Being spiritual does not mean being sitting ducks before enemies of Dharma.

The Constitution of India is considered to be the supreme law of the land. It guarantees citizens their fundamental rights. All citizens are expected to respect the constitution and adhere to the laws stated in it.

However, some organised religions that stem from other parts of the world, insist on the supremacy of their religious books over all other laws and brainwash their followers into foolishly believing all that is told to them by the clergy. But despite endeavouring hard for centuries to destroy the Sanatana Dharma and convert all its followers into their foreign cults, they could not achieve much success. This is due to the fact that the Sanatana Dharma is like a gargantuan banyan tree of which neither the main trunk nor the roots can ever be singled out and destroyed. There is no compulsion that its followers must believe in a particular book, person or god. There are no commandments. There is no fear of hell nor lust for heaven. It is a free way of life. It teaches people to think, act, experience, learn, grow and progress spiritually.

Nevertheless, some evil forces did succeed in establishing their bases in India, in planting their stooges at various levels of the society and of the government , and at converting certain sections of the Indian Sanatani society into their ludicrous cults.  They call their activities ‘soul harvesting’. It is a sad fact that many Sanatanis do get influenced by the marketing pitches of missionaries and other paid agents of foreign forces. They are tempted by the bags of rice (the reason why they are called ‘rice bag converts’), by the money and by the other privileges their foreign masters assure them on conversion to the new cult.

The question that remains is that how could any sane person leave the wonderful, nondualistic, natural, free, and spiritually as well as Karmically enriching Sanatana Dharma, and convert into a dualistic foreign cult that forces people to believe in a ‘sky daddy’ in the clouds, apart from enticing them with heaven and threatening disobedient people with an eternal hellfire? Such a person must either be under some kind of coercion if not ignorant, greedy, or just plain stupid.

The audacity of those involved in the massive conspiracy against Modiji to openly call for nationwide prayers to their god to bring Modiji down proves that they very well know how to take advantage of the ‘I don’t care attitude’, the laziness, the ignorance, the ‘sickularism’ and the lack of unity among Sanatanis (Hindus). The anti national cults that these vile and treacherous agents work for have been heavily affected by the clamp down by the Modi government on NGOs that used to function as mass converting factories for missionaries. Those traitors who don’t respect the Indian constitution and work against the country as well as the elected leader, are lavishly funded by Adharmic forces whose prime goal is to convert Sanatanis into their cults. Complacency on the part of Sanatanis will only make the enemies of Dharma stronger since the latter are very focused and absolutely sure about their missionary goals.

May sleeping Sanatanis wake up from their slumber of ignorance, and act by coming together and preventing the enemies of India from succeeding in their heinous designs.

Save India. Save Dharma. Save Dharmic people. Save Freedom.



All Sanatanis, unite under Bhagavan Krishna to become one single family – Vasudheiva Kutumbakam.

Jai Bharat

Jai Shri Krishna