a matter of fact, is a highly competent but dangerous trickster that all people are forced to live with all through their lives. However those who have learned to treat the MIND as a slave and have mastered the art of managing it well, are known as people of wisdom.

Unfortunately many people get fooled and conned by missionaries and other abrahamic cults who propound theories such as those of creation in six days, adam and eve, eternal sin theory, hellfire. etc. which are only ways and means to keep the masses deluded in order for rulers to be able to dominate over them forever.

Through Sharanaagati to Bhagavan Krishna, a person stops being tricked by the MIND into erroneously believing that the person is the body when the body is nothing but a vehicle for the Atman to travel through a Janma.

Sharanaagati frees people from the grip of ego and ignorance that cause delusional thinking which invariably ends with a huge downfall in life.

Sharanaagati helps people commune directly with the Supreme Energy that governs the entire universe which is boundless.

Offering Sharanaagati to Bhagavan Krishna shatters arrogance and vanity, thus making people more attractive, friendly, lovable, kind and most importantly, divine.

Give up all misunderstandings about Dharma, Karma and life in general; and surrender before Bhagavan Krishna. He will protect you.

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Jai Shri Krishna