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Napoleon Bonaparte 15th August 1769 – 5th May 1821

Get inspired by the story of the man who is considered one of the most influential figures in European history.

He is one of the heroes whose thought has always given me that extra bit of courage to brave the most serious of situations that I found myself in, including life-threatening ones.

“During his life, he had already become a legend and in death, he slipped into the realm of myth.”

Nothing can stop a person from achieving something that they have conceived in the mind, passionately believe in and relentlessly work for.



“Sometimes when you innovate, you make mistakes. It is best to admit them quickly, and get on with improving your other innovations.” – Steve Jobs


“If we succeed it will not be because of what we have, but it will be because of what we are; not because of what we own, but rather because of what we believe.” US President Lyndon B. Johnson


The world has seen and is still seeing great stalwarts who dared to dream and to think differently. Those great people rose from the lowest to the highest levels in life and made a big positive difference to the world.

They have been creative, daring, passionate, self-confident and above all, they never complained about things that they did not possess.

Real life stories of great and also some fictional films have the capacity to trigger the viewer’s mind into standing up to face challenges and achieve unimaginable goals and ambitions. All major ideas which had the welfare of people as the point of focus have succeeded. Being socially responsible is always supported by God.

Chapter 11 Verse 33 is one of the most powerful verses from Srimad Bhagavad Gita because it asks us what we are waiting for and that all we have to do is to perform our job and leave the rest to Bhagavan.

This is a page with some highly motivational Youtube videos of various amazing and successful people.  The drive in a person has to come from within and it is this drive that pushes a person to excel and succeed.

New videos will be regularly added. You may also contribute by emailing us links to videos that you find motivating and inspiring.  Your thoughts or your message along with the video will be posted on this page. The videos will be moderated before being published on this page.

Great People

Rocky Balboa’s advice to his son – Rocky V


  • Dr. Subhash Chandra


  • Steve Jobs

  • Warren Buffet


  • Ted Turner


  • Narendra Modi


  • Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose


  • Maharana Pratap (Pathal Pithal- Hare ghaans ki roti)



4 thoughts on “Video Blog – Inspirational and Motivational videos

  1. Very wonderful videos sir. I will spend the whole night seeing all the videos. I think god has brought me to your site and this is the way god is showing me the correct way to find solution to my problems.

    Pranam Sir


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  2. Sir,

    I have spent over three hours today watching the amazing videos on this page. I found your blog when I was in India in July this year. After I returned to the USA, I was trying to recollect the URL of your site and I succeeded in finding your site again only last week. Since then, I have been reading at least one topic everyday. Today I went through the videos and I kind of understand the kind of people who impress you. All of them are self made people. They created huge empires out of nothing.

    I am a young entrepreneur with a Master’s Degree in Management. My older brother and I run a marketing company in the USA. For the first three years we did very well but all of a sudden on November 2nd 2011, we suffered a shocking catastrophe in business. My brother has been so depressed since then that I feel that I have lost the real him forever. He and I are Scorpios according the lunar calendar (Vrichika) and during my trip to India in July, I was told by one of my uncles that we are in Sadesati of Saturn. That’s when I started looking for information on the internet. Until I found your site, I was also very depressed. But once I started looking at things in the way explained by you, everything started to look completely different to me. It feels very good to read all that you say. I would like to change my mindset completely for which I request you for help.

    Please give me some time for a talk with you on phone.

    Thanks and best regards

    S. Seetha


  3. Great work my thambi,only the other day Karthik was commenting on how u and Adarsh chose to be different and you have made a place for yourself and one day surely adarsh too will……


    1. Namaskaaram Anna,

      Actually it is Karthik who is the most amazing person among us and I have no words to describe my awe for him 🙂 and Aadarsh is already on the road to success. Having known them since the time they were little boys, their success means a lot to me.

      I believe that the attitude and mindset of a person have the power to change the course of life. You are aware of the Tamil saying, விதியை மதியால் வெல்லலாம் -‘Vidhiyai madhiyaal vellalaam’ – (Destiny can be altered through will) Who else but Karthik could be a greater example to prove the saying right?

      We are all Atmas or souls wandering through the avenues of time through various Janmas, constantly working on perfecting ourselves in order to attain Paramatma. Being a true Karma Yogi is the most practical and the best way to attain the goal. You and Akka, as parents of a wonder child have performed your duties exemplarily well and by doing so, your souls have risen up the Karmic ladder. Karthik is certainly a blessed soul to be born to such wonderful and dutiful parents like you and Akka.

      Here are two verses from Srimad Bhagavad Gita that come to my mind when I think of Karthik and you two as his parents:

      अथवा योगिनामेव कुले भवति धीमताम्।
      एतद्धि दुर्लभतरं लोके जन्म यदीदृशम्॥६- ४२॥
      atha va yoginam eva
      kule bhavati dheemataam
      etad dhi durlabhataram
      loke janma yad idrsham 6:42
      Or he takes his birth in a family of learned people (Yogis) who are surely great in wisdom. Verily, such a birth is rare in this world.

      तत्र तं बुद्धिसंयोगं लभते पौर्वदेहिकम्।
      यतते च ततो भूयः संसिद्धौ कुरुनन्दन॥६- ४३॥
      tatra tam buddhi-samyogam
      labhate paurva-dehikam
      yatate ca tato bhuyah
      samsiddhau kuru-nandana 6.43
      On taking such a birth, he again revives the divine consciousness of his previous life, and he tries to make further progress in order to achieve complete success, O son of Kuru.

      Thank you again for your good wishes.

      May God Bless you and your family.

      Kind regards

      Jai Shree Krishna


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