75th Indian Independence Day

The hymn is close to the hearts of over 1.4 billion people (as of 2022) worldwide.

The Indian National Anthem I rendered along with m son to my musical arrangement.

Tavamithram (Mithram) – a Vedanta teacher who is neither a baba nor a swami but just another common person who is passionate about children, family, people, nature, learning, music, adventure, life, living, and above all, the Srimad Bhagavad Gita, and Vedanta as a whole.

With great reverence, deep admiration, and heartfelt gratitude to all the fearless, committed and patriotic men, women, and children, who fought for India’s freedom, and to those brave men and women in uniform and others who have offered their entire lives in service of our Motherland. 

We live far away, but our hearts beat for our Motherland.

Jai Bharat Varsh